Marion County School Board supports transgender bathroom ban

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Ocala, Florida — In an e-mail, the Marion County School Board confirmed that they will aim to make sure that school bathrooms used by students who claim to be transgender will be based on the biology of a student’s sex instead of their identity.

Marion County Public School Public Relations Officer, Kevin Christian, said, “In other words, if/when this resolution passes, students will use restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities based on their gender at birth, not the gender with which they identify.”

According  to Christian, four of the five board members support the ban that will prevent transgender students from choosing the bathroom for which they identify.

School board members Carol Ely, Nancy Stacy, Angie Boynton, and Kelly King wanted the resolution to be approved by Tuesday, which would have taken effect on Wednesday.

However, Board Chairman Bobby James did not want to implement resolution. According to officials, he wanted to continue handling the transgender issues on a per-student basis.

School board officials said that the issue will be on the April 26 agenda as an emergency resolution.

What do you think about the ban?

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  • nohilderbeast2016

    seven years of obama and we need to make laws governing bathroom use…what a disaster he’s been….

    • Allgone

      Great Balls of Fire! Is there nothing that can’t be blamed on Barack Obama?

    • Dalton Whiting

      Yes, because this is obviously something Obama has caused.

  • Don Chandler

    If you have a penis, use the men’s room. A vagina, the woman’s room. If you don’t know, hold it until you get home. : +

    • 1 in 1500 children are born with ambiguous genitalia. They already have enough problems with urinary tract infections without “people” forcing them to “hold it in”. Admit it, this isn’t about any nonexistent danger, it’s about wanting not to know that such kids exist. Because it makes you feel queasy thinking about it.

  • Karen Mulhollem

    my thought is that there would be immediate ‘abuse’ of a law that allows MEN to enter a LADIES ROOM! i THINK the only answer to this dilemma is an extension of the FAMILY REST ROOMS you see in malls! instead of entering the general facility,’ others’ would ONLY be allowed to utilize the FAMILY REST ROOM, with a door lock!

  • harry

    they should just put either a stall or wall hanging piss-pot.

  • Dalton Whiting

    I believe that this should be a “per-student” situation. There shouldn’t be a ban on it just because the schools themselves wont enforce any of this. There isn’t cameras looking towards the bathroom doors. Also, if a student needs to use a bathroom a sign saying a gender will not stop them from entering.

  • urchittingme

    Just set up porto potties… ed and one at a time

    • Shyanha

      Something along those lines would be a good solution. Scratch out “transgender” or “neutral” and enter “unisex” and then it’s not a bathroom just for this, that or the other. I don’t like using a restroom with other people, period. Don’t care if they have a dingle to dangle or not.

      Porto potties are nasty, though it would be a decent temporary solution, especially if the fancy portos are used (the vented ones).

  • Chrissie Browde

    It’s ridiculous. We currently have four transgender students in our school system and have had two previously. There has never been even the slightest problem with any of them…

  • RepublicansAreGreedyRacists

    Wouldnt a transgendered student that looks, sounds, acts and dresses like a boy going into the women’s room lead to more trouble than simply going into the men’s room? These 4 school board members are idiots. There’s already guidelines on this matter that they are choosing to ignore. I’m sure their basing it on their religious beliefs, which should have no bearing on the decisions made by an elected official. When this ends up as a court case which I’m sure it will, they should split the costs up personally between the four of them and not make it a drain on our already under funded school system.

  • Discrimination is not a solution. This resolution will further outcast the transgender students and the subject of scorn from other children. Shame on you all for letting this happen.