Dash cam video in chase that left three dead not released yet

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Dash cam video of a high-speed chase that left three dead has yet to be released.

The incident occurred on July 28, 2017.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that Jaquard Cuyler, 26, who was driving a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, was in the vicinity of the landfill on Baseline Road when a Marion County sheriff’s deputy said he saw the “suspicious vehicle” and attempted a traffic stop.

The deputy said he thought a wanted suspect may have been in the vehicle.

Cuyler refused to stop and a high-speed chase ensued.

According to FHP, Cuyler was traveling west on Southeast 132 Street Road at a high rate of speed and entered the intersection of US-301, while fleeing from the MCSO deputy.

A second vehicle, driven by Brittany Chmilarski, 29, was traveling north on US-301 and had also entered the intersection of Southeast 132 Street Road.

While being chased by the MCSO deputy, Cuyler ran a red light and T-boned the 2015 Lincoln driven by Chmilarski.

Chmilarski, and her passenger, Denise Allen, 57, were killed on impact.

Cuyler later died from his injuries.

A reader, Whitney Evans, wrote on Facebook, “I find it odd that an agency known for bragging about high-speed chases on their Facebook page did not post anything about this chase. Even if it was an ongoing investigation, MCSO would normally state that. Let’s hope the video is released. Or was the dash cam ‘not working?'”

Even though FHP says that the investigation is ongoing, MCSO said that they will not launch an internal investigation and immediately cleared deputies of any wrong doing.

FHP said that deputies claim they backed off of the pursuit just before entering the intersection.

Following the crash, the person who was originally suspected to be an occupant in the Jetta, was not.

It is not known why Cuyler fled from deputies.

Cuyler was arrested in 2014 for Possession of Cocaine and Marijuana.

We want to hear from you. Should high-speed chases be allowed?

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    High speed chases should be allowed..I have also heard chases called off because of weather conditions while listening to the scanner.. If the police DON”T chase a suspect and he kills someone people would blame the suspect..But when police are involved the blame goes on the police? The suspect is running in both cases. The police did not cause him to flee..his crimes did….How about mandatory 10 year sentence if you flee a traffic stop.. and then add 30 years for each death you cause.. Also add 15 years for each injury..ALL MANDATORY!!. Not that this would stop anyone from fleeing, but it would send a message.

  • Stacy

    No, high-speed chases should not be allowed for a “suspicious vehicle” only for felony stops PRIOR TO THE CHASE STARTING or if there is 100% evidence that the driver is a dangerous wanted felon. I worked for an agency that never allowed high-speed chases. Vehicles have license plate numbers for a reason. The suspect can be caught on another day. How many times do people who have NEVER been arrested flee because they panic over a suspended license or some marijuana? A LOT. because FDLE has proven that majority of the time when people flee it is because of a suspended license or drugs, not all the time, but mostly. Hardly worth an innocent life. Numerous counties in Florida have ban high speed chases simply based on these statistics. MCSO however is a redneck agency and does everything ass backwards. Billy Woods is a hillbilly who would cover up anything to protects one of his own and I cannot wait until reelection. This goofy ass should have NEVER been elected.

    • Passlinebet

      You didn’t work for any department. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made such an inane comment….

  • Rad Delaroderie

    Question totally misses a crucial point– it’s not the police who ‘allow’ or ‘don’t allow’ chases. The police don’t initiate a ‘chase’, just the opposite… they are trying to initiate a ‘stop’. It’s the driver who decides to create a chase out of it. Maybe you should ask the people who CHOOSE to initiate a chase whether or not they should be ‘allowed’ to flee. Oh, wait– there’s already laws forbidding drivers from fleeing to elude. I guess they didn’t read the memo???

  • Aries

    So some dimwit deputy initiated a chase because he “thought” someone was in the car. Sadly these things happen and the police are often not held accountable for their bad behavior. This will be another one of those cases. But hey at least all the cops made it home.