Girl involved in 2 hit-and-run crashes allegedly thought it was funny

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Ciara Alonso

Ocala, Florida — A girl, who a witness says was dancing and laughing after she stuck his vehicle and fled, is now behind bars.

Police say Ciara L. Alonso, 18, was behind the wheel of a Ford Taurus when she struck the rear of a Chevy Silverado on East Fort King Street and kept going.

The driver of the Silverado, Richard Coming, stated that he was sitting stationary facing west on East Fort King Street waiting for the light to turn green. While waiting for the light, he was looking into his rear-view mirror and saw a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle’s speed was estimated to be 60 mph in a posted 35 mph zone.

Coming said that he removed his foot from the brake because he didn’t think the vehicle was going to stop.

According to reports, at the last minute Alonso made an abrupt turn, but was unable to avoid striking the Silverado. Police said Alonso struck the left rear of the truck, ran the red light, and fled the scene.

Coming then followed the vehicle to the intersection of East Fort King Street and 25th Avenue and took down the vehicle’s license plate number.

Coming told police that when he got close to the vehicle he could see two young females “singing and dancing around in their seats.”

Coming called police and a BOLO was issued for the vehicle.

In the meantime, Ocala police responded to the registered owner’s address and found a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy already at the scene investigating a domestic battery case.

According to the MCSO, Alonso’s family had tried to talk to her about her underage drinking.

The victim involved in the domestic battery told the deputy that Alonso began to argue and ran out into the front yard. The victim said that Alonso then got into the driver seat and Alonso’s friend, Shelby Hunley, got into the passenger seat.

According to reports, because Alonso was heavily intoxicated, the victim attempted to take the keys from her, but she punched the victim in the face several times.

Alonso then “threw” the vehicle into reverse and hit a parked vehicle as she attempted to back up the car. She then fled the scene.

The accident with the Silverado occurred a short time later.

The next morning, Ocala Police found the heavily damaged Taurus parked in front of a house on Watula Avenue.

The officer knocked on the door to the residence, and when a male opened the door, the officer saw Alonso on a mattress in the middle of the floor. When Alonso saw the officer, she immediately asked, “Am I going to jail?”

Alonso was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.

She denied having a passenger in the car with her.

Alonso was charged Domestic Battery and Hit-and-Run – Leave the Scene of a Crash Involving Property Damage (x2).

Alonso is scheduled for arraignment on September 2.

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  • Mike Wilkinson

    She was going faster than 60. She almost hit me as she passed me just before this happened with both of them singing and waving their arms around. I did not know she hit the truck. I tried to get her tag but she passed me too fast, and had run the light by the time I got behind the truck.

    • Doc Bokak

      “going faster than 60” Did you keep up with her to clock speed? I guess you are trained to judge the speed of a moving vehicle. NO ? Guess you really have a need to be part of the story.

      • Mike Wilkinson

        No, Actually I was years ago, and I’ve spent about 300k miles in the past 5 years operating at or above that speed. This crazy child was the most out of control driver I have seen on the road. I understand you have to defend your friend, but pushing the it’s not her fault, someone drugged her doesn’t fly. If she was impaired, she knows she should not be driving. Take some responsibility.

        • Doc Bokak

          1 she is not my friend she is 18 and I am 68 years old.. I have met her thru my work where she volunteered to assist disabled veterans, her only motivation being she enjoyed helping. ..what you were years ago and the amount of miles you drive is irrelevant, IF she was impaired I am sure she will be punished however she has been convicted of nothing more then scaring the heck out of you. my statement was you are not qualified to judge speed and you confirmed it. it seems hard to believe she is the “most out of control driver” you have ever seen but if you say so. but you still have no idea how fast she was going so why claim she was going over 60. were there no other vehicles on the road? I would think drivers would have been calling 911 or some hothead would have chased her. yet it seems to be only you, I hope she is made to pay and learn from any mistakes she has made, after all she is a child. I do believe you think she was exceeding the speed limit and I believe she did scare you. other then that , well you did no sobriety test and truth is you don’t know how fast she was going.

          • HArry Ballzack

            Doc, you are in idiot. Now go away to stupidville. You are a crackhead!

  • PhDiva

    Let us see if Miss Alonso is still laughing when she is finally released from our fine county detention facility known as the Marion County Jail. It has a reputation of wiping the smile off anybody’s face…Outstanding work MCSO…….

    • Doc Bokak

      What is it with lonely old ppl like you. must you comment on everything. your neighbor told me you have not lived here in many years so how would you know. This young lady was drugged without her knowledge. I am sure it will come out in court. until then you may want to keep your uninformed opinions to yourself. Or simply post those opinions in the other 5 news sites that you comment on every story

      • PhDiva

        Contrare doctor…the public needs to be protected from out of control people. THAT is why OPD found her “laying on a mattress in the middle of the floor”. What OPD neglected to report was the fact of finding a perp “laying on a mattress in the middle of the floor” within sight of the front door qualifies the residence on Watula as the local crack house. Ongoing investigation perhaps?? Let us hope so…it appears Miss Angel is not the only one with a need to have the smile wiped off their face by MCSO—the good doctor may as well…Good luck…….

        • Doc Bokak

          what is the problem with the mattress ? would you feel better if it had a box spring.? young people buy what they can afford. Are you saying the mattress makes the house a crack house? The ” perp” you refer too is a young women who may have made a mistake yet has not been convicted by anyone but ppl like you. You refer to her as Miss Angel why do you have so much anger at this young girl who has been convicted of nothing. because she is young and you are old? because she laughs as a young women should while you post anger on 5 different sites about situations you know nothing about? I have met this young lady in the course of my work she is neither a drug user or irresponsible. This was the result of a situation which will come out in court. or would you prefer to convict her on the word of police and a newspaper article? That would please old angry people like you. you seem really mad that she smiles. try it yourself its can read the news and vote guiltily or innocent . stop judging what you know nothing about. get a hobby so you can stop making comments on what you know nothing about. read your last post then reread it. If @ that point you don’t think it should be deleted you are , ok your post reflects what you are. you are never going to be young again. a smile makes you angry. you believe a mattress on the floor of a teenager makes it a drug location. what the heck is wrong with you.

        • Doc Bokak

          Help me understand. you seem hung up with “laying on a mattress in the middle of the floor” must teenagers have a house full of furniture to be acceptable to you. Then you really show your ignorance by stating ” a mattress in the middle of the floor” within sight of the front door qualifies the residence on Watula as the local crack house”. you refer to this young lady who has been convicted of nothing as a perp. really lady stop with the law and order its not real its TV! you keep referring to her as Miss Angel and more then once referred referred to her smile.

          Its clear you are an angry bored old women with little common sense. you are attacking this women based on what you read. you determined a neighborhood home is a drug location based on a mattress. I hope the owner finds you and sues you for your cane and false teeth, You silly old women, this does not satisfy you because you scan 5 other newspapers and make the same comments on situations you know nothing about.. Crazy Crazy old unhappy bored women,

  • boca dkat

    whatever the situation is I wish her the best. she spent many hours with my dad prior to his passing. she was so helpful and kind to the men and women at vets home. current mistake or not I know she is a wonderful young women.

  • Dawn Wrona-Schuer

    LOL! For the ones posting on this article about Ciara…you have no clue what a deceitful mask she wears. She will allow you to see what she wants you to see as long as she looks good in your eyes for a brief moment…hence, volunteering to help the elderly. Please. That lil heroin addict doesn’t do anything unless it involves something in return for her. Nobody drugged her. She will be the first to do any & all drugs that are around. NO, this will NOT wipe the smile off her face. If anything you will see more of her. So many ppl have tried to help her & she will laugh in your face & tell you whatever it is you wanna hear just to appease anyone. Yes, she REALLY IS that bad & corrupt. Always has been & learns it very well from her mother as well!