Alleged clown sightings reported in Ocala


Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after receiving multiple calls for service Thursday night in reference to an unknown person dressed like a clown.

MCSO stated that the calls were for the area of Ocala Park Estates (OPE).

Deputies, as well as Air-1 responded several times, but never located anyone suspicious.

MCSO says that no crime was committed.

A video of an alleged clown sighting in OPE was posted to Facebook by Caden Munro Parmelee.

He wrote, “[We] ran into this clown while driving on the dirt road in OPE. We stopped to record and then he started to move so we took off. Not trying to die today. In Ocala Fl idk if kids are playing or what but whatever needs to chill. People outside their house were looking at him also.”

Officials are not sure if the video is authentic or if it was staged.

Several alleged clown sightings have also been reported in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Law Enforcement officials warn that if anyone misuses the 911 system to report a false clown sighting that they could win a trip…to jail.

Pranksters should also keep in mind that many people have a fear of clowns. Lurking around someone’s property dressed as a clown could be dangerous.