UPDATE: All four murder suspects captured

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All four suspects captured

[Updated January 16, 2015, at 10:14 a.m.]

Polk County — The more than 100 officer manhunt for four murder suspects, has ended. All four suspects are now in custody. They are currently being interrogated by detectives.

Sheriff Grady Judd said he appreciated the community’s help. He said the community came together, shared photos on social media, and helped warn family members. Everyone worked together to bring these criminals to justice.

Charges (so far)

Devonere McCune: Two counts Armed Robbery; one count Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery; three counts Attempted Murder on a LEO; one count Fleeing to Elude; one count Grand Theft.

Michael Gordon: Two counts 1st Degree Murder; one count Armed Burglary of a Dwelling; two counts Armed Robbery; one count Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery; three counts Attempted Murder on a LEO; two counts Fleeing to Elude; one count Grand Theft Auto; one count Grand Theft.

Jovan Lamb: Two counts Armed Robbery; one count Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery; three counts Attempted Murder on a LEO; one count Fleeing to Elude; one count Grand Theft; one count Violation of Probation (Felony Criminal Mischief).

Terrell Williams: Two counts Armed Robbery; one count Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery; three counts Attempted Murder on a LEO; one count Fleeing to Elude; one count Grand Theft.

Criminal History (Original article is below criminal history)

Devonere McCune:

  • 11/27/04 – Arrested by HCPD – Disorderly conduct
  • 8/12/06 – Arrested by HCPD – Grand theft
  • 9/25/06 – Arrested by HCPD – Aid Runaway Juvenile
  • 10/27/06 – Arrested by HCPD – Disorderly conduct
  • 12/14/06 – Arrested by Lake Alfred PD – Battery on education employee, Disturbing the peace
  • 5/1/09 – Arrested by PCSO – Robbery
  • 11/10/09 – PCSO – Robbery
  • 12/30/10 – PCSO – Armed Robbery, VOP
  • FL state prison: March 2010 – November 2010; April 2012 – September 2014
  • Released from prison on 9/11/14
  • Currently on probation for Robbery

Michael Gordon:

  • 10/13/94 – LPD – Agg Assault with weapon, Burglary
  • 2/1/96 – PCSO – Battery on detention employee
  • 7/11/96 – LPD – Cocaine Possession
  • 5/12/97 – LPD – Cocaine Possession, Resisting Arrest
  • 5/12/98 – LPD – Resisting Arrest, VOP, FTA
  • 10/6/98 – PCSO – Resisting Arrest
  • 11/21/98 – PCSO – Possession of Alcohol by Minor
  • 12/22/98 – PCSO – Possession of Cocaine WITS
  • 5/12/99 – PCSO – Possession of Controlled Substance Without Rx
  • 9/1/99 – LPD – VOP
  • 4/30/00 – LPD – Marijuana Possession, Giving False Info to LEO
  • 6/6/00 – PCSO – VOP
  • 5/23/01 – PCSO – Battery Domestic Violence
  • 6/14/01 – PCSO – Battery DV, Resisting Arrest
  • 8/8/01 – PCSO – Battery DV, VOP
  • 10/29/01 – PCSO – VOP
  • 8/10/02 – LPD – Resisting Arrest
  • 8/16/02 – LPD – VOP
  • 7/16/03 – LPD – DWLSR, Giving False ID to LEO
  • 9/22/03 – Orange Co SO – Retail Theft
  • 10/28/03 – LPD – Trespass
  • 11/15/03 – LPD – Grand Theft, Resisting Arrest
  • 11/24/03 – LPD – Trespass, Resisting Arrest
  • 11/25/03 – PCSO – VOP
  • 5/25/04 – PCSO – Agg Battery, Grand Theft, Resisting Arrest
  • 9/13/14 – PCSO – Battery DV
  • 10/21/14 – PCSO – Battery DV
  • FL state prison: September 2000 – December 2000; July 2005 – May 2014

Jovan Lamb:

  • 10/9/00 – HCPD – Burglary, Larceny
  • 3/8/01 – PCSO – Vehicle Theft, Burglary, Trespass, Resisting Arrest
  • 5/16/01 – Davenport PD – Resisting Arrest, VOP
  • 7/30/01 – Shoplifting
  • 8/1/01 – HCPD – Armed Robbery
  • 9/5/01 – PCSO – Armed Burglary, Robbery
  • 3/12/02 – PCSO – Shoplifting, Larceny
  • 4/14/02 – PCSO – VOP, Vehicle Theft, Burglary
  • 10/19/02 – PCSO – Larceny, VOP
  • 11/21/02 – PCSO – Fleeing to Elude, Resisting Arrest
  • 1/24/07 – HCPD – Fleeing to Elude
  • 5/1/14 – PCSO – Forgery, Altering Public Records, Criminal Mischief, Fleeing to Elude, Resisting Arrest, Burglary
  • 12/1/14 – HCPD – VOP
  • FL state prison: March 2004 – September 2006; August 2007 – December 2013;

Terrell Williams:

  • 11/10/03 – PCSO – Possession Marijuana & Paraphernalia
  • 12/3/03 – LPD – Resisting Arrest, Fleeing to Elude, Possession Cocaine & Marijuana, Destroy Evidence, Vehicle Theft, Loitering
  • 11/20/04 – Orlando PD – Concealed Weapon, Possession Marijuana, Resisting Arrest, VOP
  • 12/10/04 – PCSO – Weapons Offense
  • 6/20/05 – PCSO – Perjury
  • 10/13/05 – HCPD – Possession Hallucinogen & Marijuana
  • 2/23/06 – PCSO – Perjury
  • 9/4/07 – HCSO – Perjury
  • 1/24/08 – HCSO – Possession Marijuana & Paraphernalia, Destroy Evidence, Obstruction of Justice
  • 3/24/08 – FTA
  • 5/24/08 – HCSO – Larceny
  • 5/31/08 – PCSO – FTA
  • 9/18/10 – Jax SO – Assault
  • 6/11/12 – Lake Wales PD – Battery
  • 7/25/12 – Orange County SO – FTA
  • 10/20/12 – PCSO – FTA
  • 12/19/12 – HCPD – Agg Assault, Agg Battery, Possession of Weapon by Convicted Felon
  • 4/24/14 – Seminole Co SO – FTA
  • 4/25/14 – PCSO – FTA, VOP
  • FL state prison: March 2005 – August 2005; June 2006 – September 2007

[Updated January 16, 2015, at 8:47 a.m.]

“I want you to understand how ominous, how dangerous, the people we are dealing with here are,” Polk County sheriff Grady Judd said, pointing out that the suspects had already attacked officers with vehicles and firearms, and killed two innocent women.

Two victims, 51-year-old Deborah Royal and 72-year-old Patricia Moran, of 618 Astor Road, Haines City, were murdered in cold blood. Sheriff Grady Judd said, “The victims were viciously murdered, much too graphic to describe.” He added, “We don’t want a gunfight, but if they want one, we will give them one they will never forget.” Sheriff Judd said the women murdered were as normal as they come. He said they were sitting inside their home minding their own business, and they were murdered.

jaines city news, polk county news, ocala news, murder,
Patricia Moran, [left] and her daughter, Deborah Royal. [Both deceased]
School has been cancelled in the area while the manhunt continues. “We’re not taking any risks,” Said Sheriff Judd. “If they pull guns on us, make no mistake about it — we will shoot them. A lot.”

The photos of the captured criminals have been released; however, Ocala Post is focusing on the last remaining suspect at large.

(Original Article)

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the Auburndale Police Department (APD), and the Haines City Police Department (HCPD), are conducting an investigation into an armed robbery and a double homicide, in Auburndale and Haines City.

Around 5:45 p.m. on Thursday, January 15, 2015, the Auburndale P.D. and PCSO were dispatched to a robbery in progress at the Cash America Pawn located on Havendale Boulevard in Auburndale.

Upon arrival, officers and deputies obtained information about the suspect vehicle, which is described as a burgundy GMC SUV. The robbery suspects were described as three armed black males dressed in hoodies, with an additional black male suspect as the getaway driver.

Shortly thereafter, the suspect vehicle was spotted by a Haines City P.D. officer heading eastbound on US 17/92 in Haines City; at which time the HCPD officer engaged in a pursuit with the suspect vehicle.

The suspects in the vehicle fired several shots at the HCPD patrol car – neither the car nor the officers were struck by any bullets. The suspect vehicle then crashed near Chanler Ridge subdivision, west of US 27 and north of US 17/92.

All four suspects fled on foot.

One suspect was immediately apprehended by a PCSO K-9 team. The other three suspects continued to flee. A perimeter was set up by officers and deputies from APD, HCPD, and PCSO.

A short time later, law enforcement received information from a resident that a house nearby had suspicious activity. As deputies and officers surrounded the house, a blue car came barreling out of the garage straight at the deputies and officers, who opened fire on the car. The car stopped and one suspect inside the car was immediately taken into custody. He was shot and also bitten by a K-9. He has non-life threatening injuries.

Law enforcement officers found two deceased adults in the home – they are both victims of homicide.

There are two suspects in custody at this time.

The two remaining suspects are still at large and are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Residents are asked to stay behind locked doors and do not, under any circumstances, answer the door unless it is a law enforcement officer knocking to check on your well-being.

Law enforcement agencies will maintain a perimeter and conduct a thorough search through the remainder of the night.

There are no additional injuries to other persons or law enforcement officers at this time.

If you have family in the area, officials say you should alert them. The individuals that are on the run have zero respect for life and they will not hesitate to kill.

This is the only information available at this time.

If you see anything suspicious, please call 9-1-1. If you have information about the suspects’ whereabouts, you can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward – call Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-TIPSInline image 1 (8477).

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  • Good and Evil

    Unfortunately, none of the miscreants were killed while trying to escape. It’s 1 yr. later, and I am still trying to figure out why those (2) perps made a bee line to that particular address. Why did either of these women open the door? There’s a window right in the front area for a plain view of the door. I wonder if they knew the women from before. I hope this all comes out during the trial. >>>The lady down the road, where the other two demons knocked at her door, was truly blessed and protected, by looking out to see who was at her door and refused to open it up for them. Even after the one demon claimed he was a “policeman”. Sadly, however, that same lady just passed away a couple weeks ago. Thank God she didn’t die from a violent, horrible death at the hands of that murderer.