Florida Department Of Corrections Officer Scott Johns arrested for Capital Sexual Battery


Scott Michael Johns [Facebook]

Scott Michael Johns [Facebook]

Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Monday, October 21, 2013, from an Ocala woman claiming that she had caught her “significant other” molesting her daughter in the child’s bed.

According to reports, the mother told deputies that she woke up around 5:40 a.m., and discovered her significant other, Scott Johns, 31, was not in their bed with her. That’s when she got out of bed to look for him, first checking the bathroom and when he wasn’t in there she turned on the hall light to look in her daughter’s room, according to reports.

When the mother looked into the girl’s room, she found Johns sitting on the bed wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt. The woman said Johns was leaning over top of the 9-year-old and he had her pajama shirt pulled all the way up leaving her chest exposed, according to Deputy Counts.

The mother then confronted Johns, asking him what he was doing. Johns claimed that he was just saying goodbye to the girl before he went off to work. The mother told authorities that Johns does not normally tell the children goodbye before going to work and stated that the children were going to sleep in that day because it was a teacher’s workday, therefore school was out.

According to reports, Johns left the child’s room and returned to his own bedroom.

The mother asked her daughter what had been going on and before getting very upset and beginning to cry, the girl told her mother that Johns had been licking her chest and trying to get her to touch him, but she pulled her hand away.

The girl was then taken to Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection to be forensically interviewed.

According to reports, during the interview the girl disclosed several incidents of sexual abuse by Johns. She told investigators, that Monday morning Johns woke her up by grabbing her hands in an attempt to make her [the victim]touch his “wiener”. She advised that Johns then pulled her shirt up and began licking her “breast”.

The victim told authorities that the sexual abuse occurred at three different locations in Marion County. The girl advised that the abuse began while they were living in the Carlton Arms Apartments, continued when they moved to the Bahia Oaks Subdivision, and then in their current residence.

Authorities say the girl advised that Johns would  lay her on her side and force her to have anal sex, in other instances force her to perform masturbation on him, and told her to put his wiener in her mouth “like a lollipop” on multiple occasions.

According to the victim, all incidents took place in her [the child’s] bed.

Scott Michael Johns was arrested and charged with Capital Sexually Battery. If convicted he could face life in prison.

He is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

Scott Michael Johns worked for the Florida Department Of Corrections at The Lowell Correctional Institution, he was hired in 2009, he was terminated upon his arrest.

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  • William Friss

    This is a very sick man who obviously has not learned from the illicit conduct of all those inmates in the DOC. He cannot get the death penalty but surely a life sentence is appropriate if guilty.

    • cathy

      i think this man should die very slow and painful know kid should have to go though this at all know matter what . he is a very bad man

    • anotherCO

      this is not a “learned” behavior from working with inmates. He had this predilection before he became a CO. I am glad that he was caught and hope that he has not left a trail of victims in his wake.

  • Aileen Byron

    So glad the mother responded right away. Now the little girl can get help with dealing with this traumatic event. The mother should attend counseling as well . As for the perp, we know where he is going.

  • James Turo


    • Still hating this POS!!!

      This low life POS will be playing a game with BUBBA shortly!!!! Anal probing and Lick the Lollipop…….No one deserves a bigger bubba than you!!!! Most likely, this beotch will take his own life, but then again………that would be KARMA and hell will be his eternal home……..couldn’t think of a nicer place for him to stay!!!!

      • Heidi Delbert Bivens Templeton

        Have to agree as no 9 year old can make up such statements as this!

        • xlowellvictim

          Im sure non of the ladies who have been housed on the main unit are surprised. He is discusting he asked a female officer right in front of me while I was an inmate if she had facebook since “she was a lesbian he wanted his wife to befriend her and teach her to have 3 somes.” He is also part of a group of officers who physically assault and dehumanize these women ie. Sgt. Supus, sgt. Bonniccello, sgt. Mosley sgt. James and many more eventually they should all rot in the place they victimized so many…

  • paul

    U got some really sick ppl out there these are the kind of ppl who deserve the death penalty!

  • Christina Grassi

    this goes to show you that prison is no respecter of persons….anyone is subject to putting on that blue and white uniform. It is a wonder if he sexually assaulted any of the females in his custody at Lowell CI, or maybe they are too old for him……sick bastard…..

    • Heidi Delbert Bivens Templeton

      My feelings also. How did he fling his authority around those younger girls in Lowell that would be terrified to say anything. I hope they finally get there day also and if he did do something that the Institution listens to these Ladies.

  • James Green

    he thought he could get away with it because of his work but this pos will get the death penalty by inmate law!!!! die you child raping pos!!!!!

  • anotherCO

    I agree with you 100%. Since it is revealed that the victim was the boyfriend of the victims mother not releasing the child’s name is not hiding any information in a small community. I have no issue with ruining the reputation of the man who did the deeds but the victim is a victim already there is no reason to make her a victim to public scrutiny also.

    • Rachel Zamoria

      why should the victim be ashamed at being abused?

      • Rachel Zamoria

        and how is her reputation ruined?

        • anotherCO

          read above comment

        • Heidi Delbert Bivens Templeton

          Exactly, she is one of the fortunate one’s who will get help and understand she had nothing to due with this sick bastard’s mind. How many Daddy’s and Granddaddy’s, Uncles , Priests, Cub Scout Leaders, Neighbors and need I go on, have never been stopped so a lot of these children, especially young men, commit suicide and woman turn toward the opposite sex or think abuse is OK from and unfortunate sicko who tells her he loves her, when she does become of age, because she had nobody to talk to or trust enough to tell, in the first place. I say we AS parents need to step-up to the plate and be as bould as we can and if need be ask our children on occasion and teach them what pedifiles might say to them so they come to us the 1st time. I am not saying parents don’t, but just maybe we need to make a bigger point of this as we do sex and every other tool we teach our children. Unfortunatley there are parents who shouldn’t be parents and it saddens me when so many of us would take more children in and a lot of people there 1st children in. Will there ever be and answer? Prayer is my only option at this time.

      • anotherCO

        I never once said that the victim should be ashamed nor did I say anything about her reputation. Re-read what I wrote. She is a child. If you have ever followed an investigation or court case involving sexual abuse (or unfortunately been involved in one) you know that the media is ruthless, as well as the lawyers and public. This child should be protected FROM PUBLIC SCRUTINY as well as be able to do what ever healing she can privately and not in the public’s eye unless that is HER choice. not her guardian’s, and certainly not the media’s. The fact is though that a victim of sexual abuse commonly is ashamed of what happened to him or her. I do not think that victim should be, but putting the child out there even though she was not named, she eventually was. A victim should not be made a victim twice

    • patti

      it was his wife not girlfriend…know personally

      • anotherCO

        just peachy

  • DreamAnn Johns

    son of a b**** deserves the death penalty

  • horrorgal

    makes me sick and is wrong on so many levels!! glad the mom got up to check where he was. he knows first hand what happens to child molesters in prison! he has that to look forward to. also someone commented on anyone can put on the blue and white not true!! you have a lot you have to pass to became a police officer. im sure he tried and couldn’t pass the psychological test . cause/he is s sick POS!! ust cause you work at a prison doesn’t mean you are an LEO! I hope they send him to the prison he worked at and all the other guards make sure to let the inmates know why he is there!! they will make sure he knows the pain and suffering here put that poor child through!!

  • http://www.ocalapost.com/ Ocala Post

    Do not get truth twisted with accusations of what you call “adding shock value to gain an audience”, Ocala Post followed every law and public record law in printing this article. Not to mention that the Editor has an extensive background in other areas other than just being an Editor. All information is public record with the exception of the victims names. The problem is that the public never really understands how twisted an individual is because facts are ALWAYS withheld by other media outlets in fear of not being politically correct. Therefore sympathy can be gained by the suspect in way of his defense attorney manipulating the system and the public. Not to mention the details come out in trial. Justice is more important than readership any day of the month. If the public scrutinizes a victim, then shame on the public.

    • criminaljustice2day

      Keep doing what you do. If people can’t handle the truth they shouldn’t read the news. It is good to see truth for once instead of the public always guessing.

    • PhDiva

      HERE,HERE. I am formerly from Ocala, and what a delight it was to find online the OcalaPost. Keep rolling with the truth. 5 stars…….

    • Tiffany Vanlue

      I agree shame on anyone who dare speak any harm on this child. I think details show us just how sick people are. And do know the victim is in good hands at Kimberly cottage and what a wonderful mom to stand by her daughter..

  • Coon Killer

    Oh and Star Banner printed a few details too Go bash that sorry excuse for a paper.Haven’t you noticed that if you Google this story Ocala Post is the only newspaper with his photo. There is a reason for that. Officers and corrections officers are allowed to hide behind the badge even after they are charged with such a horrible crime. It is a Florida statute that protects those scum bags .Get a clue people.. I read this story and I have no clue who the mom or girls is. Article is very well written in my opinion.Thank you Ocala Post for telling the truth.. people make me sick..they cry when the media lies or leaves out facts and cry when the entire truth is shared. To bad you didn’t cover the trayvon case.

    • Itsabouttime

      They most certainly do hide behind the Florida statute that protects them. It needs to be changed. Some sheriff’s have the balls to ignore the statute like the Polk County Sheriff and the Daytona Police Chief. Not Marion County though. Ocala Post, you better not back down to the liberals.

      • Juanita Roller

        This is referred to as a “Title of Nobility” (English Law) and includes the whole corrupt system of judges, legislature, congressmen, police, corrections officers, etc. These laws must be eradicated from our legal system. No man should be above the law!

    • anotherCO

      This individual can have his name scrawled on the county building for all I care if he is guilty – and if he was busted in the act – it sure sounds like he is. But all Officers are not criminals. There are some really good people in the job. This has sickened a lot of people. I don’t know anyone that has said “oh he is a CO, lets stand behind him” Hell no. Fry him like a done tom turkey!

      • angelk

        He is lucky because if my child I would have killed him right there on the spot.

      • Heidi Delbert Bivens Templeton

        Amen to this as my husband raised my children since they were 7 and 8 and he was a Sgt. at a Prison and did a wonderful job. Nobody is knocking down anybody in law enforcement and if anything I would think they would be the least to look out for when they see everyday how pedifiles have to be kept away from the general public, like caged animals or other inmates would kill them as even they don’t put up with that crap, by any means. My Husband worked in a prison for 30 years and I can tell you, I can honestly say he would not want to be a guest of the state. Like I said before, sick minds are everywhere and there is no discrimination of a sexual preditor. We all wish there were so we would know what to look out for but as of now, I don’t know of any physical signs.

    • Heidi Delbert Bivens Templeton

      I agree, and I don’t have a clue who the mother or child is and for those that due, you would think they would be old enough to be discret about this child or they are as guilty as he is in finding pleasure in talking about it with others and especially around children. It is the respondsibility for the public to see this scum bag, in case he has done this to others. I can only imagine what he did to his inmates, with the little bit of authority he did think he had. Have you thought of that if your so Angry and Concerned. How many other lives has this sick man, viciously gotten into to head and otherwise. People like this should have posters all around there neiborhood, because if it were my child or grandchild, I would certainly make sure my babies were safe and away from the public. These people are charming and very,very manipulative and could be your next door neighbor and you would never know, if they didn’t get caught and in the mean time these victims are messed up for the rest of there lives. You really need to rethink what you wrote and no we aren’t talking about Traavon’s case, which was also wrong, but we are talking about a man of Law, and this is a poor example. Feel sorry for all the people he has hurt as I assure you , he only got caught this time.Thank God!

  • Itsabouttime

    Your comment should be deleted , you are either a liberal of just like to complain.

  • Dianne

    Been there as a child, and still reminded of it everyday as they people still walk around the streets free! This will stay with Her for the rest of Her live! It will make a normal relationship very hard to handle! He has just messed up this little Girls life! there should be a place for People like them! Death roll comes to mind, Such a evil Man I hope He rots in Hell

    • disqus_VNcYWPWJrf

      I am there with you hun,bad relationships feel normal and good ones feel weird… I was taken advantage of by 3 men from day 1 until I was 9…Now 48 and still have PTSD and anxiety bad!!!!

  • lostforwords

    I’ve known him from elementary school on, and never in my life have I ever seen any form of a bad person from Scott. I’m not saying he is guilty or innocent and neither should any of you. Let the facts come out in court and if he is guilty, and I say again I have been his friend for a very long time, then he deserves a just punishment. But he deserves the chance for the facts to be given without all of your predispositional judgement only from reading a paper. You simply can’t believe everything you read. But I say this again if he is guilty then my God he deserves the worst things imaginable!!!

  • Itsabouttime

    @brandi , Maybe you haven’t heard, but in Florida this information IS public record and reporters are protected by the Freedom of the Press. You sorry ass people always so quick to yell “Lawsuit.” Heaven forbid you are ever raped or your daughter molested and the accused gets off, just to rape again. I am glad they told the truth. As @coon_killer said, people cry when the truth comes out and cry when it does not. And @OcalaPost were the only ones that had the balls to release his photo. Give me a break. All of the women across the world that have suffered something like this and then the accused walks free are prob. glad someone steps up to the plate. Rapists are set free everyday in this country because the jury feels sorry for the accused or they feel that there is a lack of evidence. The problem in today’s society is that liberal media has taken over and removed the true roots of the news. News was originally (back in the day) the way the public got the truth, and not just politically correct propaganda. Amen for Ocala Post. It’s about damn time. I will be a faithful follower until the day you bow down to the liberals and start reporting like MSNBC and many others do.

  • cayci

    I hope he gets raped in the ass when he goes to prison this mf was my housing officer at lowell in j dorm he was a dick!!! Sat on the phone all day uing and yelling he refused to pass out toilet paper and sanitary pads and wouldnt relax us during count procedures. Meth mouth child molester and he desrves to die!!!!



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