Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings running for mayor, accused of using his race for political gain

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Jerry Demings

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings announced Friday that he will run for Mayor.

Many Orlando residents are not happy about the announcement .

“The first thing he did was play the race card”, Mary Hall said in a Facebook message. “Demings’ wife did the same thing. They are trying to get him elected because of the color of his skin. Even more disturbing is the fact that he used the Pulse shooting as a bargaining chip.”

During a press conference Friday, Demings and his wife proclaimed that the crime rate in Orlando had fallen since Demings was elected sheriff.

However, data from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI shows otherwise.

The data received from FDLE and the FBI shows that Orlando is rated as the second most dangerous city in the state. Miami Beach is number one.

Shootings and other violent crimes in Orlando have risen substantially since 2012. In fact, on August 16, 2012, Citizens for a Safer Central Florida Inc. filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Demings.

The lawsuit states, “There is ample proof that respondent (Demings) intentionally under-reported criminal statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to create the politically preferable illusion of a safer Orange County, Florida.”

According to officials, the Orlando Police Department, along with the current mayor, has also been accused of under-reporting crime statistics.

The FBI said that the false statistics are dangerous to the citizens of Orange County and the City of Orlando.

During the press conference Friday, Demings said, “Today, the politics of our nation are troublesome. I promise you that I will work across political lines to make this community a great place to live.”

In 2012, officials said Demings used false crime statistics as a political tool for his re-election.

The 2012 complaint also included numerous emails from the Sheriff’s Office. The emails instructed employees to classify property crimes as something other than burglaries if there was no evidence of a forced entry.


Many of the police reports in question stated that tourists had cash, jewelry, electronics, and other goods stolen from their hotel rooms. The reports state that police believe it was hotel employees who committed many of the crimes, but because the hotel employees used a key to enter the rooms, it was not reported as “forced” entry.  This in turn lowered the crime rates in the area, for burglaries.

Officials said that it does not matter if the employees used a key. They entered the room illegally and committed grand theft. The same as if a person were to leave a car door unlocked and someone enters the vehicle. It is still considered a burglary.

In addition to violent and property crimes, Orlando has a high number of uninsured and unlicensed drivers. Driving on a suspended driver’s license is a criminal offense. However, police officers and deputies alike typically do not arrest drivers when they are found to be without a license in Orange County. Often times, the driver will receive a ticket and be ordered to park the vehicle. When the officer has left the scene, the unlicensed driver is back behind the wheel.

Demings’ motto is, “Work to fill playgrounds, not jails.”

Many feel this is a motto that endangers the lives of innocent people.

For instance, when Markeith Loyd shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, OPD nor the sheriff’s office showed a sense of urgency in capturing Loyd. It was not until Loyd shot and killed a police officer that a statewide manhunt was initiated.

Ocala Post questioned both agencies about why a police officer had to be killed before Loyd was heavily perused, however, neither agency would respond.

Demings also wants to place a ban of private collectors who sell firearms and gun-shows. Additionally, Demings wants a ban the sale of any semi-automatic rifle, such as the AR-15 and the AK-47.

What do you think about Demings running for mayor ?

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  • Karen M

    It has become obvious even to those of us who don’t live in Orange County that the Demmings have always had political aspirations and not as interested in the job they currently held as they should have been! Apparently it works, as she is now a Rep. in Congress with increasing power, it seems they are taking turns moving on up’! it also seems to me that the ‘methods’ they use are familiar!. They have watched ‘others’ succeed in politics (and power) as they learned that If you play the race card you will go far in politics! Who knows they may have their ‘eyes’ on the White House next!

    • PhDiva

      You’re on target Karen M…Did not Val & Jerry start their din-du-nuffin careers as community organizers? Much like Omama did in Chicago??

      • Karen M

        it sure looks familiar! do you suppose they have classes for those who aspire to run for POTUS?

  • Tom Smith

    Florida does not have the Sheriffs we deserve, or need. We elect them, yes. Our fault in a way. But they lie, and grandstand, and bully, variously. Some are genuine public servants. Some need to serve jail time, for example, the recently deposed Marion County sheriff, but the system is so broken that a sheriff who commits felonies cannot be brought to justice.

  • urchittingme

    Hey Demings…Ban the sale of any semi-automatic rifle?…Hands off my guns…It sounds like he may be just another lying politician with an agenda

  • Stay

    I am surprised this tool isn’t good friends with backwoods Billy. They are both liars who decieve the public and media. They both should be behind bars.