Man put cigarette out on girl’s head

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Jimmie Driskell

Marion County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man they say battered a 16-year-old girl.

Deputies responded to the 5700 block of Southeast 164th Avenue, Ocklawaha, following reports of child abuse.

The juvenile told deputies that Jimmie Driskell, 43, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. She said Driskell then punched her in the head with a closed fist and kicked her in the face.

According to reports, Driskell also extinguished his cigarette on the girl’s head.

Driskell stated that he had been arguing with the teen about her attitude when he “lost” his temper.

Driskell admitted to grabbing the juvenile by her hair but denied punching and kicking her.

Driskell told deputies that he only “spanked her on her butt”.

Deputies reported that the juvenile had marks on her body that were consistent with her story.

Driskell was arrested and charged with Cruelty Toward a Child.

He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

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  • Passlinebet

    I’d love to lose my temper with him and put more than a cigarette out on his melon….

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    What a POS scumbag this guy is….when will he finally be put away?

    • Karen M

      so, I take it that this isn’t the FIRST time?

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        he has two pages of arrests, many for assault, drugs, and you name it. and he is still walking the streets creating more victims…he needs to be put away for a long time…

  • Troll Trollington

    Another Trump supporter makes the news.

  • urchittingme

    Spanked the 16 yo girl on the butt? Am I the only one that finds that creepy? I say hand him over to that deputy that’s beating inmates in the jail

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