A jealous rage lands a Silver Springs woman in jail

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Gretchen Collard Wolf-Yahnig

Silver Springs — A Silver Springs woman was arrested after she became jealous and physically attacked her husband and his alleged lover.

On Saturday, deputies responded to the 11,000 block of Southeast 24th Street Road, after receiving reports that Gretchen Collard Wolf-Yahnig, 53, had attacked two people.

According to Yahnig’s husband, he had invited a woman by the name of Emma Oliver over to his house spend the day.

The husband stated that Yahnig became jealous of Oliver and began accusing her of being his lover. Deputies say that is when a verbal argument erupted and Yahnig began trying to fight Oliver. The husband then stood in front of Yahnig and tried to stop her from hitting Oliver.

At that point, Oliver attempted to retreat to her vehicle. However, Yahnig followed Oliver and tried to attack her with a whiskey bottle.

According to reports, Yahnig used an ice pick and punctured two of the tires on Oliver’s vehicle to prevent her from leaving.

Deputies say that while Oliver was inside her vehicle, Yahnig reached into the vehicle, grabbed Oliver by the hair, and threw her to the ground.

The husband had to grab Yahnig to make her release Oliver. The husband stated that he told Yahnig he would let her go if she calmed down, and when he did, she bit him twice on the arm. Oliver then called 911.

Deputies reported that Yahnig was questioned about the incident, but could not get her facts straight.

Yahnig was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief Involving Property Damage, Battery, and Domestic Battery. She was released on a $4,000 bond.

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  • william friss

    Why wasnt she charged with burglary with battery for reaching inside the vehicle and grabbing this woman by the hair and pulling her out? What a whack job she is.

  • Ms Betty

    She needs a psychiatrist. The husband needs to get away from that one too.

  • danny

    This site sucks. This is the best news story they could have published since the last hotrible one like 6 days ago.

    • Karen M

      just local news !

  • cindermaggi


  • Citizen501

    gretchan and lee leffingwell have maliciously harrassed citizens of this county for far too long, nice to see karma finally get her when local law enforcement has failed to take complaints seriously!

    • Sassiee Nichole



      I don’t know how I missed this little gem back in November, but what a treat for this fine Monday morning! This is one of Ocalas most distinguished internet trolls. Karma indeed!

  • nohilderbeast2016

    she looks special….what a fruitcake…./eyerolls/

  • urchittingme

    Geez. You’d think she could be more understanding when the husband brings home his lover

    • Marsha

      Ummm…She invited the woman to their home and she was NOT the husband’s lover. On the contrary, Gretchen has been the one going out of state to meet her old love…so, might want to do some research before making assumptions. JS

  • danny

    This was posted on Nov. 24. It is now Nov. 30 and no new stories…… This is getting really bad. Do you guys need reporters??

  • Sassiee Nichole

    Karma is so lovely!!! HHAHAAAAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Fred Knapp

    why did the post the name of a crime victim?


    Wow! This just puts a smile on my face! This woman has been an Ocala Internet troll for a long time. Making a public spectacle of her opinions and arrogance on a daily basis. She literally pops into any and every public discussion with her drivel and hatred. What an absolute fool! Priceless!

  • Jack Peters

    I had an argument with this lady on Facebook yesterday and now a friend of mine showed this to me I knew she was nuts