Teen brothers arrested in Citra shooting

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Mario Williams [left] and brother Jeffrey Williams
Citra, Florida — Two juveniles were arrested Wednesday and charged with multiple felonies.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said that, Jeffrey Williams, 15, and his brother, Mario Williams, 17, kicked in the back door their uncle’s home, located in the 17400 block of U.S. 301 North, and burglarized it.

According to reports, the brothers stole a .22 caliber long rifle, a .22 caliber pump action rifle, and 50 rounds of ammunition.

As they attempted to flee the scene, Jeffrey fired several rounds at a family member who had tried to stop them.

When deputies arrived, they set up a perimeter and searched for the two armed suspects. The teens were spotted, and following a short foot pursuit, they eluded deputies.

A short time later, family members arrived at MCSO and turned the boys in.

In 2015, both Jeffrey and Mario were Adjudicated Delinquent after they attacked a school official.

The brothers were charged with Armed Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Grand Theft of a Firearm, Displaying a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, and Possession of a Weapon by a Delinquent.

Jeffrey received an additional charge of Resisting Arrest.

Their bond was set at $40,000 each.

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    scumbags…they did not get like this because of good parenting…their parents failed many years ago..they should be locked up as well..then again maybe they already are…

    • Guest

      Shut your fucking mouth you don’t know what thesw parents taught their fucking kids…I bet your kids out here doing shit you know nothing about!! Stop blaming their parents whom you know NOTHING about!!!

      • JustDosIt

        We can already see from their extensive criminal record that it doesn’t matter what their parents or the justice system were teaching them, they didn’t listen. No mention of mom and dad and I would be willing to bet that these two have been raised most of their life by grandparent. Seems to be the norm these days. The article says they were turned in by family members more than likely the same uncle they tried to rob. The only reason they step forward now is to keep from being shot on sight, as you and I both know would have been the next step in their criminal career.

        • urchittingme

          Unfortunately it wasn’t their next step…maybe next time

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        I know one thing about their parents, they failed to raise decent human beings..they are more than likely crackheads ..and I see you’re kind of a scumbag too…your parents didn’t do a very good job either…

        • Guest

          And neither did your parents, if they did you would be more respectfully, regardless of your opinion you dont have to disrespect someone. You think you better, not with that attitude. May God bless you.

        • Choncy

          I had a very good upbringing, with both parents. My father was a computer programmer and college graduate. My mom was a graduate and hard worker. Neither of my parents did drugs. Guess what? I ended up experimenting with drugs. I have 4 kids. I am now a business owner, that posses several degrees. My son is in the Army, my 16 year old and 15 year old twins enjoy church, playing sports, and have never been in trouble. I agree that it starts with parenting but, it doesnt always mean it’s the parents fault!! When a child reach a certain age, they will make their own decisions. There’s another article about a white guy that molested several people and another white guy that is a window masterbater. I don’t see u degrading their parents.

  • DoubleTrouble

    To this culture prison time is like hitting the ghetto lottery that pays out over the course of a lifetime. Make no mistake about it there is in fact a war being waged by their culture. They’re well aware of the cost to society for their incarceration. Going to prison is like going home, their father, their brothers, their cousins, their uncles and almost everyone they know going all the way back to elementary school is already being housed there. They will now receive a guaranteed job, three square meals a day, free housing, free health care and free clothing all at the expense of the taxpayer. The 8 x 12 cell they will receive is more roomy, private and much cleaner than the couch they now share with their grandmother. We must first understand the enemies of society, how they think and what they hope to achieve before we can contain the problem.

    • Valaria

      To what culture are you speaking of? I agree that what these two has done is unjust and a danger. But trust and believe before you so negatively talk about their culture and family, first pray for their souls, pray for your soul as well. While you may not have kicked in a door and robbed someone, your comments did.
      Yes they have a background that consists of previous offenses. They are16 and 17. HOW DID THEY GET HERE? Until you can walk in their shoes…hold your tongue and pray. GOD knows they are wrong and need to be punished, but so are your comments. BE A PART OF A SOLUTION, not add to it. I’m praying for them and YOU. That culture, smh.

      • urchittingme

        Yes…the ghetto thug culture…still confused?

        • Valaria

          Obviously you are the confused one. Knowledge is power…something you don’t have to worry about.

          • urchittingme

            Obviously….You are in denial

      • DoubleTrouble

        TO BE BE A PART OF A SOLUTION, YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM. Maybe you do not remember the leaders of the civil rights movement such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X., the Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Shapiro back in the beginnings of the civil rights movement. While many of these were good men with good advice they also instructed the black race to multiply at any cost. They realized without numbers they would never have an equal voice in society. To achieve this their women have bread out of wedlock with multiple fathers none of which ever intended to be a provider or a nurturing parent. Almost 50% of all young black children are being raised by people other than their biological parents. I make no bones about it, their lives are a living heII. Do they deserve better? Absolutely. The most important question of all is can society fix this problem? Absolutely not, this change must come from within.

        I also must ask you how you completely block your identity from even DISQUS? You would either have to have control of the server or an employee of the Ocala post.

    • Choncy

      Wow, such ignorance. What about the white boys that just beat the other white boy to death, in a park? Hmmmmm …..you are most racist than, anything else. I am willing to bet you, that my family has more educated people and college graduates than your family.