Protesters say Confederate flag at Marion County complex “fell” down

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[Last updated on July 11, 2015, at 3:45 p.m.]

Ocala, Florida — Saturday, an Ocala man who was at the anti-Confederate flag protest at the McPherson Governmental Complex, removed the flagpole with the Confederate flag.

Protesters said “it just fell.” However, Confederate flag supporters are not “buying” the story that it “fell.”

Witnesses said that the man took the flagpole and flag over to the Property Appraisers office and dropped it off.

A county employee later took possession of them for safe keeping.

In a message to Ocala Post, a witness said, “I think the man that walked off with the flag was trying to protect it.”

It is not clear if the man was actually protesting against the flag.

The flag was returned to the flagpole on July 7, after it had been removed by Interim County Administrator Bill Kauffman.

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File photo [BOCC]
The Board voted to return the flag known as the “Third National Confederate Flag” to a historical display of the flags of Florida that is located on the McPherson Governmental Complex grounds. The flag has been there, along with four others, since the historical display of flags was established in the 1990s.

Commissioners said the flag was returned to the display strictly in the context of being part of a historical flags display. County leaders said Marion County is a community that is proud to serve all of its nearly 340,000 residents, as well as all of its visitors.

The Board has tasked the community’s Historic Commission and county staff on recommendations for its future display. This effort will help the Board determine the most adequate future location of the flags of Florida display.


The flag has been returned to the McPherson Governmental Complex and is flying again.

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  • James Stx Hudson

    It is not the Confederate flag that went down. Just drove by and she is still flying on her pole.

    • alltoooften

      That’s because they replaced the flag soon after the incident took place.

      • James Stx Hudson

        But when I drove by that afternoon, there looked to be a damaged pole on the opposite end of the display from where the battle flag has always flown. I could be mistaken but I think they are talking about the wrong flag.

  • Dana J Paulsen-Harries

    That’s because they replaced the flag soon after the incident took place.

  • Ocala native

    Thank you for the shit storm you’ve caused Mr Kauffman, maybe next time you won’t try to act like your the sole decision maker for Marion county.

  • urchittingme

    Been there since the 90’s and just happen to fall down when the protesters were there?

  • barb

    i pray todays pride ride goes without incident from