Deputy fired, sent photo of his penis while in uniform

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A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy is out of a job after he “spent time” with a woman while on duty.

An internal affairs investigation showed that Cpl. David Patterson was at the woman’s house for approximately five hours on December 5, 2016, and was on duty at the time.

The encounter came to light when Patterson’s sergeant showed up to the woman’s home on December 21, to serve an eviction notice.

The woman told the sergeant that she met Patterson on the dating website, Tinder, and wanted to know if [he] was a “good guy”.

The investigation also revealed that Patterson falsified his time sheet in an attempt to cover up the fact that he had met with the woman at her Citra home while on duty.

According to reports, Patterson, while in uniform, also took a picture of his penis and texted it to the woman. The text was captioned, “He’s (referring to his penis) ready to come see you.”

The woman said while Patterson was at her house they kissed and he touched her breasts.

Officials said that Patterson violated the agency’s code of conduct.

The report concluded that, “Due to these actions, Deputy Patterson has brought discredit to himself and the agency while on duty.”

Patterson had been with the agency for six years.

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  • Tron

    Sadly…He’ll get paid leave.

    • Doby

      When you’re fired, you forfeit your salary.

    • Josie N Nanz Casillas

      He’s fired

  • Karen M

    He should have been fired for being STUPID! SURELY he knew the woman had a ‘rap sheet’!? Even deputies are human, and if he wanted to ‘date’ the woman it shouldl have been ‘out’ of uniform (which he KNEW!) SO why would he push the ‘envelope’ by sending electronic ‘proof’ against himself? The list is getting longer of the men that just can’t keep it in their pants at the S.O. !

    • Ocala native

      Technically he was partly out of uniform lol

  • Mike Rogers

    “The encounter came to light when Patterson’s sergeant showed up to the woman’s home on December 21, to serve an eviction notice.” Why didn’t his sergeant know what and where he was for those 5 hours on 12/05/2016. I could never be unaccounted for 5 hours without my supervisor knowing where and what I was doing.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    what a moron…out of a job and ruined his career…he could also be charged with theft for “stealing time” by staying at the home for 5 hours and not doing his job…

  • Kathrine Jakob

    when was he fired? The article doesn’t say

  • Troll Trollington

    The MCSO is working hard for you!

  • urchittingme

    I heard that when they reviewed the pictures they had to drop the case against him for lack of evidence. Hahaha

  • harry

    not possible, they are cops and they are demigods that some people put on pedestals

    • Tax Watcher

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  • Tax Watcher

    Tell me how an officer can disappear for 5 hours and his superior is clueless. Is this why it takes hours to get an officer to respond to a call..Sounds like Marion County Public Schools….. Xmas came early for the officer? I having a problem from telling differences in Marion County from the pedophiles from the police officer from the school teachers or the Ocala police chief…. Can someone help me.

  • Tax Watcher

    Portion of Police chief investigation..
    L. Edward McClellan, Jr.
    McClellan & Batsel, P.A.
    Post Office Box 2530
    Ocala, Florida 34478
    Re: City of Ocala Police Department; Chief Graham Investigation and Evidence
    Phone Analysis Summary

    Phone Numbers Analyzed from Chief Graham’s OPD Cell Phone RecordsDetails Pertaining to Graham’s Contact with Sue Mosley and Sgt. Dustin Keuntjes
    -Analysis found one contact between Graham’s cell phone and Sgt. Dustin Keuntjes work cell phone, leading one to believe they solely speak on their personal phones. Many officers
    have witnessed and been present while Keuntjes texts and speaks with Graham on the phone.
    -Analysis of these records reveal Graham had 13 contacts with Sue Mosley’s known phone number, many with extended durations

    • Tax Watcher

      Statements from investigation of Ocala Police chief
      To: Mayor Kent Guinn, Councilman/President James Hilty Sr.,
      Councilman/President Pro-Tern Brent Malever, Councilman Jay Musleh,
      Councilman Matthew Wardell, Councilwoman Mary Sue Rich, Deputy
      Chief Rodney Smith, and Internal Affairs Captain Lou Biondi,
      From: The Law Office of Bobi J. Frank, PA, o/b/o, Officer Rachel Mangum,
      Officer Casey Walsh, and Officer Tony J. Watts
      Re: Formal Grievance against the Chief of Ocala Police Department, Kenneth
      Gregory Graham
      Date: September 15, 2016
      Per Ocala Police Department Directive 3.04, this memorandum serves as the
      formal grievance against the Chief of Ocala Police Department, K. Gregory Graham, for
      Sexual Harassment, Hostile Treatment, Retaliation, and Discrimination. This grievance
      is based on the following events that have occurred over the last 365 days. For the
      preservation of the grieving Officers rights, undersigned Counsel requests that an
      independent, third-party be enlisted to conduct the investigation into these matters.
      Equally, the multitude of recipients of this grievance were chosen to ensure that this
      matter is handled immediately and without political influence. Simultaneous to the filing
      of this grievance, an EEOC complaint was also filed.
      Both, Rachel Mangum and Casey Walsh have suffered from unwelcome sexual
      advances and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature caused by
      Chief Graham.
      Arguably, one of the most abusive incidents occurred while several OPD Officers
      traveled to participate in the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC.
      The incident occurred on May 14, 2016.
      Witnesses to Incident: Sgt. Casey Eades, former Officer Emanuel Ramjit, Officer
      Michael Diesso, Officer Ashley Stinehour, Officer Casey Walsh, Officer Rachel
      Mangum, and Officer Matthew Sams.
      DOI 5/14/16: While attending the National Law Enforcement Memorial in
      Washington, DC a small group of officers went to a bar during evening hours. Chief
      Graham joined the group and consumed alcohol with his subordinates. During the
      course of the evening, his behavior became increasingly inappropriate.
      Abuse of Officer Casey Walsh:
      At one point, Officer Walsh left the group to use the ladies room. There were two
      bathrooms, at the establishment, right next to each other. Chief Graham was exiting one
      as Officer Walsh was entering the vacant one. Officer Walsh, while opening the door to
      the bathroom, noticed that there was a urinal and a toilet in the room and under her
      breath made a joke about both. Chief Graham responded by saying that they could use
      the same room together and further joked that Officer Walsh could use the urinal and he could use the toilet. He made comments about their sexual roles being reversed and
      that Officer Walsh could stand while Chief Graham while seated.
      The group eventually left that establishment and traveled by subway to another
      pub/brewery. While on the subway, Chief Graham engaged in conversation with several
      officers about sexual encounters and jokes about the size of Officer Walsh’s penis and
      how it was probably larger than most males present there.

      • Tax Watcher

        When the group reached the next location, and continued drinking, Chief Graham
        engaged in a game with his subordinates called “never have I ever.” In this game,
        participants give scenarios in which they have or have not been involved. Chief Graham
        made statements about “getting fucked in the ass,” and “sucking dick” while playing the
        game. He also stated that he wanted to know who had “the best tits at the table.” He
        directed some of these questions to Officer Casey Walsh, Officer Rachel Mangum, Sgt.
        Casey Eades, and Officer Ashley Stinehour.
        At one point, Officer Walsh’s girlfriend called her cell phone. Chief Graham took
        Officer Walsh’s phone from her hands and began speaking to her girlfriend. Officer
        Walsh’s girlfriend told her that Chief Graham asked why she wasn’t present and
        continued to question what she was doing that night, where she was going and when
        she would be home. Officer Walsh’s girlfriend expressed to her that she never wanted
        to speak with Chief Graham “like that again” and that she felt that the fact that he even
        wanted to talk to her at all was highly inappropriate.
        Abuse of Officer Rachel Mangum:
        In addition to Officer Walsh’s perspective explained above, Officer Rachel
        Mangum suffered additional unwelcome sexual advances and physical and verbal
        conduct of a sexual nature during the same incident.
        Officer Mangum asserts that a drinking game which required one person to ask
        an inappropriate, mostly sexual in nature question to another participant ensued
        requiring one person to ask another if they had engaged in the act mentioned in the
        past. If they had engaged in the act mentioned, they would take a drink of an alcoholic
        beverage. Officer Mangum left the table to use the restroom. Disturbingly, upon her
        return to the table, Chief Graham, shouted (it was a crowded bar) “I have something for
        you…” pointing at Officer Mangum. She responded in a confused manner, and Chief
        Graham stated, “Never have I ever had a cock shoved in my ass!” Officer Mangum was
        humiliated, disgusted, and offended at the unwelcome, abusive comment. She tried to
        redirect the conversation so as not to draw attention to herself or the situation at hand.
        Again, during the same incident, Officer Mangum also witnessed Chief Graham
        initiate a conversation in reference to which female Officer sitting at the table had the
        best looking breasts. At which time, Officer Matthew Sams heard Chief Graham state
        Rachel (Officer Mangum) had the “nicest tits at the table.”
        Also during this time, Chief Graham was continuously bothering Sgt. Casey
        Eades for her personal cell phone, attempting to unlock the password. They were at
        times physically sparring; Sgt. Eades in an attempt to keep her cell phone away from
        Chief Graham, and Chief Graham in an attempt to obtain the phone. During the tussle,
        Chief Graham kept stating, “let me see your titty pics”. At one point the phone was in
        Officer Mangum’s possession. Because she was so uncomfortable with the events she
        quickly put the cell phone on the side of the table where Sgt. Eades was sitting, and
        stated that she was not getting involved.
        Additionally, while all the officers were sitting at the table, Officer Mangum
        observed Chief Graham take Sgt. Eades by the top of her head, and pull her head onto
        his lap, in an attempt to simulate the action of performing oral sex on Chief Graham.
        Shockingly, on 5/14/16, OPD cell phone records will show that Sgt. Casey Eades
        received a text message at 0200 from Chief Graham. After which time, she left her
        room, which she shared with Officer Stinehour.
        Upon information and belief, Chief Graham texted Sgt. Eades asking to borrow a
        phone charger because he forgot to pack one. Interestingly, the group arrived in
        Washington on May 12, 2016. It is suspect, to say the least that the Chief would need a
        cell phone charger a few days into the trip, rather than on the first evening they arrived
        when it would be reasonable to assume that a cell phone would need to be charged.
        Again, OPD cell phone bills will prove that, at minimum, there were text
        messages exchanged between Sgt. Eades and Chief Graham in the early morning
        hours. While on a trip together. Not on duty.

        • Tax Watcher

          Upon information and belief, Officer Stinehour will be able to corroborate the
          assertions above. Officer Stinehour will also be able to confirm the approximate time
          that Sgt. Eades returned from bringing the Chief a supposed “cell phone charger.” It is a
          commonly held belief, for various reasons, that Chief Graham is engaging in sexual
          relations with his subordinate officer, Sgt. Casey Eades.
          Abuse of Officer Casey Walsh, cont’d:
          Over the course of the last year, Casey Walsh has had to endure countless
          attacks of sexual harassment from Chief K. Gregory Graham. Chief Graham is aware of
          Officer Walsh’s open homosexuality, and almost always intertwines that subject into the
          conversations that he has with her. It has become commonplace for Chief Graham to
          make inappropriate comments about the women that Officer Walsh has dated, and has
          invited as her guest to Ocala Police Department functions. Chief Graham routinely
          comments on their attractiveness, and inquirers about how she is able to find and date
          such beautiful women.
          Officer Walsh feels as though each time she comes into contact with Chief
          Graham, the topic of their conversation shifts to her relationship, or her sexual
          preference, in general. Below is a list of particular instances that stand out in Officer
          Walsh’s memory.
          DOI 2/1/16: At a department awards ceremony, her girlfriend attended to watch
          her accept an award. After the presentation, Chief Graham asked Officer Walsh about
          her date and made a comment to Officer Walsh about her appearance and implied that
          he would be interested in trading sexual partners with her. He introduced himself to
          Officer Walsh’s date, and later, the date expressed to Officer Walsh that Chief Graham
          made her feel uncomfortable by the way he looked at her and spoke to her. Officer Matt
          Sams was present during the interaction between Officer Walsh and Chief Graham.
          Chief Graham had also made a sexually charged comment about seeing Officer
          Walsh’s date from behind.
          DOI Roughly six months ago: Chief Graham made a statement about how he
          would love it if Officer Walsh dated his daughter, but would be concerned if Officer
          Walsh came to his home for fear that she would end up in bed with his wife for a sexual
          DOI 5119/16: At the Fallen Officer Memorial ceremony in Ocala, Officer Walsh
          was approached by Mrs. Graham, the Chief’s wife. Chief Graham walked up to the
          women during their conversation. Mrs. Graham was expressing interest in doing a ride
          along with Officer Walsh, but Chief Graham quickly interjected and implied that Officer
          Walsh would be likely to act in an unprofessional way with Mrs. Graham in her vehicle
          by engaging in intimate behavior together.
          DOI 5/31/16: While conducting K9 training at a location close to the Police
          Department, Chief Graham pulled up to the area and rolled down his window. Officer
          Walsh was with Sgt. Lisa Bienko and Officer Kyle Howie. After a few minutes of small
          talk, Chief Graham told Officer Walsh that he had recently seen a photograph of her
          from the past in which she was wearing her hair down and it was long and dark. He also
          commented that she was wearing make-up. Officer Walsh responded by questioning
          what the point was , and he replied that he would just leave it at that as to not say
          anything inappropriate. He made the sound, yum, yum, yurn.
          After he left, Sgt. Bienko expressed to Officer Walsh that she felt it was
          inappropriate for Chief Graham to say that to Officer Walsh and asked if he commonly
          says things like that to her of a sexual nature. Officer Walsh, completely humiliated and
          revolted admitted that there had been other similar incidents. Sgt. Bienko advised
          Officer Walsh that if he continued to do those things, that she didn’t have to put up with
          it. Officer Walsh explained that the Chief’s abusive behavior had become
          commonplace. However, she felt as though making any kind of complaint would
          negatively affect her career, and could cause more detrimental hardships for her at work
          than the behavior itself does.

          • Tax Watcher

            Casey Walsh:
            Officer Walsh feels that due to Chief Graham’s repeated sexual harassment,
            coupled with her attendance at the “never have I ever” incident in Washington, DC that
            she is being targeted by the Chief and his followers for the purpose of tarnishing her
            reputation with repeated write-ups. Office Walsh, along with others, believes that Chief
            Graham is applying the Department Directives more stringently on Officer Walsh in an
            attempt to discredit her possible future assertions of being sexually harassed.
            In support of this assertion, during Officer Walsh’s first 6 years of service with the
            Ocala Police Department, she never received discipline regarding any matter. The
            scrutiny that she has been under in the past year has made her job increasingly difficult
            and extremely uncomfortable to perform.
            Officer Walsh no longer feels comfortable or safe at work, and she is in fear that
            any kind of resistance, any mention of the sexual harassment, or complaint of her
            wrongful treatment, will result in direct and immediate retaliation from her command
            staff, at the direction of the Chief; essentially ruining her career as a police officer.
            A thorough investigation of each memo, counseling session, and formal
            discipline that Officer Walsh has received over the past year will reveal the banal nature
            of the incidents that Chief Graham is spearheading. Most of the matters are so trite and
            customarily left to his subordinate supervisors that it is hard to conclude anything other
            than the Chief is engaging in retaliation against Officer Walsh in an attempt to tarnish
            her reputation, her employee file, and her LEO standards, with an ultimate goal of
            terminating her. All for the purpose of covering-up his consistent abuse so that in the
            event that formal accusations are made, the accuser’s credibility is diminished.
            Rachel Mangum:
            Equally, Officer Rachel Mangum feels that because she previously filed a
            grievance against Chief Graham and because she was present during the “never have I
            ever” incident in Washington, DC that Chief Graham is retaliating against her in an
            attempt to tarnish her reputation, her employee file, and her LEO standards, with an
            ultimate goal of terminating her.
            The grievance that was filed against Chief Graham by Officer Mangum was in
            regards to Chief Graham’s refusal to allow Officer Mangum and her boyfriend, Officer
            Matthew Sams, to work the same shift, on opposite ends of town, making it virtually
            impossible that they would respond to the same call. Furthermore, there was not a
            Department Directive prohibiting the action. Chief Graham, without investigating the
            matter, stated that Officer Mangum and Officer Sams would let their “emotions” get in
            the way of being professionals and conducting their duties.
            The matter went to arbitration, however true to form, Chief Graham skirted all
            protocol and fairness and had a provision written into the Officers’ new employment
            contract prohibiting the exact action stated above. FOP Representative B. Grady
            explained to Officer Mangum and Sams that because the new employment contract was
            coming up for voting on October 1, 2016, and that along with a substantial raise, there
            was a new clause included in the agreement that no officers in a “dating relationship”
            were permitted to work with each other, that even if the outcome was in their favor, and
            the only remedy for their problem was working together, that the contract would be
            voted upon prior to the board coming to a decision on the arbitration, and ultimately the
            remedy would be denied if the contract was voted in. The substantial pay increase all
            but assures that the new contract will be voted in.
            Importantly, family members, in a non-dating relationship, as well as marital
            positions were not barred from working with or under the same chain of command.
            Officer M. Arnold joined in Officer Mangum’s grievance however she dropped her
            grievance and resigned from her position with the Ocala Police Department in June of
            2016. Upon information and belief, Officer M. Arnold resigned from OPD due to Chief
            Graham’s common place retaliation tactics and consistent unfair leadership practices.

          • Tax Watcher

            Tony J. Watts:
            Officer Tony J. “TJ” Watts is a seasoned black, male, law enforcement officer
            with over nine years of experience. However, he is new to the Ocala Police
            Department. The below set of facts details the hostile treatment that Officer Watts has
            suffered under Chief Graham’s reign of discriminatory terror and the corresponding
            DOI 7/12/2016: While on his way to work he learned, via telephone, that an
            immediate family member was involved in an accident which involved a fatality. While
            on scene of the traffic crash (2000 Blk SW College Rd), Officer Watts notified the watch
            Commander, Lt. Bienko that he was scheduled to work at that time. Lt. Bienko provided
            Officer Watts with authorization to remain with his family.
            However, later Officer Watts was contacted by his immediate Sergeant, Sgt.
            Dustin Keuntjes, requesting an update on his situation. Sgt. Keuntjes made him feel
            extremely upset and stressed by contacting him and ordering, “you need to come to
            work, or at least log into the computer.”
            After the events of the day, Officer Watts found it extremely difficult to work his
            shift however due to the attitude and comments of Sgt. Keuntjes; he felt he would be
            faced with discipline or harassment if he didn’t go to work. He worked the remaining
            shift with a dangerous amount of mental stress and anguish. After arriving at work, Sgt.
            Keuntjes made the work environment even more hostile by stating the following:
            1) He needs to hold himself accountable.
            2) He needs to take being an Officer at OPD more serious.
            3) He should be a Team Player.
            4) His starting pay grade is very high and he should meet the
            standards of what someone like him is being paid.
            Sgt. Keuntjes’s behavior and lack of leadership skills placed his mind in a
            dangerous place to try to focus on his work as a police officer. His comments were
            unwarranted and completely unrelated to the sensitive issue that Officer Watts was
            handling at the time.
            Moreover, the rate of Officer Watts’ pay has zero relevance to his duties as a
            patrol officer with OPD. Sgt. Keuntjes’ statement had an extremely racial undertone.
            Upon information and belief, Officer Watts is not the only Officer of a minority
            race that has been the victim of hostile and discriminatory practices under Sgt.
            Keuntjes, and Chief K. Gregory Graham. It is common place banter around the OPD
            that there is a “white side” and a “black side” to the department.
            DOI 8/9/16: While working patrol Officer Watts responded to a residence that
            was possibly cooking Methamphetamine (Meth.) Once at the location Officer Watts met
            Sgt. Keuntjes who was on the phone with the complainant. Sgt. Keuntjes instructed that
            Officers would walk up to the trailer and provided assignments.
            Noteworthy, Sgt. Kuentjes and Officer Watts had previously worked on the drug
            task unit together. Sgt. Keuntjes had extensive training on how to properly respond to a
            possible “Meth Cook House.” Specifically, all the training would suggest that in this
            situation, officers should have never entered a residence where an active
            methamphetamine was cooking without the proper protective equipment.
            Notwithstanding the Sergeant’s former training, Sgt. Keuntjes directed that he
            and Officer Watts walk up to the trailer from the North Side. Officer Watts could
            immediately smell a strong odor coming from the trailer that was consistent with
            someone cooking Meth. Sgt. Keuntjes acknowledged that he smelled the same odor.
            As Sgt. Keuntjes and Officer Watts approached the front door a white male
            immediately walked up to Officer Watts, outside, and advised he had an active warrant.
            Sgt. Keuntjes instructed that they continue on and make contact at the front door.
            Because Officer Watts knew the type of work environment that Sgt. Keuntjes would
            create for Officer Watts if he questioned his decision; accordingly, Officer Watts

          • Tax Watcher

            Sgt. Keuntjes advised Officer Watts that he would announce himself as the
            subject that was just detained. Sgt. Keuntjes knocked on the front door and a white
            male subject immediately answered the door. The subject was given verbal commands
            to walk outside. Officer Watts observed the subject take steps back into the mobile
            home. Officer Watts immediately observed other subjects inside the mobile home
            moving around.
            Sgt. Keuntjes entered the residence without hesitation, requiring Officer Watts to
            immediately follow him and enter the mobile home as well. The occupants were
            instructed to relocate outside. After getting the subjects outside, Officer Watts
            immediately began to feel sick and vomit. He was taken to Ocala Regional Medical
            Center where he received medical attention.
            The drug unit responded to the location and located an active methamphetamine
            cook inside the residence. The following day Officer Watts was placed on light duty
            status for six days.
            Officer Watts is still recovering from his injuries caused by this incident and could
            possibly be affected for the rest of his life.
            Not only did Sgt. Keuntjes use poor judgment as a supervisor, by doing so he
            placed Officer Watts and other officers in an unsafe situation.
            Due to Sgt. Keuntjes constant harassment towards Officer Watts, he felt that if he
            didn’t enter the house with him that he would be disciplined or harassed further for “not
            doing his job.”
            Chief Graham does not have an issue with one of his Supervisors skipping chain
            of command multiple times, violating directives, and purposely leaving relevant facts out
            of memorandums requesting discipline be distributed to his subordinates.
            DOI 8/8/16: Officer Watts responded to a call that there was a disturbance at the
            area of North Roads. Officer Watts has a lot of experience with that area of town from
            the time that he spent on the drug task force. It is known to be a dangerous, violent,
            drug infested area.
            Upon arrival, he was able to visibly identify the subjects on scene due to them
            having a violent past criminal history. The complainant in this investigation is (Wanda
            Nelson). She clearly on the 911 audio tape stated that she was unhappy with Officer
            Ramjit and wanted to speak with his supervisor because the disturbance wasn’t being
            handled. At that time Officer Ramjit made some statements toward (Mrs. Nelson). Mrs.
            Nelson proceeded to call OPD causing Sgt. Keuntjes to be dispatched to the location.
            While the above events unfolded Officer Watts turned his attention on Carlos
            McDonald (son of Mrs. Nelson) whom Officer Watts knew has a violent past criminal
            history and is known to carry a firearm. McDonald became agitated and motioned
            Officer Watts to the side. At that time McDonald provided Officer Watts with information
            in regards to the disturbance.
            Because of the information that McDonald provided, Officer Watts then made
            contact with Kimberly Gaddy who was parked across the street standing next to her
            vehicle. Ms. Gaddy, a known drug trafficker in Marion County, stated that she needed
            the police in reference to an altercation she was involved in with her boyfriend. She
            also stated that the dispute arose over supposed nude photos taken by her boyfriend of
            her, that she was not aware existed. There was nothing physical that Officer Watts
            could identify. However, Officer Watts explained to Ms. Gaddy the process of filing a
            complaint and obtaining a restraining order. He took the time to make sure that she
            was ok and to diffuse the situation, entirely.
            At the end of the investigation Mrs. Nelson approached Officer Watts in a calm
            manner and was very appreciative of how he handled the incident. This was all done in
            the presence of Sgt. Keuntjes but wasn’t documented in the memorandum that he later

          • Tax Watcher

            In the memorandum Sgt. Keuntjes referenced that the complainant (Mrs. Nelson)
            was advised to make a formal complaint at the Ocala Police Department the next
            business day. Also in the memorandum Sgt. Keuntjes was only able to list the
            complainant (Mrs. Nelson). He referenced the other subjects as “unknown”. Equally,
            Sgt. Keuntjes never asked Officer Watts for clarity on the situation, nor did he factually
            represent what occurred during the incident in the memo. He chose to leave out key,
            relevant facts.
            Significantly, Sgt. Keuntjes skipped the chain of command and addressed the
            memo directly to Chief Graham. It was kicked back to Deputy Chief Rodney Smith.
            Upon information and belief, Chief Graham was told that Deputy Chief did not intend on
            imposing discipline on Officer Watts, at which time he took the investigation back.
            Undersigned Counsel came across an e-mail from Captain Corey Taylor to Sgt.
            Keuntjes. In the e-mail, Cpt. Taylor gives Sgt. Kuentjes great direction and leadership
            on how to address issues with his subordinates.
            Captain Taylor sent Sgt. Keuntjes the e-mail because Sgt. Keuntjes had tried to
            cause Officer Watts to be investigated for purported “timesheet fraud.” Sgt. Keuntjes,
            again, skipped the chain of command before investigating or speaking with Officer
            Watts about the matter and went directly to Chief Graham with his allegations. This
            caused Cpt. Biondi to inform Cpt. Taylor of the situation. Upon Cpt. Taylor’s
            investigation it was unequivocally determined that Sgt. Keuntjes’ assertions were
            completely false, and clearly unfounded.
            DOI 2010: Sgt. Keuntjes was involved in an incident outside of a local bar in
            Ocala, FL while off duty. This incident occurred at “O’Malley’s Alley. The gentleman
            involved made a formal complaint and an internal affairs investigation was completed.
            Chief Graham likely can’t produce those documents. Chief Graham stated that he
            instituted a policy that requires ALL Officers’ files to be purged every five (5) years. Cpt.
            Biondi should be able to verify this. However, upon information and belief, not ALL
            Officers are receiving the benefit of Chief Graham’s purge sessions.
            DOI 8/18/16: Significantly, Officer Watts was contacted via telephone by Major
            Woods in reference to transferring from the East District to the West District. Major
            Woods advised that this move would be optional and the Deputy Chief authorized the
            optional transfer. Officer Watts advised her with all of the recent discriminatory events
            and the hostile environment that he simply can’t escape, that he would accept the
            transfer and move to the West District.
            Relevantly, Officer Watts informed Cpt. Taylor that Sgt. Keuntjes consistently
            violated the Directive addressing tobacco use. Officer Watts did so because it was
            difficult to understand how Sgt. Keuntjes could constantly address Officer Watts and
            scold him about banal matters, all while clearly violating a department Directive.
            Under Chief Graham’s discriminatory reign, it is clear that the Directives apply to
            some, but not all equally.
            DOI 9/8/16: In furtherance of all three (3) Officers’ assertions that Chief Graham
            retaliates against them the statements made by Lt. Angela Scroble can’t be left out.
            She had a meeting with Chief Graham on 9/7/2016, the subject of which is unknown.
            However, during the briefing that Lt. Scroble conducted on 9/8/2016, she asked the
            attendees if they had any questions regarding Officer Ramjit’s termination, and then
            proceeded to give the reasons for his termination. Those included an issue with
            requesting vacation- got a denial, then called in sick and was seen at the PD by his
            supervisor getting ice for a fishing trip that same night. He didn’t sufficiently follow up
            with evidence from another officer’s burglary case. He was called in on his time off to
            work the #BLM security detail (he didn’t sign up for the detail) He griped and complained
            about being there. Then when he had a scheduled meeting with the Chief after briefing,
            he blatantly missed the meeting. Additionally, the Chief added that he was tired of his
            disgruntled attitude, but felt that other senior (disgruntled) officers were influencing him
            to behave in the manner he was.
            She then went on to say the Officer’s attitudes will reflect their futures at OPD.
            She said, “You can hold onto grudges and not let go of little things that happen to you,
            and “you can file a law suit against the PD. But let me tell you, filing a law suit
            here will hurt you.”

          • Tax Watcher

            This document reflects a mere fraction of the incidents that have occurred under
            Chief Graham’s direction, influence, insistence, and upon his own action. A thorough
            investigation, conducted by an unbiased, independent third-party will substantiate all of
            these assertions, and more.
            Unfortunately, Chief K. Gregory Graham has decided to wield his position of
            power to terrorize and abuse women, minorities, and anyone that disagrees with his
            decisions and orders. At minimum, many good police officers have suffered significant
            blows to their employee files at the hands of Chief Graham, at worst many have lost the
            opportunity to be Law Enforcement Officers.
            His discriminatory practices must be stopped. Undersigned Counsel can’t
            imagine a world where the Chief of a Police Department is authorized and supported by
            his superiors to ask a female “never have I ever had a cock shoved in my ass….”; Or
            allowed to prey on an openly gay female Officer in an attempt to feed his misogynistic,
            sexually deviant appetite; Or to engage in late night trysts with his subordinates; Or
            allowed to cause a nine (9) year highly respected Police Officer, never written up prior
            to his employment with OPD, to be targeted, treated unfairly and all around harassed,
            bullied, and retaliated against because he is black; Or to be able to use subordinate
            supervisors to do his bidding creating a clear and distinct divide amongst the
            Department at large. There is not a world that exists in which those actions would be
            tolerated. Clearly, Ocala, Florida can’t be any different.
            Respectfully Submitted this 15 th day of September,
            Bobi J. Frank
            Attorney at Law
            2610 NW 43rd Street
            Suite 2C
            Gainesville, FL 32606
            (0)(352) 639-4117
            (F) (352) 639-4118

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