Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans

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Clark County, Illinois — Sometimes citizens can be so frustrated with county board members they wish someone could just place them under arrest. Well, that is exactly what citizens in Clark County, Illinois did.

Illinois’ number one manufactured product is corruption. More than 95 percent of the Illinois legislature is safe in gerrymandered districts. The incumbent governor has three current federal investigations of his administration, but the Attorney General/state’s attorney class can’t find public vice anywhere.

Residents that voted in the recent election said they are hoping officials have learned from the past mistakes of others.

So what can a law-abiding citizen do? The answer is coming from some regular guys in southern Illinois who decided to hold public officials accountable. They call themselves the “Watchdogs.”

Kirk Allen and John Kraft — two military veterans — live in Edgar County, which just might be the most corrupt county in the country. For a couple of watchdogs, it’s a target rich environment.

In an effort to take back their government from self-serving politicians and bureaucrats, Kraft and Allen established a group called the Edgar County Watchdogs. Through a combination of public pressure, Freedom of Information filings, lawsuits, and media exposure, they have created a system that deeply threatens Illinois’ corrupt, entrenched political establishment. They operate a blog called Illinois Leaks that exposes corruption at the state and local levels. The blog is so popular that it is trusted more than the local paper.

Considering the fact that, according to Forbes, their home county’s government has racked up over $79 million in debt all on its own while serving only 18,000 residents, Kraft and Allen have their work cut out for them.

By relentlessly pursuing justice for even the smallest infractions by bureaucrats and politicians, the Edgar County Watchdogs have driven 102 public officials to resign from their posts, including 33 officials in Edgar County alone. The pair busted the mayor of Redmond for attempting to hold office while living out of town. They represented themselves in court and beat Illinois Assistant Attorney General Emma Steimel in a lawsuit seeking access to state e-mails.

Officials who have resigned due to the Watchdogs’ efforts include a property tax assessor, the Edgar County board chairman, an entire airport board and its manager, the attorney for Kansas Township’s fire department, Shiloh’s superintendent of schools, and Effingham’s health department administrator, among others. After they exposed corrupt, illegal, and self-serving spending habits by the Ford-Iroquois County health department, the entire bureaucracy was dissolved. In some cases, federal agents have even stepped in to investigate and issue subpoenas to local officials after receiving tips from Kraft and Allen.

Public boards are used to facing angry crowds, but most have never encountered what happened at one recent meeting in central Illinois.

In what was one of their most epic displays of political crime-fighting, which was captured on video, Allen and Kraft held the entire Clark County Park District Board under citizen’s arrest on May 13, 2014, for violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act, a Class C misdemeanor.

When asked if there would be public comment, one of the board members said, “I vote no,” followed by five other board members.

Board attorney Kate Yargus could be heard on video saying there would be no public comment that night and telling the board members they were “free to go,” even after Kraft’s citizen’s arrest announcement. She tried to cite statute to Kraft, but before she could finish, he said, “Just sit down, you are making yourself look like a fool.”

Deputies were dispatched to the scene, but Clark County Sheriff Jerry Parsley personally responded that night. Parsley said he knew it was a heated situation and felt it would be best if he handled it. He said that Kraft handled the citizen’s arrest responsibly, and the board was definitely in violation of the Open Meetings Act by not allowing the public to speak.

“It’s not that they should have. They’re mandated to,” Parsley said. “The people need to have their voice. It’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.”

The sheriff arrested six of the board members. The seventh board member was not arrested because he voted against the other members. As they were escorted out of the building, the crowd cheered.

The board had previously laughed at the watchdog group and called them troublemakers, However, the Sheriff and the State Attorney’s Office didn’t see it that way.

Kraft said, “Every citizen, in every state, county, and city, should take note. Make sure their local government officials are working for the people and not for themselves.”

A lawsuit against the board is still pending. Their next board meeting is scheduled for late November.

–Barry Donegan, Adam Andrzejewski, and the Better Government Association contributed to this story.–

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  • lady liberty

    I am pretty sure that falls under murder and theft. But nice try.

    • You’re responding to my ridiculous comment seriously when you know and can see my handle has the word crack pipe in it… Just think about that for a minute.

  • George Chambless

    Rock on, Watchdogs!

  • Industrialist Machinist

    ahhh, the shill finally cracks and shows his true intentions.

    My eyes are open, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being racist. That word has no power over me anymore.

    I mean, it’s 2015, right? RIGHT?????

    • This was a year ago, I don’t even remember what the topic was… my trolling memory only works in a 2 week window.

  • Leibfarce

    No. We will not become barbarians.

  • Frankenputer


  • Matt Schutter

    Let’s add the Rebloodlican Party to the lynching! They are just as bad as the Democrip Party or worse!

  • Gary Sprague

    IN Santa Cruz county Santa Cruz Ca, the board of supervisors had a meeting where they impeached President Bush if a vote was taken with a balance of citizens equal it would not have been done. I call that fraud spending the people’s money foolishly and so I wrote a letter to fox news and the state governor and to the county tax collector asking for a refund for republicans in the county not represented as to date there has not been a equal action for President BARACK HUSAIN OBAMA , ummm,ummm,ummm Bad, Bad ,Leroy OBromma

  • Angry Grizzly

    Imagine living in a city where the city council members cannot distinguish between a “derelict” RV that a hobo is living in and one being used by a family visiting the area and beaches,hopefully teaching their children about the marine eco system. I live in such a place, Santa Cruz California that is run by the inept voted in by the truly “brain dead”.

  • Spirit Plumber


  • Butch Bown

    Give them HELL, SEXy, I love your profound wording, But you could be a little more to the point, love reading your comment…“the world abounds in jerks,” your exchange in pleasantries, with ???, leads me to believe what ever he/she said, didn’t set well with you..But unfortunately for most, such complex common sense seldom seeps into befuddled brains..As most on here show with their overbearing remarks, The fool’s that are in charge of running the day, to day business of this great nation, never lost touch with the people, it’s very simple “they just never had it to start”…

  • fred414141

    ……I advise you to not step into my house uninvited. I ain’t afraid.

    • Everyone who owns a gun for protection is afraid, that’s why you have a gun “For protection”, you just don’t like to admit that basic fact.

      • TrickleUpPolitics

        Fear is programmed into all animals idiot.

        • There is a difference between instinctual fear in a situation that triggers fear which is what you are talking about, and the irrational fear you see in the average gun nut who lives his life in fear, therefor needing a gun to feel safe. But sure, I’m the idiot.

      • Tom Witte

        lol wait partner I have a gun not close to being afraid anybody that wishes can come find out

        • As I said, if you “own a gun for protection” (Key word here Protection) you are afraid of personal harm. That word should be self explanatory.

    • The

      Defending your “house” isn’t what we’re talking about here, Einstein.

  • SylviasDaddy

    Too many people don’t realize that the Second Amendment is not chiefly about hunting, or target practice, or even defending one’s home against thugs.

    The government exists to serve the governed. It exists at our will and pleasure. The politicians are just so many hired hands. We the People made the government, and We the People can unmake the government. (Thomas Jefferson said it far more eloquently in the Declaration of Independence.)

    The main reason for the right to be armed is so that, if the government refuses to honor the orders We The People give them via a paper-and-ink ballot, We The People can vote a powder-and-ball ballot.

  • borderraven

    Let that be a lesson in Liberty.

  • law-abiding-citizen

    1. It’s NOT a lynching. It is carrying out a death sentence for fraud, waste, abuse, & high crimes against the Republic, including, but not limited to, ignoring the will of the people, breach of implied contract, breach of the public trust, theft from the citizens & of public property/funds, and violating their Oaths of Office;

    2. There ain’t a gallows in the world that would support Michael Moore’s fat ass, nor is there a means to lift his disgusting girth onto one. Sure we could make him climb a handicap accessible ramp (clearly stairs are a concept he’s unfamiliar with), but the journey would be longer than it took Frodo to return the One Ring to Mt. Doom.

    My suggestion is that they forfeit their ill gotten gains in the coming Awakening, be forced to watch as the mythical, unachievable utopia they have “worked” to build crumbles to ashes (as Socialism always does), then let them starve to death in the new Republic, as they certainly have no useful skills with which they could earn a living. Granted, with Moore, that would take quite a while, but we could make it interesting – we could film the whole process. And then finally, there would be a Michael Moore film critical thinking people would be not only willing, but eager to watch.

  • law-abiding-citizen

    Doesn’t go far enough. We need a Constitutional Amendment banning all government employees and anyone who holds public office from ever accepting ANY funds, goods, or services from any lobbying group, whether directly or indirectly.
    And then, of course, because liberals like to shit all over everything, we would need to create an exemption for military and law enforcement personnel to be allowed to accept any reasonable discounts or donations that some businesses offer.

  • law-abiding-citizen

    I’m saying he’s a moron.

  • LawrenceNeal

    “The incumbent governor has three current federal investigations of his administration” Why call it an ‘administration’? Call it a REGIME.

  • AFL1962

    Holy crap who didn’t know Illinois is the most corrupt state in the union? If you didn’t please don’t vote. Obama says that’s his home state and Chicago is where he started, his crime streak, and still going strong, to control our country. He didn’t do or say anything about ISIS marching in Michigan. Congrats to the two vets.

  • Nathan Justice

    right wing or left wing……arrest them all!

  • Linda

    We need more guys and women like this. Hold their feet to the fire, make them pay for their dishonesty, and for breaking the damned law!

  • Peacekeeper

    You’re an idiot.

    • The

      Tantrums and name-calling are the common result when someone has a weak ideal that they cannot justify in the face of superior facts.

      • fred414141

        hahahahahaa……..this comment from the guy who used ‘Einstein’ in a reply to my post. I say that’s your name-calling. go ahead, have your tantrum now.

        • The

          Notice how your posts have basically no substance to them? No, you don’t notice that but I assure you, anyone reading does. Enjoy life as a dumb guy.

    • Weldfreek

      That’s a fact…

  • Larry Dawson

    Only in Illinois!

  • PedroB

    Arrests, followed by trials, and then executions.

  • Tom Rago


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  • Jeff Lajoie

    This is great, corruption starts at the town level all the way up.

  • Rachel

    More of this, please!!!

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    How about dragging behind the car?

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Gee, Jeremy, hoist on your own petard.

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