Shooting leaves deputy injured, suspect dead

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[Last updated on February 4, 2016, at 10:28 a.m.]

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Cristiaan Dubrino-deceased

Ocala, Florida — A Marion County sheriff’s deputy and an unidentified suspect were injured Wednesday night during a shooting at the Marathon gas station, located at 1940 SE 58th Ave, also known as Baseline Road.

At approximately 7:00 p.m., MCSO deputies were dispatched to the Marathon /Kanagroo Gas station in reference to an armed man.

According to a press release, when units arrived, a white male, later identified as Cristiaan Oliver Dubrino, 31, was observed getting in and out of a vehicle with two handguns in his possession.

When deputies made contact with Dubrino, he raised one of the handguns to his head. Deputies then began to negotiate with Dubrino, giving him multiple commands to put down his weapons, but he would not comply.

Dubrino then pointed the other handgun towards deputies and began firing as he was walking toward them. Deputies returned fire, and during the exchange, MCSO Patrol Sergeant Daniel Trammell sustained a gunshot wound to the leg.

Dubrino also suffered gunshot wounds. Both Sergeant Trammell and the man were transported to a local hospital.

According to MCSO, Sgt. Trammell was listed stable condition, and has since been released.

Dubrino, who was listed in critical condition, later died at the hospital.

At the request of Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair, this investigation has been turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Sheriff Blair said, “Our hearts all stopped when we heard that one of our own had been shot while on duty tonight. It’s never a phone call I ever want to receive.” Blair went on to say, “Sgt. Trammell is an outstanding member of our agency and we ask our community to send him their prayers and healing thoughts as he recovers. We will continue to work with the FDLE to ensure that a thorough, independent investigation is completed in regards to this incident.”

At this time, it is unclear if Dubrino had planned to rob the store.

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  • Jerry3701

    I will pray for Sergeant Trammell

  • urchittingme

    Excellent…I love a happy ending when the suspect is deceased, Unfortunately he was to cowardly to just do it himself. Get well soon Sgt Trammell we appreciate all you do


    So many guns out here nowadays. Feels like the old west. The suspect had two handguns like Yosemite Sam smh.

    • nohilderbeast2016

      So you blame the gun? /eyerolls/


        No, but It’s definitely part of the problem. They’re too easy to access. They’re reaching the hands of looneys and children at an alarming rate. You think we need more guns???

        • nohilderbeast2016

          What is this alarming rate you speak of? People parrot that phrase without any facts. What is the number that is so alarming? Please tell me… But, I do agree that when guns are stolen they are in the wrong hands. But the gun has not killed anyone, scumbags do. I keep hearing the left complain about guns, but not one suggestion on how to stop the thug culture and gang violence. That’s where guns are being wrongfully used. The left like to make excuses for them and look the other way because they are part of your voter base…..So please tell me what new gun law you are proposing that will stop gang violence and drug crimes? I’ll wait…And yes, more guns in the hands of honest people is a good thing. They may even save your life…Why would you not want honest people to have guns? Please tell me…

          • OPTIMUS CRIME

            You basically just explained my case of this being the Wild Wild West. Guns in the hands of good people could save lives? This isn’t cops and robbers, and what if it was a sadistic child toting the weapon? Shoot him down because he/she posed a threat? It’s becoming ridiculous when people pose that in order to stop violence is with more violence. Guns serve no purpose other than to kill, maime, or protect from some form of living species. No, I’m not speaking from any political point or law. I’m simply stating my observation from this gun culture we are living in currently. I’ve lost two people close to me because of a scumbag didn’t have emotional self control. And 9 times out of 10, these are the type of people that can’t wait to use a gun to solve their issues. Nobody boxes out their quarrels anymore. If you’re having issues with someone now then you better be prepared for your shootout at the OK corral .

          • nohilderbeast2016

            Sorry for your loss…but you are speaking with feelings not facts..

    • Damian Wayne

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  • Luis Dossantos

    One less POS….. good job MCSO! Get well soon, Sarge.