Food stamp recipients should receive benefits early due to Hurricane Irma

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Those who are scheduled to receive their food stamp benefits later in the month should have received them early, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

“To help families prepare for Hurricane Irma, SNAP benefits for the month of September have been released to customers who would normally receive benefits later in the month,” DCF said in a statement.

The early disbursement applies to recipients in all 67 Florida counties.

Officials also said that there have been reports of mobile apps trying to get personal information and access to EBT balances. They are urging customers to never give out banking information, ID, password, card number, or PIN to an unauthorized website or mobile app.

Authorities said that fraudsters often prey on victims of a disaster.

“There have been reports of web sites hosting fake online application assistance. The sites are using ads on the internet, sometimes on the side of legitimate articles, offering help filling out applications for public assistance benefits,” DCF said.

DCF said, “DCF, its employees or service providers, will never ask for credit card information. Do NOT provide this information for application assistance. This may allow others to make unauthorized purchases on your credit card, access your bank accounts, or steal your identity. If you see an ad on the internet offering application assistance for public assistance with a link, do NOT click on it.”

State offices are closed in all 67 counties Friday, September 8, to help families prepare for Hurricane Irma. This means ACCESS service centers and the customer call centers are also closed.

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  • Ocala native

    Better hurry, those crab legs and steaks are going fast.

    • Donna Walker

      I do NOT get food stamps personally and based on your comment I’m going to say you don’t either. And you’re pissed off that your (and my) tax money is going to SOME people who do NOT deserve it and abuse it. And SOME do run out and buy themselves the Biggest Steaks they can find & not just crab legs..but KING CRAB LEGS… But…please remember that NOT Everyone does it. Some families wouldn’t eat without them. Some fall on hard times because of circumstances that are out of their control. There are a thousand different reasons, some Extreamly sad, like the loss of a spouse that give people no other option but to apply for food stamps or their children won’t eat. And some people would rather go without then apply for food stamps because of their pride. And they’ll do this for as long as they possibly can before they are absolutely forced to apply because their childrens cheeks are becoming hollow and they are suffering because of their parents pride… So when you make comments like this one. Please direct them to those who abuse the system rather then making it a blanket comment towards all recipients. Because a comment like that may just be seen by a parent who has been holding back from applying due to their pride but were about to put their pride aside for the sake of their kids. Until they see a comment such as yours..Now their pride will once again cloud their judgement and their children will go to bed hungry once again because their parents don’t want to be looked at or thought of as a slouch or an abuser of the system by people such as yourself…. Just saying..

      • Ocala native

        You sound like a very nice person, I did not say everyone on welfare buys these items but there are a lot of people that abuse this system. If the government regulated food stamps like they do WIC I would never say another negative thing about it but anyone buying steak, seafood, energy drinks, etc proves my point.