Troopers take $43,805 from vehicle, no arrests made

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Trooper Luis Rios counts cash from a seizure in Jacksonville. [File photo – not the cash seized during the Thursday, April 20, traffic stop]
Florida Highway Patrol troopers seized $43,805 Thursday during a traffic stop on I-75.

Troopers said they stopped a Ford F-150 at Mile Marker 371 for a traffic violation, at which time they deployed a FHP K-9.

According to reports, the dog alerted on the truck and troopers found the cash in the center console.

The driver, Ryan Miller, 39, and his passenger, Jerdy Miller, 41, both from the Miami area, denied ownership of the money.

FHP said that once the men denied ownership, the money was considered forfeited.

Troopers then confiscated the cash.

No drugs were found inside the truck and the men were not arrested.

What do you think about troopers seizing the cash?

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  • Carol

    Just love it. Denial is great.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    kinda strange…I know it’s drug money, but why deny it’s yours if there are no drugs? And why should FHP be allowed to take it? It’s not theirs either… I’m just not OK with government being allowed to take things without due process…

    • Tim Boyle

      They take it because the law states that they are charged with finding the rightful owner. Their next step will be to fill a forfeiture in court to determine rightful owner. It being DRUG MONEY of course no one will come forward to claim said funds which would lead them to have to prove it by showing where the money came from. The funds will then be forfeited by the Court to the State and will go into the state treasury.

  • adphotogirl

    Oh yeah, it’s mine, I saw this f-150 with two guy in it and thought my money would be safe there. Can I get my money back now…LOL

  • Tim Boyle

    Not a problem. This was obviously DRUG money and neither individual would be able to show INCOME which could generate such a cash hoard.

  • cindermaggi

    Redirecting money mhey beauty queen dinkins stillmthere? Penless?

    • urchittingme

      Geez…. How much you had to drink today?

  • urchittingme

    So if something legal is found in my vehicle that I’m not aware of It can be seized by the police? This just seems like flat out ROBBERY to me

  • Fred

    Their not revenue agents, or are they! Perhaps just the enforcement arm of the BAR Assoc?

  • harry

    welcome to the land of civil asset forfeiture. where due process is non-existent.
    please google the term and learn. knowledge is power

  • Susan Jacobson

    What if it was a settlement from a lawsuit and they had cashed the check? I’ve heard of that happening before.

    • Lovins81

      They still would have to prove it. Either way the Trooper shouldn’t of had any business asking if drugs or other illegal things in their possession. Smh

  • Jim

    Doesn’t mention what the violation was. When one tail light goes out you should not be pulled over. That is the safety feature of two tail lights. Searching for drugs for a trumped up charge. Police state is here. They had no business asking whos’ money it was. Money is legal.

  • Penelope Fisher

    They both denied that the money belonged to them. That means that it is either lost or stolen or that they were lying and had gained the money by a nefarious means.