Woman arrested, says bee sting caused her to flash ‘tatas

Keeping with the theme of Pine Street

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Denise Belflower

Ocala, Florida — Ocala Police arrested a woman who exposed herself to people while she was standing in front of Champions BBQ on Pine Street.

Witnesses from Champions BBQ told police that a woman, later identified as Denise R. Belflower, 34, was flashing and slapping her breasts at passerby in front of the business.

At one point, Belflower got on the ground and began touching her vagina while simultaneously yelling, “Someone come f**k me.”

When officer Joseph Kelly searched the area, he observed a white female matching the description of the woman walking north in front of McDonalds. The officer reported that he witnessed the woman lift her shirt and smack her breasts several times.

According to reports, when the officer approached Belflower she mouthed the words, “Oh s**t.”

Belflower denied flashing her breasts. Instead, she told police that a bee had stung her under her breasts and that she was “just trying to itch it.”

Belflower also stated, “I’m drunk, and I have drunk a little Black Velvet.”

She was arrested and charged with Exposure of Sexual Organs.

No bees were located or arrested at the scene.

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    Drugs…drugs…drugs. Taking down society in droves.

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      humans have been using drugs since before written language and will till there are no more humans

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    The bee was not arrested?


    The bees were so disgusted by her display that they decided to send her message.