Teen attacked pregnant girlfriend, confronted him about another woman

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Cory Cohen

Ocala, Florida — A teen was arrested on a warrant for aggravated battery after he attacked his pregnant girlfriend.

On January 5, 2017, deputies responded to an apartment on Northeast 23rd Circle, Ocala, in reference to a domestic violence call.

The victim stated that she was asleep in her room when her boyfriend, Corey Cohen, 18, woke her up. She said the two of them had a conversation about an appointment she had with her doctor and that there were no issues during that conversation.

According to reports, the conversation changed with the victim asked Cohen about another female she saw commenting on his Facebook page.

The two of them began to argue and Cohen threatened to leave. Deputies said that the victim told Cohen that if he left he was not to return.

Cohen became enraged at the victim’s statement and struck her on the right side of her face with the back of his hand. Then, Cohen grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands and began to strangle her.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim fell flat on her back and could not breath as Cohen continued to choke her.

The victim stated that Cohen then all of a sudden released her and exited the residence “without saying a word”.

The victim was transported to Monroe Regional Medical Center and treated for her injuries.

A warranted was issued for Cohen’s arrest. He was arrested on February 16.

He was charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Female.

Cohen was released on February 18, on a $6,000 bond.

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  • urchittingme

    I’m sure he learned this behavior from his probably absent father…..If he knows who he is..or his momma’s man of the week

    • Tibow

      How can you learn something from someone who, as you suggested, is absent? Maybe you should filter your comments before you type to eliminate you sounding ignorant and full of stereotypical hate.

      • urchittingme

        Maybe he wasn’t always absent ? Maybe that’s why he is absent ? Maybe you should take your head out of your ass and pay attention to statistics because you are part of the problem by pretending that their is no problem. Maybe you should filter your comments so you don’t sound ignorant

        • keith


        • Tibow

          You presented your first comment as facts. Please don’t try to straighten it out now with your incomplete sentences. Defending hateful and stereotypical comments is not defending the actions of this young man. Generalizing your comments to presented it as exclusive to a race of ppl is stereotypical and wrong. There are rotten apples in every bunch, regardless if the apples are red or green. Same goes for people regardless of race. I was raised without father involvement and I’ve never been to jail and I’ve obtain several graduate degrees. In fact, there are a lot of African Americans that can say the same as me. So, please take your head out of the sand and realize that your hate is not wanted or needed.

          • Brian

            Couldn’t have said it any better or more clear!

      • That WOMAN

        People are so quick to judge and his father has NEVER HIT A woman and is not absent. Smh.. pray for the world and there’s 3 sides to every story his,hers & the truth…

      • That WOMAN

        Tebow said it ignorant & stereotypical hate..

    • That WOMAN

      His mother is a preachers wife and his father has always been in his life, so quick to judge A young child … and his father has NEVER had such a behavior like that towards a woman.. FACTS!!!!

      • urchittingme

        Facts ??? The fact is this your so called young child is out impregnating women and beating them, But I’m sure you’re ok with this. I hope he gets everything he deserves and more.

        • That WOMAN

          First of all it takes 2 to have sex and if the man or woman don’t protect their self that’s what happens … (a baby) that’s besides the point having a baby is a blessing … and second of all never should a man hit a woman what u don’t understand is the facts you are very ignorant …mr. notinmyculture… I hope one day your ignorant self learns how not to judge and get facts… everything u read and hear isn’t always true..

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    earning his street cred…now him and the other thugs he hangs out with will all brag on how they beat their woman…scumbag…

    • That WOMAN

      Far from scumbag and far from a thug u can’t believe everything news says.. people have a right to walk away from a relationship and sometimes the other can’t handle it so they do what they can to hurt the next person being young and not realizing what it will do to the OTHERS FUTURE WE WERE ALL YOUNG ONCE AND MADE STUPID CHOICES. . He wasn’t raised to hit no woman MAybe he was trien to walk away , and there is 3 sides to every story his, hers and the truth…the news only interview her side . LET’S NOT JUDGE THAT’S MAN ABOVE JOB..

      • urchittingme

        I’m sure he was walking away…to go make another child for normal society to support and raise…sugarcoat it all you want but he is already a thug and scumbag at this age and you and your culture are the problem

        • That WOMAN

          U sound like an ignorant racist scumbag…

        • Nichole

          What is OUR CULTURE? PLEASE enlighten ME

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        So you’re saying he’s a nice guy and was walking away and made a stupid choice? What a bunch of horse crap that is…. I guess you missed this part of the story…

        “Cohen became enraged at the victim’s statement and struck her on the
        right side of her face with the back of his hand. Then, Cohen grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands and began to strangle her.

        According to the arrest affidavit, the victim fell flat on her back and could not breath as Cohen continued to choke her.”

        If he wasn’t raised to hit a pregnant woman then why is he doing it? And lets not forget about the part where he was strangling her……So if a person does this to a woman you don’t think he’s a scumbag or a thug? I’m shocked he didn’t start kicking her in the face!!!

        Stop trying to make excuses for scumbags who beat their pregnant girlfriends…If it was you or your daughter he was attacking I’m sure you would be singing a different tune….If he had any respect for woman we would not be reading this story…Smarten up…

        • That WOMAN

          Truth of the matter is your thoughts are irrelevant …. say what you want at the end of day the news media says what they want ONCE AGIAN 3 SIDES TO EVERY SITUATION HIS ,HERS AND THE TRUTH… . done with this convo.. blessed day..

  • Troll Trollington

    He din do nuffin. It be da honky cracker police.

    • That WOMAN

      Honey all that ignorant talk is unesssary…