Panhandler arrested, nothing more than a con artist

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Jesse McAuliffe

Ocala, Florida — A panhandler was arrested after police say he was scamming money from passing motorists.

Ocala police say that Jesse McAuliffe, 26, was standing at Southwest 32 Avenue and State Road 200, with a sign that read “struggling.”

According to reports, police witnessed McAuliffe taking money from people as they were driving by.

Officer Douglas Russell stated that this is not the first time he has witnessed McAuliffe begging for money.

In fact, McAuliffe is no stranger to police at all.

McAuliffe has been arrested for Grand Theft Auto, Possession of a Concealed Firearm, Possession of Marijuana, Retail Theft, Trespassing, and  Panhandling (x2).

McAuliffe was released from jail on probation.

Authorities warn that citizens should not give McAuliffe money if they encounter him on a street corner.

In the past, McAuliffe has claimed that he was homeless, however authorities say that is not true.

Panhandling is illegal in Marion County.

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  • Kitty

    It’s illegal? And yet we see panhandlers all over the county. Young and old, male and female.

    • nohilderbeast2016

      I think it has something to do with being within the city limits. County is different.

  • Karen M

    go to Walmart on 40 and you will see panhandlers (not as many, but they will appear from time to time!)

  • marie s

    Panhandling is for many people the only option left for them to survive and some have exhausted all the options for employment because of circumstances that have been out of their control and yes there are many out there that are scamming us, pan handling is not really a scam it is a leap of faith ,that we have to take, a belief that if for some reason our life took a turn for the worse that others would take that very same leap for us.we have to put our trust our faith in a higher power and hope that our charity is a step towards a better future for some of these people but as with all things it is not always the the case but what you read isn’t always the truth either ,so before believing everything you read about someone, maybe fact checking would be a good idea. The things being said about this particular individual is not actually factual and judgement is a higher power job,I think I’ll leave it to him he gave me a brain I think I’ll use it??? everything!

    • Huskyrider

      Everything in the article is actually factual. It’s people like you that enable capable people to do nothing rather than becoming contributing members of society.

  • Charlie

    I seen this guy get dropped off from a motorcyclist. Then he put his sign up right away at me. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he is called out as a con artist.

  • harry

    begging for help is illegal, i’m so glad in moved out of marion county, it’s run by lousy humans. I miss the good people that I knew. yes I was there for ergle

    • Tim Boyle

      Yes. Go beg in some other county. LOL… Oh must be better in that county I see ya have a computer and internet.

  • jenn

    I have seen this YOUNG man MANY times begging for money handouts over the past 8 months. He “appears” to have a able body. If he is capable of standing for hours begging he is capable of finding work. His criminal record may hold him back in many job opportunities, but that is not society’s problem. He made his poor choices, and if he wants prove himself he would be a man and get a J-O-B. There are single mothers, single fathers, they have 2-3 jobs, go to school, and parent. He is only still at it because of the “bleeding hearts” he has touched.

  • Joe

    Panhandling is ILLEGAL IN MARION COUNTY. Period!