Woman fired from job and blocked from Facebook after she stomped on American Flag


WARNING: Videos contain adult language

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Eric Sheppard wanted by police. [Click photo to enlarge]
Some might have heard of the Eric Sheppard Jr. challenge, which is an anti-American knock-off of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

You also might have heard of Erica Walker. She is one of Eric Sheppard’s followers.

Walker is a black female, who also supports the New Black Panthers Party. She said she despises America and white people, namely white police officers.

Sheppard is a self-proclaimed terrorist and New Black Panthers Party member. Sheppard is still on the run and wanted by the Valdosta, Georgia Police Department.

Sheppard is responsible for hosting a protest on the Valdosta State University Campus. During the protest, Sheppard threw the American Flag on the ground and stomped on it, which created a storm of controversy on campus.

Police attempted to stop Sheppard, but he ran.

Police later found his backpack on campus, which had a loaded gun in it.

Shortly after Sheppard’s protest was posted to social media, Walker staged a demonstration of her own.

Walker had someone snap a photo of her stomping on the flag while standing next to a friend. The two held up their fists as a symbol of the Black Panthers.

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erica walker fired, erica walker blocked from Facebook, ocala news, valdota news, marion county news.
Erica Walker, in the blue shirt, steps on the American Flag to demonstrate black power.

She Also had someone record a video of her stomping on the American Flag.

The day the photo was posted, Ocala Post contacted her employer, 1380 WAOK The Voice of the Community, and asked if Walker would be disciplined for her actions.

On May 4, a representative released the following statement:

“We appreciate your thoughts on this matter and taking the time to share them with us. Please note that Erica Walker is no longer with the station.”

Walker’s Facebook page was filled with hateful posts toward the white race and America. In many of the posts, she referred to white people as devils and crackers. She fell short of saying that white people should be exterminated. She also posted about her hatred for law enforcement.

On May 2, Ocala Post wrote to Facebook and asked if her desecration of the American Flag and vile hatred toward white people was acceptable by Facebook standards.

On May 8, Facebook responded to Ocala Post and stated that they had deleted both of Walker’s pages. Facebook said, “We found that the material on Walker’s pages violated community standards, therefore we removed it.”

YouTube has yet to respond to Ocala Post and they have not removed the video.

United States Marine Shane Lawler was also asking questions. In fact, hundreds of veterans have turned to social media and expressed their frustration with Walker’s disrespect to the American Flag.

In a video released by Lawler, he said, “My message to you is this, if you don’t like what America has to offer, pack your s**t and get the f**k out. There might be another country on this planet that is capable of dealing with your bulls**t, but that’s not me. If you don’t like what’s happening here, there’s plenty of other people waiting in line to get into this country; and all you’re doing is taking up room. So if you don’t like it, get out.”

Sheppard’s family started a gofundme account that is supposedly going toward legal costs. The goal has been set at $60,000.

His family says he has done nothing wrong, and that he is a good boy with a good heart. They said he is not a terrorist.

The family has also retained an attorney.

Davis Bozeman Law Firm stated that Sheppard is in hiding because he is in fear for his life. The attorney said he fears that police will kill him. The attorney released [that] statement during a press conference, which only seemed to create further tensions between police and the black community if Valdosta.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said that the law firm’s statement was completely unfounded.

A second gofundme account was started by a group of “activists.” The account specifically states that the fund is to prevent Sheppard from being captured. The fund would provide shelter, food, and transportation for Sheppard to travel outside of Georgia. The goal for this one was set at $20,000.

Chief Childress issued a stern warning to anyone who helps Sheppard.

Childress, said, “We have made it clear that Sheppard has an active arrest warrant. If anyone harbors this fugitive, you will be arrested.”

Gofundme typically deletes accounts for those that seek to collect money for legal expenses, namely the bakers that were defending themselves against the gay community. However, gofundme has neither responded to Ocala Post nor have they deleted the accounts that seek to collect money for Sheppard.

Police do not know where Sheppard is hiding at this time.

Sheppard might also have friends or family in Florida.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Valdosta Police Department at 229-242-2606.

[UPDATED on May 11, 2015, at 9 p.m.]

On May 11, Facebook reinstated both of Erica Walker’s Facebook pages.

United States Marine Shane Lawler


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