20-year-old charged with organized fraud

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Tyree Dennis

Ocala, Florida — A 20-year-old Ocala man was arrested after he used stolen credit card numbers to purchase merchandise online from Lowes.com.

Lowes Loss Prevention Officer, Rocky Eppolito, told Ocala police that an order had been placed online for a washing machine and water hoses in the amount of $613.98. The purchase was made on April 23.

The purchase was made with a credit card with the name Erin Maher, with an address in Franklin, TN.

Eppolito stated that Tyree Dennis arrived at the Lowes, located at 3535 SW 36th Ave., to pick up the merchandise shortly after the purchase was completed online.

While at the store, Dennis provided a copy of his Florida driver’s license.

On May 6, Eppolito said that the transaction was charged back to the store. The bank stated that the charge was fraudulent.

During the investigation, police also learned that Dennis had used a different credit card with the name Dan Flores, with an address in Colorado Springs, to purchase a dryer from Lowes.com. Dennis picked up the dryer, valued at $319.93, from the Lowes located on Silver Springs Boulevard.

Dennis told police that the merchandise was sold on the streets, but claimed he did not benefit from the sale.

Dennis was arrested and charged with Organized Fraud. He was released from the Marion County Jail on a $2,000 bond.

Police do not know how Dennis obtained the credit card numbers.


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  • Mike Rogers

    I do a lot of online shopping and had my credit card hacked twice. Coincidentally one charge was for Lowes.com. My credit card company took care of me both times but this is costing us all a whole bunch of money. The victim of the stolen credit cards has to deal with the aftermath while the thief get a slap on the wrist.

  • Timberly Long

    Why in the world did Lowes even allow him to leave with those items. His ID obviously didn’t match the purchase information

    • Ms Betty

      I have purchased merchandise from Lowe’s and Home Depot and sent someone else to pick it up because I don’t have a truck, so it’s not unusual for ID not to match.

  • urchittingme

    Try getting a real job genius

  • Mike Rogers

    This kind of crime is costing us a whole lot of money people. Twice my credit card has been hacked. Coincidentally they used it at Lowes.com. among other places. My credit card company took care of me but you can take a guess who really has to pay for this. On the streets you have to watch your back and now you can’t even order somethings online without some lowlife stealing your information. At 20 years old I was halfway around the world serving my country not ripping people off.

    • julius rosen

      Many cards now give you temp 1 time numbers for online purchases. Capital one is an example