Mother beats daughter and posts it to Facebook


facebook beating video, sleep challenge

Investigators are looking into a video after someone recorded a mother beating her daughter with a belt and posted it to Facebook.

In the video, the mother alleges she beat her child because she was participating in the “sleep challenge,” or “fainting game.” A “game” in which a person will bend over and take a few short , deep breaths really fast until the person hyperventilates.  The person will then stand up, while another person pushes you against a wall, pressing on your sternum.  This often will cause a person to pass out.

There have been three deaths related to the “game” since 2010.

The video has since been removed from Facebook.

However, investigators said World Star Hip Hop is glorifying the video.

Investigators said the video was directly supplied to World Star Hip Hop and they believe supplying it to the website was the moms sole intention behind making the video.

World Star Hip Hop is a website known for promoting and encouraging fights amongst the black community. Individuals are encouraged to incite and video fights, then send the video toWorld Star Hip Hop. Founder Lee “Q” O’Denat has been accused of exploiting the black community on numerous occasions. Many black leaders have spoken out against O’Denat, citing he is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Law Enforcement agencies across the United States are working diligently to have the website closed down. Law Enforcement officials say the website masquerades as promoting hip hop videos, but is more about  promoting violence and glorifying that violence. “Making it seem cool to fight,” said one investigator.

In recent years, several arrests have been made after “fight videos” appeared on World Star Hip Hop. According to authoritiesIf a person making this type of video is found to have been involved in any way, charges would be brought against that person as well as the individual(s) fighting.

If anyone has information about the woman in the video, you are asked to contact law enforcement.

We want to hear from you. Do you think it is discipline, or should the woman be arrested?

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  • Jollice Maldonado

    I would have beat my child too for doing that…

    • cinesimonj

      Then you belong in jail

      • Anthony Morris

        Why? Because they would rather their kid have bruises on their butt rather than a coffin from dying over a stupid challenge?

  • Shay Mitchell

    Me too. that was not abuse she was only hitting her on the buttocks when i was young i got hit all over and i ain’t dead or hurt. more parents need to spank their kids today not abuse

    • cinesimonj

      Your understanding of anatomy is rather odd.

    • Ms Betty

      You better watch this film again! This child got hit on her arm and back as well. You want to spank a kid? Use your hand, not a weapon such as a belt. Shame on that woman!

      • Anthony Morris

        YOU need to watch the video again. The mother was aiming for the buttocks, but the kid kept jumping and jerking and squirming. This made the belt unable to hit the intended target.

        • Shay Mitchell

          I agree with you

  • Jerry3701

    I could not look at the rest of that film hearing that child scream .If that is not child abuse ,then what do you call it.

    • Anthony Morris

      Making sure that the child doesn’t do something so extremely stupid again. You can call it abuse if you want, but you can be damned sure that the kid will NEVER do that again.

      • AMR

        Beating a child in front of a camera, then posting it for the world to see does not ensure they won’t do it again. Actually, it does more psychological damage than good.

      • E.D.B.

        This “mom” has obviously beat her for many other reasons too, not just this “extremely stupid” choice she made. You can tell because she has a whole routine for how she sets up to deliver the lashes. She didnt even take half a minute to find out the whole story, she was saying she had made up the story. She could’ve at least found out more facts and explained to her why is dangerous, and how there are many other trends like this going around, etc. But forget any productive parenting, she trying to become an intended start smh

  • Ms Betty

    That woman needs to be arrested and the child put into protective custody and I don’t mean with a family member.

  • Sharky

    I got the belt as a child and that’s the reason I didn’t spank mine….Please just give me 5 minutes with that piece of feces

  • Shay Mitchell

    She got a spanking i didn’t see no blood or bruies what’s odd about that?

    • E.D.B.

      How do u know? The video didn’t even go that far into it for u to even know if that’s true or not. Its waaaayyyy more likely she that she DID have bruises and some breaks in the skin. I really hope u don’t have kids so that your generation can stop the slave mentality from going any further then u. Your parents have obviously already it carried down since you condone them beating u all over your body. But i guess since it didn’t kill u its OK smh

  • army_mom40

    Way over board with that belt. Beating a child like that can damage the kidneys too. My gosh. Poor girl.

  • Anthony Morris

    Report the news as news, not slanted. Your opinion of the mother, the website or anything else is irrelevant. When you slant the news with an opinion, it’s no longer news. Then it becomes an argument of persuasion. Maybe the mother did this to get on the site, maybe she did it to encourage others parents to take a stand against allowing their kids to do extremely stupid things like the sleep challenge. Either way, it’s not a news agency’s business to take sides. Just report it and keep your personal opinions to yourself.

    • E.D.B.

      #ReadMuch The article isn’t full of any opinions at all lol, they reported the investigator’s statement. You’re the only one spewing opinions all over the place. And if you could handle some self infliction you would see that they’re ignorant and so one sided that they’re not even productive. Let me guess- Jim
      Crow era?!!!

  • AMR

    Oh my God! I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on that video. The Mom’s reasoning for the beating is beyond disturbing. She was hitting that girl so hard. The only lesson this child learned is that Mom is a sadistic bully

  • Shay Mitchell

    @E.B.D I’m a firm believer in what don’t kills you make you stronger. I got my butt beat coming up and I deserved it and I’m thankful for it by the way. Honey I rather her mom punish her then bury her bc that game could’ve very well killed her. Hitting with ur actual hand to a child that big means u gotta use fist now that’s extreme and abusive.

  • Shay Mitchell

    A spanking is the only thing I kinda feared coming up when I was a child like most kids I didn’t listen so without that spanking hanging over my head I woulda been doing God knows what after I became a adult I fear jail



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