Homicide in Silver Springs

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Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is currently on scene of a homicide in Silver Springs that occurred Tuesday morning.

It happened at 322 Northeast 167th Court, Silver Springs.

According to MCSO, the call came is at approximately 9 a.m. When deputies arrived on scene, they found Richard Allen Hutchinson, Jr., 33, dead inside the home.

Detectives said that Hutchinson had been shot to death.

Individuals inside the home told detectives that Hutchinson had a weapon. They indicated that there had been a verbal altercation and that they felt Hutchinson posed a threat . Details regarding the altercation were not immediately available.

No charges have been filed at this time.

This is a developing story. Ocala Post will update the information as it comes in.

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  • playball

    This is off State Road 40 East just a few blocks. It is NOT in the Shores. The story is correct, the headline is not.

    • Toni Lopez

      Actually it is correct….silver springs is in the forest…NOT the shores…and who cares this article is about someone who lost there life…have some compassion for his family..this is not see who can point out whats misspelled in the article…some people have no respect for others…i hope you never have to go through what his family is going through.

  • Cely Rath

    Might want to revise spelling and re-read the sentences… Just saying
    Northeast is spelled wrong and used “is” instead of “the call came in”

    • Toni Lopez

      Your a complete idiot…you get on here pointing out whats misspelled??? This man lost his life..and all you have to say is something isn’t spelled correctly…this isn’t a spelling bee competition…have some compassion and respect for others..what if he was your family member??

  • john

    oh well just another drug house in the springs

    • amber

      You’re an asshole! This was someone’s son, brother, a child’s father and a friend to many. Who are left grieving! Don’t come on here and post morbid messages for his family to see. Get the hell out of here with that shit!

      • Toni Lopez

        Sorry to hear this…im not sure if you knew him or not but my prayers go out to his family and friends..I dont know him but i don’t like the IGNORANT comments on here..may love and strength be with you all in your time of sorrow.

    • Toni Lopez

      And your just another asshole with no respect for others.