Hunting dogs found dead in Ocala National Forest

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Hunting dogs found dead

Marion County — Authorities are still investigating the deaths of three hunting dogs that were found deceased in the Ocala National Forest this week.

According to reports, the dogs were discarded like trash on U.S. Forest Land just inside of the Marion County line. The jurisdiction falls under the Unites States Forest Service.

Authorities said all three dogs had tattoos on the inside of their ears, which most likely noted ownership. The dogs also had blood coming from their noses.

Marion County Animal Control responded to the scene and collected the deceased dogs. A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the U.S. Forest Service at 352-625-2520.

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  • traceydbest

    this is so damn sad looks like treeing walker coonhounds hell if they didn’t want em should give em to me ive got a hound and hes the laziest dog on the planet lol

    • Glenn A. Russell

      Maybe they met with foul play at the hands of anti-hunting types ?

      • Karen M

        please! we animal lovers, don’t kill dogs! in fact the article doesn’t mention that they were ‘shot’ but who knows, they might have been poisoned.

        • rem700

          Peta, and HSUS radicals have been known to poison, trap, and snare hunting dogs in the field. If these dogs were tattooed, the owner will be found, and I doubt someone who had his hounds tattooed, would kill and dump his dogs. Hounds running a track could have gotten shot by some ignorant property owner, then dumped miles away. Every year I read about anti’s removing the dogs tracking collars, and driving them 10 miles down the road, and dumping them. All of the above happens regularly.

          • Jynxe13

            I agree with you. It’s just not safe out there anymore for the dogs, and it should be. If ALL hunting dogs weren’t being taken care of I could understand. But I’d wager that 99% of them are treated better by their owners than some people are.

  • Karen M

    I used to hear rumors that people who came from out of the area would shoot their dogs rather than take the dogs long distances. I also lived in the Nat’l forest and know that they *hunters’ would just drive off and leave their dogs rather than look for them, and the locals would put the dogs in ‘dog boxes’ set up in the wooded areas, so they could come back later to pick them up. I thought THAT was irresponsible , so can’t imagine what a ‘hunter’ could have been thinking after spending good money on these hunting dogs, having them tattooed, food etc. then shoot them ??? why? because they did perform ? what is wrong with people these days???

    • Lock Down

      It didn’t say they were shot.

      • Kat

        The OP wasn’t talking about the dogs in the story.