Mother beats daughter and posts it to Facebook


facebook beating video, sleep challenge

Investigators are looking into a video after someone recorded a mother beating her daughter with a belt and posted it to Facebook.

In the video, the mother alleges she beat her child because she was participating in the “sleep challenge,” or “fainting game.” A “game” in which a person will bend over and take a few short , deep breaths really fast until the person hyperventilates. The person will then stand up, while another person pushes you against a wall, pressing on your sternum. This often will cause a person to pass out.

There have been three deaths related to the “game” since 2010.

The video has since been removed from Facebook.

However, investigators said World Star Hip Hop is glorifying the video.

Investigators said the video was directly supplied to World Star Hip Hop and they believe supplying it to the website was the moms sole intention behind making the video.

World Star Hip Hop is a website known for promoting and encouraging fights amongst the black community. Individuals are encouraged to incite and video fights, then send the video toWorld Star Hip Hop. Founder Lee “Q” O’Denat has been accused of exploiting the black community on numerous occasions. Many black leaders have spoken out against O’Denat, citing he is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Law Enforcement agencies across the United States are working diligently to have the website closed down. Law Enforcement officials say the website masquerades as promoting hip hop videos, but is more about promoting violence and glorifying that violence. “Making it seem cool to fight,” said one investigator.

In recent years, several arrests have been made after “fight videos” appeared on World Star Hip Hop. According to authorities, If a person making this type of video is found to have been involved in any way, charges would be brought against that person as well as the individual(s) fighting.

If anyone has information about the woman in the video, you are asked to contact law enforcement.

We want to hear from you. Do you think it is discipline, or should the woman be arrested?

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  • KC

    That was not a spanking. She was hitting her everywhere. Way out of control.

    • Becky Chandler

      Yes, it was not a properly administered spanking. That is because there had not been enough spanking in their home, and the child had not been trained to be obedient in accepting her punishment. She should have bent over the arm of the chair as her Mom first told her to do.

  • Michael La Course

    There is a difference between spanking (even with a belt) and what I just saw. Firstly, she berated her the entire time. Secondly, she beat her on her back. Thirdly, she hit in anger. Fourth, she did not set up bounds for the spanking nor explained that even though it may hurt, it is for her to remember NEVER to do it again and fifth, she had no reconciliation with the child after. Note, I do spank my children when they need it. They are told why, then get “spanked” (sometimes that is just a token swat), then hug afterward and a through discussion how to change behavior in the future.

    • CheshireCat

      That’s worse – only a sociopath could calmly, “lovingly” hit a child. At least the mom in the video was honest about her brutality. You? Not so much. “I only hit you because I love you. Don’t make me do it again” is the mantra of abusers. If you really believe that your children are animals that can only learn through pain then you shouldn’t be a parent at all. Shame on you.

  • Frank

    You weaklings are crazy! That was a moderate spanking. The so called investigators should all lose their jobs.

  • Tristan

    She didn’t do the sleep challenge. That’s the point. The little girl said she was joking and she was because it takes 2 people to do the sleep challenge plus a 10 year old isn’t going to do the sleep challenge after she’s been told not to and then happily parade in front of the family admitting that she had done it. A child would keep it secret to keep from getting into trouble. The little girl is telling the truth which makes this video even more terrible. That stupid woman and whoever’s behind the camera should be locked up.

  • Virginia


  • Becky Chandler

    I would not have “beat” my child but he/she would have gotten spanked bare butt with my hairbrush! But it was entirely inappropriate that it was videotaped and shared with the world –or even done in front of anyone else

  • Becky Chandler

    You are so right –she was trying to brag to the world. I don’t fault her for the spanking but I do fault her for the way she did and even more for sharing it with the world.

  • Becky Chandler

    It appeared there had been enough “investigation” to me — the level of due process necessary in child discipline is not exactly the same as in the criminal justice system. And there had actually not been enough spankings in this home. If there had the child would have obediently bent over the arm of the chair as her mother first instructed her to do.