Pregnant woman says boyfriend battered her because she wouldn’t have sex

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Isaac Velazquez-Aponte

Marion Oaks — A pregnant woman had to seek medical treatment after she was battered by her boyfriend.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the victim was resting when her boyfriend, Isaac Velazquez-Aponte, 27, returned home. The victim stated that Velazquez-Aponte entered the bedroom and wanted to have sex.

According to the victim’s statement, she told her boyfriend that she was not in the mood and she wanted to be left alone.

Velazquez-Aponte then became angry and started arguing with the victim, at which point the victim yelled and told him to leave the room. The victim then got up out of bed and slammed the bedroom door.

Velazquez-Aponte then opened the door and stated, “There will be no slamming of doors in [my] home.”

The victim told a deputy that her boyfriend then grabbed her by her arms from behind and dragged her to the front door of the residence.

According to reports, Velazquez-Aponte then released the victim and she fell to the floor.

The victim then left the residence and went to her mother’s house.

The deputy located Velazquez-Aponte at Palm Chevrolet on Southwest College Road where he worked.

Velazquez-Aponte admitted that he had argued with his girlfriend and grabbed her, but denied that he dragged her through the house.

Velazquez-Aponte was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman. He was released on a $2,500 bond.

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  • harry

    she lives in a male dominated world, the state n the boyfriend most likely making her keep the baby, so if the man wants sex, you have to give to him.

    • Lovins81

      So basically you’re are just another male pig who thinks this earth was made just for dicks to walk and control.. Or am I miss understanding something here? Because unless you’ve ever been pregnant and dealt with all the symptoms and emotions that come along with being pregnant, you have no idea what it’s like NOT to be in the mood. That doesn’t give him the father of this unborn child right to put his hands on her then or should he EVER for any reason put his hands on her . It’s men like you that make women feel like this is acceptable behavior and that what “HE SAYS” goes. Well news flash it’s 2016 it’s not just a man’s world. She had every right to deny him sex, even if she wasn’t pregnant and I salute her for being brave and strong enough to press charges. I hope you don’t have daughter’s or ever do because you’d be a disgrace of father. Shame on you.

      • harry

        actually i wish there was a disgust font, but i was pointing out the type of society we live in. so instead of submitting to that type of society, maybe you finally get pissed off enough to do something about it

    • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

      Where have you been living under a rock? What if this was your daughter? This clown is abusive and more that likely learned it from his dysfunctional family…Stop making excuses for this dirt bag and trying to justify his abusive behavior.

  • Passlinebet

    Guy’s a punk plain and simple.