Man allegedly tried to burn down neighbor’s house while she was home

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Larry Miller

Ocala, Florida — The victim has been neighbors with the suspect for several years and she never thought he would do anything like this.

At approximately 6:36 a.m. Wednesday, The Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in reference to a possible arson.

The incident happened in the 8900 block of Southeast 88th Lane, Ocala.

The victim told the deputy that she saw her neighbor, Larry D. Miller, 46, walk on to her property with something in his hand that was on fire.

The victim stated that Miller then threw the object onto the roof of her house and returned home.

When the victim went outside to investigate, she found that part of her yard was on fire and extinguished it.

The deputy determined that the fire was from a melted bottle that had been filled with kerosene. The cloth that was in the bottle had melted to the roof and damaged the shingles.

According to reports, Miller had thrown a Molotov cocktail, which apparently dislodged the cloth from the bottle when it hit the roof. The bottle then rolled onto the ground.

When deputies made contact with Miller, he stated that he had been sleeping and denied any knowledge of the arson.

Miller was arrested and charged with First Degree Arson of an Occupied Dwelling.

He was released on a $10,000 bond.

Miller has previous arrests for DUI-Habitual (F), Driving while License Suspended-Habitual (F), Breach of Peace, and Violation of Probation.

Miller did not provide investigators with a motive.

No one was injured.

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  • keith

    Amateur. Sounds like attempted murder not just arson. C’mon MCSO. Now this lunatic is right back next door. This guy is obviously reckless, seeing how he is a habitual DUI offender. To the victim, skip the restraining order, it won’t do any good when you’re dead, just keep the gun aimed toward his residence, once he makes one step in your direction, play connect the dots with the infrared.

    • Lovins81

      Keith I couldn’t agree more with you. This early in the morning he was definitely hoping that the intended victim was asleep and would not notice him, his true motive was way more than arson. Shame on MCSO. Not only did he get right out but is says nothing about the victim receiving an protection order against him in the case this lunatic comes back to finish the job. I hope she’s prepared this time.. Locked and loaded. Because I guarantee he won’t be so sloppy the next time. He obviously has no fear of going to prison.

    • Amanda

      This is why I hate the media. I live down the street and know this so called victim. She is bat shit crazy. What they didn’t mention is how the victim is a suspect for hiring someone to shoot up my friends house that lives across from her that same night. And one of the bullets almost hit her daughter. All because my friend is white. She was up all night looking out her window and she did not see this man ever in her yard. This “victim” is bat shit crazy and did it to her self so she could put an innocent man in jail.

      • meekawatson

        this lady is crazy someone needs to report her to the cops if you look on marion county clerk of courts you see all she does is harass people

    • Tim Boyle

      They don’t set the bail. The Judge/Magistrate does.

  • Troll Trollington

    I guess the Trump supporters are out in full force now that he’s been put in office by the Russians. Their candidate wins and they think they can burn down the neighborhood. The next 4 years look fun.

    • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

      You are nuts!

    • Tim Boyle

      Really live up to that TROLL name don’t you?

  • urchittingme

    Sounds like this whole neighborhood is bat chit crazy

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    Amazing how some people are trying to justify this guy’s actions because the lady is “crazy”…If he did do what police say he did, then he needs to go to jail. If not and she lied, she should be prosecuted… The bottom line one has the right to burn another person’s home regardless of what you think of them…and no one has the right to bring false witness against another…Now the courts will decide..

  • cindermaggi

    Too funny