Dash cam release showed Marlon Brown being run over by police car


marlon brown, deland, ocala

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DeLand, Florida — DeLand Police Officer James Harris was fired from his job after he accidentally ran over Marlon Robert Brown as he was fleeing from officers.

FHP spokesperson, Sgt. Kim Montes, says 38-year old Marlon Robert Brown “failed to stop” for a Volusia County deputy who attempted to pull him over for a seat belt violation on Green Avenue at Parsons Avenue at 12:36 Monday morning. The Volusia County deputy then backed off and radioed dispatch to alert officers in DeLand that the driver was in their area.

Marlon Brown fled from his car on foot after DeLand Police Officers attempted to pull him over.  As officers were pursuing Brown, he slipped and fell in front of the officer’s patrol car, causing the officer to run over him.

Brown led two separate agencies and multiple officers on a chase, but it was Officer James Harris that went around other officers; running Brown over with his patrol car. Officer Harris was fired for violating department policy involving a pursuit, according to officials.

The family of Marlon Brown hired Benjamin Crump, the no-name attorney that recently made a name for himself during the Trayvon Martin case.

Benjamin Crump says the officer should have been charged with vehicular homicide. A grand Jury refused to press charges against Officer James Harris earlier this month, citing the video did not show cause for charges to be filed, because the video clearly showed Marlon Brown falling in front of the vehicle.

Crump said during a press conference, Marlon Brown was executed in a vegetable garden.”

This case has created outrage from both sides, and many are now wondering how an officer is supposed to peruse a criminal if they are going to get fired – then the city sued – every time an accident happens while an officer is performing his duties.

The officer was doing his job, everybody knows you don’t run from the cops unless you did something wrong and have a reason to run. You don’t just run because you weren’t wearing a seat-belt,” Said Resident Tyrece Jackson. “I mean… I have been arrested for child support, but look at Marlon’s criminal past. Everyone knows he was a bad man.”

Brown was a known felon in the area.

Brown had been arrested more than a dozen times. He has had 18 misdemeanor charges, five felony charges, and three felony convictions.

Brown has an array of charges such as:

  • Felony Possession Of a Controlled Substance
  • Battery (multiple)
  • Uttering Forged Checks (multiple)
  • Grand Theft
  • Driving On A Suspended License (multiple)


Marlon Brown, DeLand, Ocala

Charges List For Marlon Brown [Click To Enlarge]

Krystal Brown, Marlon Browns Ex-wife, received a payout of $550,000 from the city of DeLand for Marlon Browns death. The settlement releases the city from any further legal action.

Crump is now asking for further investigation to be conducted by an independent party.

Ocala Post slowed the video down and watched it frame-by-frame; it takes only one second after Brown slips for the patrol car to hit him. Officials say the one second would not have allowed sufficient time for Harris to stop his patrol car in slippery grass.

The medical examiners report doesn’t show any broken bones, fractures, or head injuries. The report states he died from mechanical asphyxia, which was the weight of the car that kept him from breathing. Crump is now accusing the medical examiner of fabricating the report.

It is still unclear as to why Marlon Brown ran from police; however, police said Brown was under a court ordered curfew.

We want to hear from you. Do you think Officer Harris should have been fired? And do you feel he was fired as a political move to avoid further attention from the media spotlight?

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  • DickDisqus

    “It is still unclear as to why Marlon Brown ran from police.”

    He was late for his skittles club meeting.

    Bonus for “family of Marlon Brown has hired Benjamin Crump, the no name attorney”

    • Southern _Pride_FL

      Skittles..love it

  • Dean Edward

    Cops do not have the right to execute suspects. This man was running and posed no threat to police. It’s a no brainer. No amount of former offenses can justify this thug justice. The cop is a murderer.

    • fuzznarf

      But Dean, you don’t understand. Cops view themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. If they declare you a dirtbag, consider your rights revoked. And it doesn’t matter how many laws they break while serving ‘justice’.

      • Dean Edward

        The rogue cop syndrome has become so concerning to me that my family and I do not travel to the US anymore from Canada. I would feel safer in many 2nd and 3rd world countries now.

    • Stanleyusa

      I agree, to protect and to serve. this is Not Judge Dredd. judge/jury/executioner. Your tax dollars not at work. He was running away, and no threat to any officer. There’s a rule that they can’t shoot a suspect in the back, that because it means he was running away and not a threat that’s why cops are not allowed to shoot a suspect in the back. You don’t run over a suspect with a 4000 lbs car either. He was unarmed and not a threat to anyone.

      • Mark Smith

        Cops have no duty to protect you.

      • Strandwolf

        It wasn’t known that he had no gun or knife. He was breaking his curfew and that penalty was assigned because he tended to be up to mischief, causing harm to persons and their property. Hell yes he was a threat.

    • Sharky66

      Do you know the legal definition of murder? And please do tell us all WHY run from the cops over a seatbelt violation? Only law abiding citizen knows you do NOT run from cops. Sheesh. Execute? Do you know what execute means?

      Dramatics much.

      • Dean Edward

        He is dead, and the decision to end his life was made by an over-zealous cop that used his car as a means of killing him. You tell me what it is.

        • Guest

          Also, didn’t the cop have a reverse on the car? If that was his brother under the car I bet he wouldn’tave casually walked out and looked under the way he did and not try to move the car.

        • Dean Edward

          Also, didn’t the cop have a reverse on the car? If that was his brother under the car I bet he wouldn’t have casually walked out and looked under the way he did and not try to move the car.

        • Strandwolf

          The cop didn’t know that he had killed him, therefore it is likely that no decision was made by him to do so. Even if he had decided to off this dirtbag he probably would have desired to do so in a more intimate manner, via his hands, while watching the predator’s life diminish, the eyes glaze over as his struggles became slower, more tired and ineffectual. Vastly more satisfying, Dean.

          • Dean Edward

            Any decent moral person would treat a dog better. What does that make someone advocating this kind of behavior?

    • Methadras

      He slipped and fell as he ran and got ran over by a police car. It’s a truly crappy circumstance to be sure, but this does not come anywhere near the definition of or the intent of murder.

    • JamalJenkum

      Suspects who flee do so at their own peril. Who’s going to pay for the ding this animals head made in that nice policeman’s cruiser? Those bumpers aren’t cheap you know.

    • Jim

      IF anyone here is a MARINE CORPS veteran that stood POST at: barracks duty, embassy duty, Camp Guard, you were versed and trained in the use of Deadly Force. SO much were the rules of deadly force drilled into my head, that 25 years later, I can still recite it.
      The Use of Deadly Force

      Definition: That force which a person uses for the purpose of causing – or which he knows or should reasonably know, would create substantial risk of causing – death or serious bodily harm.

      Deadly Force is justified under conditions of extreme necessity and only as a last resort when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed. It is used only as a last resort.

      Deadly Force is justified only under one or more of the following circumstances:
      1. In self defense.
      2. In defense of property involving national security.
      3. In defense of property not involving national security, but inherently dangerous to others.
      4. To prevent serious crimes against others.
      5. To apprehend, or to prevent the escape of persons known to have committed an offense of the nature specified above.
      6. When directed by lawful order of a competent authority.
      While Marlon was no angel, NONE of what he did previously nor on that night falls into ANY of the categories listed above. Breaking the law doesn’t mean a cop can execute you and then claim “oops, my finger slipped”.

  • Lario

    By the way… at 43 seconds… what the heck is that crawling across the wall of that garage. It starts at the top right and crawls along the wall to the left…..

    • criminaljustice2day

      bahaha..looks like a rat.

      • Mark Smith


    • Private_Eyescream

      I’d say it’s a rat too.
      Maybe a small possum.

    • Jay Tee

      norwegian roof rat

  • Lario

    Yes… I think he should be fired! The guy is / was a thug but the police officer just murdered him. It certainly appeared to be an intentional act as it appears the police officer was accelerating. sd

    • fuzznarf

      fired?? he should be in jail!

  • Kyle

    This is murder. A police officer should make sure the individual makes it to court a live, for a fair trial. A police officer should not be allowed to make such decisions. If a human being feels trapped, its normal psychology to run. Its called flight or fight. I fear the police more than I fear a criminal. Why no tasers were used confuses me. This police officer was lazy, why didn’t he pursue on foot. Murder murder murder.

  • RSean5

    Fired for sure…he was out of control on grass at a high rate of speed, there was no way he could of stopped even if he wanted. He very well could have been riding the brakes, and still would have slid for quite awhile at the insane speed he had that car rolling. Very unsafe behavior.

  • angry-young-white

    “Brown has an array of charges such as:
    Felony Possession Of a Controlled Substance
    Battery (multiple)
    Uttering Forged Checks (multiple)
    Grand Theft
    Driving On A Suspended License (multiple)”

    Wow. The world lost a real gem. If this moron hadn’t of ran none of this would have happened. I’d wager there is more to this than a seat belt violation. Who evades police over that?

    • nathan bedell

      Im pretty sure a pig is not allowed to kill somebody unless they are wielding a deadly weapon.

      • Sharky66

        So Marlon Brown was an upstanding pillar of society? So you champion criminals it seems. Pigs? I suggest you call your homey when you face an emergency and not bother with the police since you hate them so much.

        Right he killed the guy on purpose. Newsflash genius DO NOT RUN FROM THE POLICE.

        • nathan bedell

          I don’t need to call anybody when I’m in danger, I strongly express my 2nd amendment. If I face and emergency that calls for assistance, I surely would need the help of EMS or fire rescue. BTW I do not need to run from the police. Every encounter I’ve ever had I simply ask, “Am I being detained? Or am I free to go?”

          No I do not champion criminals. If i have a personal problem with a criminal, I seek vendetta personally and legally.

          And finally, yes pigs. People with low self esteem’ that got picked on in high school. seeking to score a job where they can accomplish personal vendetta in a bitch ass manner to their predecessors. If you truly want to fight crime, then I suggest political activism is the the path you should choose.

          • nathan bedell


          • nathan bedell

            and no we do not fuck with joining the military. that only supports our oppressors.

          • Mark Smith

            Then how in the F would you know that they’re military quality? You watch too much TV, son.

          • Mark Smith

            I bet you have $23,000 in your wallet and your d|ck is 10 inches long too, right?

          • Mark Smith

            people who are picked on in high school and have low self esteem are pigs?

    • Southern _Pride_FL

      A +

    • tjwestbr

      angry-young-white – you truly are sick

      • Sharky66

        Who runs from police? SHEESH you are sick.

        • tjwestbr

          Yes, some else is always to blame. We are talking about running over a human being with a car. There is no justification for this.

          • Mark Smith

            Maybe he didn’t intend to run him over. Is there no room for “accident” in your theories? If you decide to run from the cops for any reason, seems to me that dying in the process of trying to get away might be considered an occupational hazard.

          • tjwestbr

            Yes, of course it is a bad idea to run from cops, as we’ve seen time and time again it usually ends badly. But running does equate to death penalty. “Accidents” seem to happen way too often. Are cops just extra clumsy? Or are they “accidents” resulting from ill will? This is something a jury should decide, but this will never make to the inside of a court room.

          • Strandwolf

            He was human only in a technical or all-encompassing description. He was a sociopath. He would have chewed you up and spit you out, tiger. If you feel diminished somehow by his absence on this planet you are a world class bleeding heart. Sometimes you have to swat a biting mosquito even though it’s likely to be free at the moment of Dengue Fever.

          • tjwestbr

            You are a sociopath if you equate killing a human to swatting a mosquito.

  • John Kruzelock

    This case has created outrage from both sides, however many wonder how
    an officer is supposed to peruse felons if they are going to get fired,
    and then the city get sued every time an accident happens while an
    officer is performing his duties. EASY DON”T USE YOUR VEHICLE AS A WEAPON..no accident

    • Sharky66

      Don’t run from police and this won’t happen. *shrug*

  • Guest

    You need help.

    • criminaljustice2day

      i think Jenny has now been blocked. lol

  • rsw0331usmc

    Fired? No way. He should have been given a medal for ridding the world of that feral savage.

  • Mephistopheles Lux

    The Marlon guy was a piece of shit, but Rambo-pig is a bigger piece of shit and a murderer.

    • Sharky66

      Do you know the definition of murder? No.

      • Dean Edward

        Negligence causing death = homicide.

        • Strandwolf

          Do you know that murder is not identical to homicide as a legal term?

        • CHSpaintballer2 .

          WRONG. Read a freakin statute book.

    • Jim

      Unfortunately the cop still has a job. OUR best bet is, that cop will continue to eat McDonald’s supersized meals and have a heart attack while beating his wife.

  • RayGun

    Looks like the cop was using his car as a weapon. Should be up on manslaughter charges.

  • Ricky Ross

    The great escalators strike again!

  • Kb37

    What a horribly written article! Wow journalist .. you couldn’t have done any better than this? This man was pulled over for a seat belt violation ..true he ran but who knows why. The way people are becoming increasingly abused by police officers you’re going to see this more and more. But to say “he slipped and fell in front of the officer’s patrol car, causing the officer to run over him.” is utterly ridiculous. So slipping and falling would cause an officer to run over you? Wow… Because to me it clearly looks like he was losing his footing and instead of the officer stopping he kept going. I don’t think people get fired for an “accident” … this was no accident and you can clearly see this. Then saying a “no-named lawyer” ..really? that was necessary as well? Journalistic skills have gone to pot. Journalism is about stating the facts if you want to add your opinion in through persuasive words..get a blog!

    • criminaljustice2day

      I am pretty sure FOX called him a no name attorney during the trayvon case too. This article is awesome for the fact it has been all over the news and yet not one station reported any of this. WHY? because it didn’t fit their agenda . Showing a high school photo of him. please. he was a waste of tax payers money. and what the hell does a blog have to do with anything moron. Huff post is a blog and its the favorite hang out of Rev Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Why, because it does fits their agenda.

      • Retired 2 Years

        isnt that the truth

    • Retired 2 Years

      Sounds like someone liked moron I mean Marlon

    • Southern _Pride_FL

      Lost his footing because the Felon was running from TWO agencies as the article says. From the way he was running looks like he was used to it. Looks like he wont be running anymore.

    • The_Irish_Bull

      You want a fact?? Fact is, that guy was a criminal. Even though he may not have deserved to die, he was still breaking the law and his death was an accident. And when a car is driving on grass it doesn’t just stop on a dime. If you listen to the video you can clearly hear the sound grass makes when someone slams on the brakes. The only reason that officer was fired was because he ran over a black guy and the police department didn’t want a bunch of crap started by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, claiming racism. And we all know that’s what would’ve happened. That’s a FACT!

  • D_Shot15

    May have very well been an accident. Could be seen both ways. But the vehicle traveling at that rate of speed that close to the suspect? He meant to hit him in my opinion. Maybe was thinking he’d take his legs out from under him until he fell. He knew he hit him and that he was under his car but tried to act as if he didn’t know where he was when the other officers arrived…lol Then the lack of urgency to get him from under the vehicle and medical attention is criminal at best…

    • Mark Smith

      Thanks for your input, counselor.

    • Arjuna Jennings

      He was going too fast.

    • JamalJenkum

      This is a true tragedy. I’ll bet that worthless animal’s head broke the cruisers bumper, not to mention the grill. Those things aren’t cheap you know. And somebody had to clean up the mess too.

      Maybe we should send the bill to Krystal Brown for wiping this worthless animals blood and guts off that cruiser. Plus think of the big stain it made on the grass too. I bet they’ll be a brown spot there for a year. I think that’s worth at least $550,000.

      I can easily understand why the office responding didn’t move his car right away, that animal could have stained the undercarriage of his cruiser. I think he made the wise choice.

      We should take up a collection so we can distribute this video around the country for police training.

    • Jim

      HEY, HEY, HEY, we can’t blame a police officer for having a lead foot and an empty skull can we? Oh wait, yes we can.
      ALSO, maybe if the cops who looked like OPRAH at her worst days, actually got a JACK and lifted the car up. BUT then, that would’ve meant the cops expended some effort and maybe break a sweat.
      “DIRTY HARRY” and many other cop shows, show IN SHAPE cops, running down suspects. Sadly, the alternate is true. COPS who way 350 lbs and are 5’8″ don’t run after suspects, they run them down.
      BUT, but, but, it wasn’t HIS fault. Really? Totally agree with you D_shot15. CRIMINAL NEGLECT. If you or I did that, we’d be facing felony manslaughter charges or vehicular homicide at the least.

    • Dean Edward

      Well said, you got it right 100%.

  • tjwestbr

    The cop should be charged with murder. What’s even more sick is that they leave the car on top of him long enough to asphyxiate him. This is an especially heinous murder. What’s even more sick is the people on this blog who defend this blatant murder. Our society truly has lost all moral principals.

    • Strandwolf

      Principles, ace.

    • Anonymous FL Resident

      #1. Cops are trained to not back up immediately after running someone over as it can cause more damage to the victim. #2. It was clearly an accident not an intentional act compared to the officer in Carolina shooting a man to his death. #3 You want to talk about moral princiPLES not principals, look at this guys f**king criminal record. He had whatsoever no principal, logic, or any kind of developed thinking. He was a piece of s***t, he did not deserve to die but had he not put himself in this situation this would not have happened. I say karma got to him.

      • tjwestbr

        #1 they should reevaluate their “training”, it appeared they were enacting “karma” by taking their time while the guy suffocated. #2 only a jury can decide if this was an accident. #3 None of this matters, you are not the judge. A record means he made mistakes and did his time. You are trying to justify a homicide, or minimize it somehow. We have a vigilante justice system is this what you are implying? And this is a good thing?

        • Anonymous FL Resident

          Do you HONESTLY feel pity for this guy? Look at that collection of felonies he has dating back to ’94. He was never gonna change. It’s a shame that he was murdered but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

          • tjwestbr

            It’s not about my “pity” for this guy it’s about pity for myself. I would like to know that I live in a country where cops aren’t murdering innocent people and getting away with it. It could be a loved one. In fact, I have a good friend shot in the face by a cop, he was unarmed and had no police record. My wife also had a friend gunned down by police 32 times. He, also, was a good guy with no criminal record. We need a justice system in the country.

          • Methadras

            We have a justice system in this country. You just don’t happen to like certain outcomes. And that’s fine, but don’t impugn an entire system by how some circumstances play out. If you look at the video, you can clearly see that the cop is driving to fast for the environment he’s in and when the guy slipped and fell, well then physics became a serious problem for the running felon. This could have gone either way, but I wouldn’t put murder or manslaughter on this officer at all. Crappy things happen to crappy people, but your little weepy session only illustrates how irrational your argument is.

          • tjwestbr

            Holy crap! You must be a cop to have become that insensitive toward human life. I feel bad for you.

          • Jim

            YES, the guy was a piece of s#it. BUT he was still a human being. YES, he shouldn’t have put himself in that situation. BUT also, the COP shouldn’t have put HIMSELF in a situation where he’s chasing a suspect with a 2900 lbs supercharged police cruiser at close range, swerving to keep him in front

      • Arjuna Jennings

        The cop was going too fast just to follow someone. It was murder, plain and simple. If the guy had not slipped one second later he would have been run over. Shame on the grand jury for not inditing this guy.

  • tom

    for sure cops have a dangerous job, but that is no excuse to take the life of another human because of a sealt belt infraction. if he was a well known felon in the area as they say, then they couldve picked him up somewhere in the area over the next few days. i hope the family wins a lawsuit and bankrupts the city.

    • Sharky66

      You act as if the guy did NOT run from the police and that the police walked up to the car and shot him through the window as he was sitting there without a seat belt on. My goodness do facts even matter or just edited facts? Sheesh.

    • Mark Smith

      Sorry, but running from the cops is an occupational hazard.

  • Buk Naked

    I think the felons family should pay to have the car washed…. No more felon, no more crimes… duh…

  • jmann828

    what a way to go… rid the world of a petty criminal (Marlon Brown) in contrast to the murderer that just replaced him (James Harris). Cops always go into duty with the mindset that black suspects are to be handled less than humanly possible as if they are animals with super strength where excessive force is needed. This Dude could have easily been man-handled and he wasn’t faster than the ghetto bird that is used for elusive suspects. If this officer wasn’t indending on ramming the suspect and actually was just trying to apprehend the suspect then why didn’t he go around the house in an effort to cut him off. Only black people will see the crookedness in this officers tactics because its a reality for them.

    • Mark Smith

      What about black cops?

      • jmann828

        And yes that goes for black cops as well. I’ve seen black cops act more like dickheads towards black suspects than whites cops. Race is only an issue when it comes to the suspect, cops would fit under one corrupted system in my opinion because bad cops outnumber good cops it seems from city to city, state to state.

  • Jay Tee

    i mean look at that fat bastard pig , he was like eff that im not running, make you wonder what are the pft ( physical fitness test) requirements are.

  • buyanewhouseyarichmofo

    Thats what he deserves. I mean it sucks that it happened but if he would of just stopped and been patient he would still be alive to run from the pigs another day. LOL

  • danthracks

    He was turning to confront the cop so it was stand your ground by the cop who’s probably George Zimmermans cousin

  • DailyKenn

    If you bolt from your car and flee after leading police on a wild chase after being pulled over for a minor traffic offense, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO? Say, “Oh well! Guess he got away.”

    Those of us who have had personal Wacos with idiot cops often find it difficult to sympathize. But there is no indication that the pursuing officer intended to touch Brown with his bumper, let alone kill him. The police were doing their job: Getting another bad guy off the street. For that they were punished!

    Now take a moment and recall how many white cops have been gunned down by blacks males, then cry me a river.

    Condolences to the Brown family, but this was clearly an accident.

  • Мартин Глувиќ

    They caught him or they lost him,i think both! :S

  • Veezy

    Why Everytime Somebody With A Criminal Record Or A So Called Criminal Background T Get There Character Assassinated That Has Nothing To Do With The Fact That The Officer drove Onto Marlon While The other Cops Stopped And Got Out The Car Why Couldnt He And Begin To Pursuit Him On Foot? And Do You Think If He Fell Which From The Way He Running He Was Going To Anyway Because He Was Imbalanced That The Officer Woulda Prolly Been Able To Apprehend Him So I Dont Buy The Accidental Claim Its clearly Intentional On The Officers Part Then They Begin To Panic They Knew They Ran Him Over And He Was Dead They Were Fucked Cause It Was Recorded

  • Laurie R

    I did not see a murder here. I could not see if the man was black or white. I did see a criminal running from the law, who fell down and the police car, which was traveling too fast, did not have enough time to stop. I heard a very upset officer repeat Code 3 a couple of times.

    CODE 3: Life-threat response. Emergency traffic, or simultaneous use of lights and siren required in order to achieve a rapid response. In most circumstances this does allow the responding unit to ignore jurisdictional traffic laws, but does not allow the responding unit operate without due regard to safety.

    The officer did immediately call for ambulance and paramedics. I am pretty sure he did not say to himself, I think I will run over this man. Adrenalin was pumping on both sides.

    The officer was at fault for his part and Brown was at fault for his part. I think a suspension without pay would have been appropriate. I guess the family needed the large payout since Brown would not be alive to write anymore bad checks to support them.
    No matter what, you do not run from the law. You will definitely be putting yourself in danger! This man did not deserve to die but he was not a poor, innocent, helpless, law abiding citizen. He chose to run. He chose to put himself in great danger.

  • Kman93

    I swear some of you guys already had your mind up probably because you have have had a bad run in with the police. To execute someone is intentional. To murder someone is intentional. There was no intent on the part of the officer. Did any of you actually watch the video or read the whole article? This is clearly an accident. Does someone deserve to die because they ran form the police? No. But if a criminal is going to run, he takes on a risk of getting injured just like the officers do. If the officer violated a policy, yes, he should be disciplined. Other than that, the guy shouldn’t have ran. Period.

  • gmo2ashes

    Watching the video, it’s obvious Officer Harris directed his vehicle at a high rate of speed directly at Brown, even veering to the right as Brown swerved right to evade being run down. As Brown stumbled, Harris’ vehicle did not slow down at all. It looked to me like the vehicle lodged and got stuck on top of Brown’s body.

  • duckduckgoose

    550,000 settlement??? ex wife must be a crackhead— this case is worth at least 500 million….jackass

  • Mojo Jojo

    It looks to me that he turned his car towards him in the end to make sure he hit him.

  • luis martinez

    Life’s a bitch, don’t run from the popo.

  • Fernando M

    You can clearly hear the engine accelerate right before impact and than stop.

  • Damashapat

    The government is making it clear that killing a “minority” is fine by them. And not only that, then they slander him in the media like he’s not a human being.

  • disqus_alkrcCSitu

    Murder…. Scumbag or not!

  • retromufc

    Shouldn’t have ran and it wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t say it was deserved but if he ran and he paid the price.

  • V. P.

    Stop running from cops – step one. Step two, stop treating these young kid’s deaths as if you’d just won the lottery and Crump is the ticket holder. How about raising the kid right in the first place?

  • Mimagee

    First off, they didn’t know he was under the car. They were looking around for him. Then an officer decides to look under the police car and there is the guy. As you can hear, they want to try and lift it off and decide to put it in neutral and push it off trying not to hurt him further. Not all cops are bad just like not all people are bad.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    I vote 1 “attaboy” for Officer Harris. Now if this fella would’ve had no criminal record it’s a whole different situation but in this case you gotta “pull some some weeds” to keep the garden productive.

  • disqus_xeXZy3qrDF

    THIS is what counts as journalism in Florida?



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