Family Dollar robbers crash during getaway

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Caleb Clayton, Kadrene Clayton, ocala news, marion county news, family dollar robbers, criminals
Caleb Clayton [left] and Kadrene Clayton
Ocala, Florida — Two criminals are now in custody following a Family Dollar robbery Thursday morning.

Ocala Police said two men robbed the Family Dollar, located at 2370 Northwest 45th Terrace, at approximately 9:40 a.m.

Police said the men fled the scene in a Nissan Maxima, and as they were entering an I-75 on-ramp, they crashed into a RaceTrac gas tanker.

One of the suspects was seriously injured in the crash and was transported to a local hospital. A second suspect exited the vehicle and fled on foot. He was later captured by Ocala police and Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

One of the suspects was armed, and a pump-action shotgun was recovered from inside the vehicle.

Detectives from both law enforcement agencies now have the task of determining whether or not these suspects have committed other robberies that have occurred over the past few months.

More detailed information on this story here.

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  • nohilderbeast2016

    I guess they were not so lucky this time….to bad we now have to support them….scumbags…

    • Toy Van Dyke

      Ur Mami a scumbag and all her basted ass kids

      • nohilderbeast2016

        awww, some of your family got caught….how did you get away scumbag?

  • Renee Devoe

    Not too swift. Who robs a store early like that when there’s barely any money in the register.

  • William Friss

    Hang these two scumbags. Good job law enforcement.

    • Toy Van Dyke

      Bitch go hang ur momma

  • Isaiah Norton

    Dont talk about my family like that people make choices and they gotta deal with them 1k

    • Shyanha

      People don’t like criminals. Especially criminals who put lives in danger. The Victims are going to relive this day in and day out because your family decided to go on a crime spree. They had No right to make these victims fear for their lives.They had No right to cause these victims to be fearful of their workplace from now on.

      You’ll have to forgive people for feeling ill will towards your family because your family made a choice. The difference is your family Had a choice. Their victims did Not. The victims will have a long road ahead to feeling normal again. That’s wrong and your family did that.

      If you want to protect your family then do something to ensure they don’t make these bad choices. Help them be better people. That’s a positive way to get people to stop talking about your family.

    • Yes people do make their own choices, and your “family” made the choice to rob a store (full of innocent people that did not choose to be in that store when they robbed it), ran from police (in a stolen vehicle), and crashed into a a semi (being driven by a man that did not choose to be crashed into by a couple of criminals fleeing the law). They do have to deal with the consequences of their actions…and some of those consequences are going to be severe and harsh criticism from the local community. They should have taken all of that into consideration, when they decided to take a loaded shotgun into a store and rob it.

      • Toy Van Dyke

        Worry about wat ur kids are doing the u don’t know of. Everybody always have to opinionated on this they know little about. Just ignorant

        • Oh honey, I do worry about my kids…simply because they have to grow up with the likes of the people your dumb behind is raising.

          • Toy Van Dyke

            hoe get ur facts right. they’re my cousins and their mother is a damn good woman so if u dnt kbow wat the hell u talking bout go fuck urself

          • The level of ignorance that you exuberate every time you comment is almost overwhelming. It’s sad that your family’s way of supporting these “boys” is to jump on social media calling people profane names instead of looking for positive ways to support them…like raising money for lawyers when I’ve read that their mother…your sister…can’t afford one. And call me what you like but if she was a good mother…she would have known what her children were up to…she would’ve done better to prevent them from a life of crime. But that’s just my opinion though.