Cloud 9 nightclub faces closure; nuisance to Ocala

Clean up the prostitutes, violence, and drugs or close

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Benetria Robinson, 19, was gunned down at nightclub in Ocala.

Ocala, Florida — On Wednesday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office put the nightclub, Cloud 9, on notice — either clean it up or be shut down.

MCSO sent a certified letter of Notice of a Potential Drug-Related Public Nuisance Abatement Action to nightclub owner, Anthony T. Pastorino.

A nuisance abatement, as a legal term, is a condition or use of a property that interferes with neighbors’ use or enjoyment of their property, endangers life, health or safety, or is offensive to others. Because of the harm they do to others, Florida law authorizes local governments to use their police powers to compel the owners of nuisance properties to correct those conditions. If the owner fails to do so, the municipality can step in and correct, or abate, the conditions itself.

A nuisance abatement also applies to properties overridden with criminal activity, including high traffic drug and prostitution areas.

In some instances, judges have ordered properties (such as motels and apartment complexes) to cease operation.

The letter reads as follows.

letter to cloud 9, ocala news, marion ocunty news, shooting at nightclub in ocala, cloud 9 shooting

cloud 9_2

The letter comes five days after six people were shot outside the nightclub. The shooting occurred following an argument that took place inside, but spilled out into the parking lot.

Benetria Robinson, 19, a Forest High School graduate, was shot in the head. She died in the parking lot.

At this time, detectives do not have any leads in the case. Detectives are seeking any pictures or video footage that might have been taken while at the nightclub on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

MCSO believes that fear is preventing witnesses from coming forward, so, they have set up a safe way for individuals to provide this information.

If you have photos or video, you can upload them at to upload the files. In order to be eligible for a reward you must contact Crime Stoppers at 352-368-STOP after uploading your file, and provide the date and time of your upload as well as the name of your file.

If Pastorino does not comply with the letter, then MCSO would notify the Board of County Commissioners and petition them to have the nightclub shut down.

The September 12 shooting is not the first shooting to occur at Cloud 9.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-9111, Crime Stoppers at 352-368-STOP, text a tip to 274637 using keyword 368-STOP, or visit Anonymity is guaranteed.

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  • Itsabouttime

    I was wondering how long it take some race-baiting, Obama loving, want everything free POS to blame white people…it was one of your fucking cousins that shot her. You POS. ….Just look at this attached screenshot.

    • Chris

      This situation has nothing to do with opportunities, Obama loving, white vs black. This was simply a horrible situation that occurs far too often in America. Children these days (yes children, as any real adult would have handled this differently) take to violence be it gun fire, fist fight or any other form. This was a situation that could have and should have been avoided had our current generation been taught right from wrong while being groomed for society. Now a precious life has been lost for what equates to nothing. It’s tragic and heartbreaking. The cowards that acted in this situation are the product of their upbringing not their economic or social circumstances. The product of their own morals. You can blame whomever you like. At the end of the day the outcome of an argument comes down to the individuals moral compass. Theirs however did not point true north.

      • Ocala native

        Chris your obviously to young to remember or your not from this area but this isn’t something new to the black community, Ocala has always had problems in black establishments, Vera’s Inn, Brown Derby, and the club that used to be on highway 27 that burned down. This isn’t anything new for them. I do agree with your point about morals though, the majority of individuals in that community feel something is owed to them and pass that same attitude down through generations.

        • Itsabouttime

          Exactly. So very true. Her rant in the screenshot I posted is entirely about entitlement.

        • harry

          there’s fights, drugs and prostitution at ‘white’ bars, but the cops seem to prefer the black community for their actions.

          • Itsabouttime

            AJ’s was a “white bar” that had shootings and it shut down afterwards. Who did the shooting? hmmm

      • Itsabouttime

        My post was in reference to the screenshot I posted. She was the one blaming white people. Her entire rant is about the blacks being victims. I call bullshit. Black on black crime is not a white problem, it’s the mentality of blacks problem.

        • harry

          it’s not a white or black problem, it’s a humanity problem.

          • GiveMeABreak

            Thank you, I’ve been waiting for someone to point out the real issue.

  • harry

    Because of the harm they do to others, Florida law authorizes local governments to use their police powers to compel the owners
    unless the owner, employee is selling inside or outside, no.
    if I had weed on me in a police station, not causing harm to anyone, can we shut down the popo station?

    • dosomethingwithyourlife

      please do take weed into the “popo” station.

  • Loni

    Why do they refer to her (Bentria) as a high school graduate instead of a sophomore in college? ?? She was past a high school graduate! !

    • Shyanha

      My guess is because she graduated from a local high school and they’re wanting to show she has ties to the city. High school graduate, college student, athlete or community activist (kickball) she seems to have been a young lady working towards a good future and it’s a travesty that was taken from her.

      Hopefully folks will let their anger over her death take control of their fear and her family can get justice and peace of mind knowing the shooter is behind bars. Her death is senseless and an absolute waste of a beautiful life.