Marion County Sheriff’s Office sergeant demoted and suspended

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Corporal Jeremie Nix

Ocala, Florida — A Marion County Sheriff’s Office supervisor was demoted and suspended after an internal affairs investigation revealed that he made false statements to the Commander of the Marion County Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST).

In a letter of suspension to Jeremie Nix, it states that he was demoted to the rank corporal from sergeant. He was also removed from the K9 Unit and Traffic Interdiction Unit and reassigned to the Patrol Division within the Community Police Bureau. Additionally, he was suspended for 40 hours without pay and will be required to attend ethics training.

It all started when Nix was instructed to have a K9 perform a “walk around” on a vehicle suspected of carrying drugs. Marion County Sheriff’s Captain Eric Rawls, Commander of UDEST, was in charge of the investigation.

During the investigation, Nix told Captain Rawls that he had walked his K9 around the vehicle and that the K9 had alerted for drugs. Nix’s statement to Captain Rawls was later included in a police report and subsequently in a search warrant.

According to the internal affairs report, it was later discovered that Nix was untruthful about his K9 having alerted on the vehicle.

Nix was later questioned about his actions. When asked if he had walked his K9 around the vehicle, Nix responded, “No.” Nix then admitted that he had lied to Captain Rawls. Nix stated that because of all the phone calls and questions that he had been asked during the investigation he forgot about walking the K9 around the vehicle.

In a statement, Nix said, “Here is where I screwed up. I should have never lied to Eric. I should have said that I totally forgot about it, but I am on my way there to walk the dog right now, but I didn’t. That’s when I screwed up.”

Nix has been with MCSO for nearly 15 years.

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  • urchittingme

    I have a lot of respect for all first responders, but there’s nothing I hate worse than a dirty cop especially one that lies, Fire him because he can never be trusted again and all his prior k9 walk arounds are in question and don’t let him resign so he can go lie at a different department,he should be arrested for perjury for lying on the search warrant

  • Citizen501

    fifteen years of lies to obtain his level of “heroism”

  • Karen M

    In my opinion this L.E.O. just got ‘lazy’ he was sure that this was a drug bust, so if figured his dog’s ‘walk-about’ wouldn’t make that much difference! NO, it doesn’t excuse him lying to his supervisor, he should have gone with his ‘training’, maybe more training is in order here, not firing!

  • traceydbest

    15 years of lies!!! I always feel marion county is crooked and this proves it!

  • Jerry3701

    He thought he was above the law.

  • Tim Boyle

    Really? People sum up this COPS entire 15 yr career based upon a lapse in judgement? He fessed up, he took the demotion, he lost 40 hours pay. He was publicly humiliated and shamed. What more do you want? Perhaps we should just HANG HIM? Amazing people scream about COPS not being disciplined and when one is you’re not happy. None of YOU could handle walking in his shoes for an HOUR!

    • harry

      after 15yrs he decided to lie, not, he finally got caught. Illinois study shows those dogs are wrong more then right.

      • Tim Boyle

        Would you care to elaborate on that Illinois Study? Can you look through his eyes and see what he sees? You inside his head? How do you know what happened? Oh I know you heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who saw it on the internet.

        • harry

          google it

          • Tim Boyle

            I would be more than happy to. If you could provide the parameters to do so. Oh wait, You made that up didn’t you? Yeah just as I thought.

          • harry

            wow really, just do drug dog, Illinois, pretty simple.

    • Ms Betty

      He hasn’t been disciplined. He had his wrist slapped for getting caught. After 15 years, I wonder how many other times he’s lied about things cause this isn’t the first time I’m sure. He deserves to be publicly humiliated and shamed. Here’s the reason MSCO is not respected by the citizens of Marion County. What is your job at MSCO?

      • Tim Boyle

        I am a retired COP from Virginia. I have no dog in the fight. Guess ya looked into your crystal ball there huh Ms. Betty. You seem to know all about this guy. Besides losing a weeks pay is quite a large punishment.

  • harry

    I thought lying too cops was a crime, and since marion county arrests you for every minor event, how’d he not get arrested. you get taken to jail for shoplifting a roll of toilet paper roll

    • Ms Betty

      Lying to cops is a crime but he didn’t get arrested cause he’s part of the “buddy” system.