Video: Service Center employee fired after customer sees dash cam video

WARNING: Contains graphic language

A customer was shocked when he reviewed a dash cam recording after picking his car up from the Pearson Nissan of Ocala service center.

After watching the video, the customer, who does not want to be identified, presented [it] to Ocala Post.

In the video, the unidentified mechanic refers to the customer’s car as a “homo’s car”.

Another mechanic, also not identified, mentions that because “valet mode” had been enabled on the car that mechanics could not “beat on it”.

Ocala Post reached out Pearson Nissan of Ocala and asked about the video.

Pearson Nissan of Ocala Service Manager, Jim Halford, said, “The behavior in the video is not indicative of our culture here at Pearson Nissan of Ocala. We have served Marion county for over 30 years.”

“The individual who was found responsible for the behavior had his employment terminated immediately upon viewing the video,” Halford said.

No information was provided to Ocala Post about the service rendered to the vehicle.

We want to hear from you. Do you feel Pearson Nissan of Ocala took appropriate action against the mechanic?

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  • flystraight

    That’s funny.
    Who cares what the mechanics think about the car they’re entitled to their opinion.
    Everyone’s feelings get hurt today. Time to start owning your feelings folks.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    Meh….it all comes down to supporting the brand and customer …The mechanic earned his paycheck from the dealer…badmouthing the dealer, brand, or customer is a no, no, in any industry. Not supporting the company and badmouthing the customer will get you fired everywhere… Mechanics hate all cars, even the one they drive…I would not lose any sleep over any of it…he will be working again tomorrow and probably earning more money than before…

    • Paul

      You don’t have to support shit, freedom of speech. Customer was butt hurt about the truthfulness

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        there is no freedom of speech when you work for a private company..their rules are the only ones that matter… Badmouthing a customer or showing any disrespect towards them will get you fired every time…and there’s nothing that guy can do about it…

        • Rachel

          There is a freedom a speech. Can’t argue with the ignorant.

          • Ocala native

            Bring your freedom of speech idea into any business and your ass will be looking for another job before you can spell FOS

          • Rachel

            It is all about how you speak, and very wise to think before so. Freedom of speech. You must be ignorant to. End of discussion.

          • Ocala native

            Bitch freedom of speech, I will say when I’m done

          • Rachel

            Ha you mad? Your the dumb, ignorant bitch. Let me know when you are done then.

          • Anthony Cameraman Montalvo

            He has freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences. Thought the owner of the car is just a bitch for being butt hurt over the comments.

  • Suzanne Canniff Wilkinson

    That was his opinion! So what! If he said that’s a f###ING woman’s car I would not be mad!
    That’s his OPINION! He has the right to it!

    • Ms Betty

      He did have the right to express his opinion and so did his boss. Serves him right and I hope he got blackballed from other dealers for his “opinion”.

  • urchittingme

    Well….Nissan DOES produce a few homo vehicles

  • Rusty Lenz

    Did it ever occur that the mechanic could be right? That’s his opinion. Be that as it may, this guy was only “expressing” his thoughts and should have been reprimanded and not fired. The main thing he “was” doing his job. After seeing and hearing the video, to me, it is no big deal. The fact that Pearson Nissan would fire the guy for “thoughts” means the car dealer ship does not support
    free expression of speech, is to politically correct, and is unfair to it’s employees. I would not give this car dealer ship my business.
    As for the customer, whether it is a he/she or”it” is just a freaking goody two shoes and has caused a man to lose his lively hood. Again, a reprimand would have been all it takes to stop this kind of behavior.
    Now for the 64 dollar question. What if the dash cam had “not” been on? Hmmmmm.

    • Rachel

      Thank you. The ignorant ones above, “ocala native, nohilderbitch2016” dont understand.