Rain: Drive with your headlights on, it’s the law

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Photo snapshot from on-board dash cam.

Ocala, Florida — The Florida Highway Patrol would like to remind all drivers that Florida Statute 316.217(1)(b) states that all vehicles being operated on the roadways of Florida must have its low-beam headlights on while it is raining.

However, using your emergency flashers is against the law while a vehicle is in motion. According to Florida Statute 316.2397(7)(a), emergency flashers should only be used if a vehicle is lawfully stopped or disabled.

Driving with your headlights on in the rain increases your visibility to other drivers and reduces the risk of accidents.

Remember, it’s the law.

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  • tomfromocala

    Classic…wonder how many have actually noticed the photo.

  • Justin Brown

    They were on a hot call to go get some open container and lodging in public hardcore criminals.

  • Sandi Norsworthy

    yeah, no lights on the police vehicle…go figure…

    • Ms Betty

      they’re above the law

  • Sandi Norsworthy

    also remember when it rains to slow down a little…the oil of the road comes to the surface…just like driving on ice! 2 accidents today on the same corner of 314A headed towards moss bluff….

  • Ms Betty

    my lights go on rain or shine. If my igntion is on so are my lights.

  • Huskyrider

    Thank you Florida Law Enforcement and Ocala Post!! Florida drivers need these reminders BIG TIME. Especially this time of year with all the snow birds invading. They seem to follow the laws of their home states rather than the sunshine state. Lights in the rain are important. We can’t see your silver, gray, white, tan, car in the rain. Lights on…no flashers!

  • harry

    remember you have to have lights, cops are not bound with the same laws as everyone else, just like congress, they’re exempt from a lot of the laws they pass

  • Rob

    yea, its rather telling when the very article expressing this law uses a picture on a rainy day when a “LAW ENFORCEMENT” officer isnt even following the law, and Ill bet they are likely on a cell phone too.

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