Firefighters prevent Days Inn from burning to the ground

[Video courtesy of Days Inn Management]

Ocala, Florida — No injuries were reported in a blaze that completely destroyed a room at a Days Inn Motel on Friday.

At approximately 6 a.m., Marion County Fire Rescue responded to the Days Inn, located at 5751 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala.

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According to reports,  crews arrived in under five (5) minutes. Their quick response and proper building code kept the motel from burning to the ground.

MCFR was able to contain the fire to the second floor, room number 237, which prevented further damage to the motel.

Firefighters said that although flames were “licking” through the party door to an adjacent room, they were able to keep the flames from spreading.

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Inside the hotel room and markings that show where the flames attempted to reach the adjoining room. [MCFR]
According to reports, the room was unoccupied and everyone in the surrounding rooms were able to be safely evacuated.

MCFR said the cause of the fire appeared to be a faulty air conditioner.

A spokesperson with the Professional Firefighters of Marion County stated that quick response times and adequate staffing is what saves lives and property. The spokesperson also said it is what drives down insurance rates.

In total, 13 firefighter/paramedics responded to the scene to save the building.

The fire was declared under control by 6:24 a.m.

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  • softailrider

    Glad they weren’t grocery shopping at the time. Did the fire dept write this report?

    • Yeah right…

      You’re an idiot. This fire was at 0600. Better yet your a negative idiot… Another Zalak supporter at their best… Keep your worthless comments to yourself… Last I checked when you got hungry you went to the grocery store to get food… Haha

    • Courtney Grace

      Obviously you are unaware of the fire service and how much these individuals GIVE UP! Yes they go to the grocery store because they to have to eat during the 24 hours that they are at work. They eat dinner together as a family because thats what the fire service is a FAMILY! These individuals give up a third of their lives to make sure that everybody in Marion County is safe. They miss Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays and anniversaries! Firefighters in this county don’t receive the respect that they deserve.

      So tonight and every other night when your eating, sleeping and breathing be glad that there is a Firefighter/Paramedic available if you happen to choke, stop breathing or your house is on fire… Maybe next time that your judging those that serve to protect you and your home you should live one day in their shoes! God bless you and your family!

      • Yeah right…

        Thank you Courtney. We do appreciate the support of individuals like you that understand what the strain of this job is on our family life… But we love our job, the people we work with ARE my family and I love being there for the citizens of this once great county… Prior to Zalak of course…

        • softailrider

          Yeah right, there are many who work jobs on 12 hr shifts that don’t eat with their families because of the hours they get home. May people work Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays and anniversaries! It’s called a job. Stop claiming I’m lucky they are there. We are all lucky their are nurses, doctors, farmers, policeman doing their jobs and all missing out on family. Your husband works 24 on and 48 off. May out there work many more hours and make far less. We do still have volunteer firefighters in this county who put their sweat in next to your husband. Relax and be thankful he has a job. If you are having such a hard time go to another county. I know some real hero’s and they are the last to tell you that. Don’t get me wrong we need some sort of fire dept but enough about how little they earn for what they do. Strain of the job? Really?

          • Yeah right…

            First off… Husband? I’m a man, I have a wife… I AM firefighter and thanks to your county commissioners “hard at work” <—- laughable… I have to work 48 hours typically, 24 hours of which is overturn because we're understaffed in case you haven't been reading, just to make a decent wage to support my family. My wife works, I work and we don't live above our needs. My wife's car is over 14 years old, I can't remember the last time I or her bought new clothes for ourselves because my kids come first. And no many people out there do not work 72-96 hours a week on a regular basis and only get a day or two off a week, most employers wouldn't go for that because they would rather pay less wages… And you are lucky we're there… But you won't know that until it's your butt in the hot seat having a heart attack or stroke or some sort of respiratory distress… You don't know the amount of training we endure or the stress we endure because you don't live my life… And what exactly is your definition of a real hero? In my opinion every guy at this dept and every dept across the country are hero's. When most people are running the other way in a natural disaster the firefighters and police are running towards it… Or have you not viewed the images of 911? Those guys are no different than myself or anyone else… None of us would turn the other way in the face of danger of we knew someone else would live due to our efforts. I come from a huge military family, they've all sacrificed in more wars than I can name, I carry on their same sacrifice but on a more personal vs global level… In fact maybe you should do your research on why most individuals in my line of work die, it isn't from fire most of the time, it's cardiac or respiratory related. Do you know why? Probably not because once again you speak of joints you don't directly understand. Our heart is strained because of the alarms going off at all hours of the night, going from dead sleep to wide awake in seconds, it's scientifically been tested and proven to be a STRAIN on the heart muscle. You wanna talk more STRAIN? how about the amount of chemicals we're exposed to on scene? Try doing a web search online of the different chemicals and their dangers to the average person, it's astronomical. I've actually entered a 80% involved home and pulled two little girls from the home, have you? I have actually brought life back to a person that was in cardiac arrest so they could live another day, have you? Don't talk to me about what you THINK a hero is, I don't need to toot my own horn but you might need to be educated on what we actually do. The STRAIN on this county isn't the employees, it's the self serving management that you guys keep voting back into office… Whether I get a raise or not I'll still be here busting my ass so you live another day… Remember that.

          • softailrider

            Always the idea that you hold our lives in your hand, push for a raise using that like school push for the kids. Maybe we should just take away your insurance, retirement and paid days off to give you the raise you want. Put you on the same playing field as the burger workers you keep comparing yourselves to.. Or maybe we should stop hiring union workers in this right to work state. Sorry you can’t manage and yes you can leave and get a job in a much more metropolitan area that is able to pay more as they have more people in small area.check out Tampa that might be more what you are looking for. The people of Marion are taxed to the max and we don’t need any more taxes added to people like yourself that barely get by. There are many that are in worse shape than you.

          • Yeah right…

            Taxed to the max?? Hahaha this counties taxes are nothing compared to neighboring counties… You’re a fool if you think tax bases should stay stagnant for over six years while streets and bridges fall apart around you… And just so you know you uneducated fool… I pay for my insurance and my retirement just like every other person… I manage just fine but cost of living rises every year and with that every person should have some sort of increase to accommodate that cost of living increase. Hell social security has it built into your retirement why shouldn’t the same be said for a living wage?? People like you like to villainous the unions like they’re the devil when all hey do is negotiate for a FAIR wage! Pull your head out of the ground, or better yet just hide because you serve no purpose in life. Call volume for the fire service has increased every single year and we manage by a thread to keep response times in a respectable time frame… But once again like I said you won’t care until it’s your life actually on the line, trust me the citizens that have called on us actually care… You just see me as a dollar sign and not as a person…

          • Courtney Grace

            You can’t argue with uneducated and ignorant individuals.

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  • alltoooften

    softtailrider must be a Zalak supporter. Either that or sucking his dick.

  • Yeah right…

    Oh and your comment about my grocery shopping on shift? Laughable and ignorant… Congrats you make yourself look like an ass…

  • PeteyBawd

    I’m the only one seeing a face in the bathtub?
    Been staying here for a few night and have had horrible dreams so I decided to research the history and noticed the face with a skull right below it in the ruined hotel room picture.