Woman kidnapped from West Marion Hospital

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Ocala, Florida — A man was arrested before day-break Monday after police learned he had kidnapped woman.

Ocala police said they responded to a local hospital in reference to a sexual battery.

During the investigation, investigators learned that Robert Lee-Terrell Hicks, 33, had kidnapped the woman from West Marion Hospital, located at 4600 Southwest 46th Court.

After kidnapping the woman, Hicks forced her into a wooded area where he beat, raped, and robbed her.

According to a press release, Hicks fled the area in a 1996 white Jeep Cherokee, which had been reported stolen.

Detectives and officers worked throughout the night to locate Hicks.

At approximately 2 a.m., Hicks was found and arrested.

Hicks and charged him with Sexual Battery, Kidnapping, and Robbery.

Hicks is being held at the Marion County Jail in lieu  of a $35,000 bond.

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  • Ocala native

    $35,000 bail???? That’s $3,500 to get out.

  • Karen M

    does he look like he has $3500.00? he will eventually bond out, but not today! and here’s the questions
    of the day (besides whether or not Trump will make an ass of himself, or do what is needed to turn this debacle around!) Where was security? why didn’t she scream? Didn’t anyone notice at that time of the morning?

    • Ocala native

      Well 007 you have all the answers, what does someone with $3,500 look like?
      Your are one insensitive BITCH, how do you know she wasn’t screaming?

      • Karen M

        if so, why didn’t Security respond? He was able to get her ‘out’ of the hospital !!!

        • Ocala native

          Damn your dumb, she wasn’t in the hospital she was sitting in her car eating. Re-read the article

          • Karen M

            maybe you should ‘re-read’ no where in the Post article does it say she was kidnapped while eating in her car (at least not the one I read!) it reported “a woman kidnapped from West Regional Hospital, taken into the wooded area, beat, raped ” no mention of a car ! . and even if she was in her car, the security car makes rounds , still wondering why she was not heard screaming! Now don’t be rude, this could be a legal issue if she was a patient, visiting a patient, or even if she ‘worked’ there!

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    he’s still in jail, hope he stays there…..next court date 11/22…

  • Alison

    Security prescence there is minimal at night. It was always pretty safe around there but people are getting worse and people like this predator exist. I hope the woman who was assaulted is doing ok. Sad thing to happen.