Victims warn about mechanic who scammed thousands from them

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Joseph Rosario (2013 booking photo)

Several victims have been scammed out of money by a Marion Oaks man who claims to be a mobile master mechanic.

Joseph Rosario, 34, who goes by the name Joey, has scammed thousands of dollars from his victims.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has told victims that it is a civil matter and that there is nothing they can do.

According to victims, Rosario would charge a $30 diagnostic fee, tell the victim what was wrong with the vehicle, then promise to fix it for a predetermined amount of money.

After tuning a vehicle over to Rosario, he would call a few days later and ask for money to purchase additional parts.

Victims said that Rosario had “a book of excuses” when a vehicle was not repaired on time.

One victim said that Rosario stated that there had been a family emergency and that [he] needed more money to complete the job.

One victim wrote, “He told me that his business phone was going to be disconnected because he had so many customers that had not paid him. He talked a good game and made me feel sorry for him so I gave him extra cash up front for the repairs. A month later and $500 out of my pocket, my car still had not been fixed. I called MCSO and they told me it was a civil matter.”

In another instance, Rosario took a car into his possession and promised to complete repairs within three days. The victim said that the car would stall, was shifting roughly, and the cruise control had all of a sudden stopped working. Rosario told the victim that the car needed a new catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and a top and bottom radiator hose assembly.  The victim dished out $1,000, and nearly two months later the car had not been fixed.

Rosario would not return the vehicle to the owner and demanded more money for repairs.

The victim called MCSO and they responded to Rosario’s residence. MCSO told the victim that it was a civil matter, but they had ordered Rosario to turn over the vehicle. When the deputy left, Rosario exited out of the back of his house, got in a car, and drove off.

The deputy was notified and returned to the residence, at which time he called Rosario on his cell phone. The deputy told Rosario that he would be charged with grand theft if he did not release the car.

The car had to be towed from the yard and was not fully assembled.

The victim then transported the car to Firestone where mechanics replaced the transmission speed sensor and a vacuum line.

On several occasions, Rosario told customers that he owned Best Offer Auto Sales. The owner of the now shuttered business told Ocala Post that Rosario was an as needed mechanic and not an owner of the business. The owner said he stopped using Rosario’s services when he discovered that he had been stealing parts off of cars.

Victims say that because the matter is being considered civil, they want to warn others about how Rosario conducts business.

No charges have been filed against Rosario.

Have you been a victim?

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    another scumbag

  • tomfromocala

    MCSO is too worried about FB likes. EVERYTHING is a popularity contest with those ass hats. The staff over there needs to be replaced. Not most of the deputies, but most of the administration. Woods is the biggest hypocrite to ever be sheriff. Good ole boy syndrome. That is why his deputies call him backwoods Billy behind his back.

  • Mike Rogers

    This doesn’t sound that much different from the story above. This one is a so called civil matter with no arrest, unlike an arrest in that story. Anyway, thank you Ocala Post for this public service bulletin. Maybe it will spare someone from losing their hard earned money to someone who wants money for doing nothing.

  • Jerry3701

    I have been scam about 4 years ago by this Scumbag.Thank You Ocala Post for letting your readers know about Scumbags like Joey.

  • Jess Breaux

    Over the last two years of receiving mechanic services from Mr. Rosario, I have witnessed only the highest degree of professionalism and responsiveness. He has assisted myself and others at a moment’s notice, even responding promptly to after-hours emergencies. The many friends I have referred to him can also attest to this.

    I question the integrity of the Ocala Post to callously make such unsubstantiated claims. The responsibility of media in a democracy is to educate and protect our people’s birthright to prosperity and liberty. The Ocala Post has violated the primary rights of our citizens. The writers of the Ocala Post shroud themselves in anonymity and proclaim in cowardice to the public that they are protecting us. This is hypocrisy and irresponsible news at it’s worst. It is social onanism – serving the temporary and volatile pleasure of rabble-rousing at the untold expense of undermining evolution.

    I urge you, as a citizen responsible to truth, to look past these claims to see the deeper self evident patterns at play.

    • tomfromocala

      Your rant is complete garbage. Do you have any idea how many officials have been fired as a direct result of investigations by this paper when the blunder would not print the truth because they are friends with e good ole boys. I myself have sent information to both papers and only one cared to look into the matter. And it wasn’t the blunder. You must be friends with the douche they wrote about or a family member. His face has been allover social media before. We all follow the same pages dumbass. Get a life.

  • Rhonda

    Look at all the people trying to make this punk look innocent. This punk ass is a drug taking fucking loser. He stole more than $300 from me and i was a single mom at the time working two jobs. That is what I get for not going to a real mechanic and going to someones house to try and save money. and for all you fucktards taking up for him. I went to the police bitch and they told me it was civil and I would need to file a small claims case. fuck him.

  • Jerry3701

    All those who are against Ocala Post posting “,GET A LIFE”

  • FlaBella

    I’m just curious, why not take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic, better yet why keep giving money to someone with excuses? I feel bad for everyone who got scammed but damn in my mind that’s like a huge red flag smacking my head. You can’t trust people like that, not in today’s world.