Woman enters home and assaults ex-boyfriend’s mother


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Carley Wilkinson

Ocala, Florida — An Ocala woman who deputies say broke into a house and assaulted her ex-boyfriend’s mother, was released from jail Wednesday morning.

According to reports, deputies responded to the 2000 block of Southeast 88th Street, Ocala, in reference to an occupied residential burglary.

When deputies arrived, the victim stated that she had been sleeping when she heard her dog running down the hallway barking.


The victim said that when she got out of bed she saw her son’s ex-girlfriend, later identified as Carley Wilkinson, 24, standing in her residence.

Deputies reported that Wilkinson entered the garage through a side garage door and then entered the house through the inside garage door.

The victim told deputies that Wilkinson was being belligerent and using profanity.

According to reports, Wilkinson was also heavily intoxicated.

The victim stated that she asked Wilkinson to leave, but she refused.

According to the victim, when she attempted to call 911 Wilkinson grabbed her and began to shake her. She then attempted to remove the phone from the victim’s hand.

When deputies arrived, Wilkinson was still inside the house.

The victim told deputies that Wilkinson has not been dating her son for at least nine months. She said they all used to live together as a family, but Wilkinson has not lived in the home since she and her boyfriend broke up.

Wilkinson’s stepfather drove her to the home. He told deputies that he did not know she was intoxicated. He also said he didn’t realize she was there to break into the home.

Deputies said they could not question Wilkinson because she was heavily intoxicated and very belligerent.

Subsequently, Wilkinson was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail.

According to reports, on the way to the jail Wilkinson began to hyperventilate. She told the deputy she had a heart condition and could not breathe.

At that time, the deputy immediately pulled over at a BP station. He called for a second deputy and Ocala Fire Rescue.

When Fire Rescue responded, they examined Wilkinson. After checking her vitals and photographing her heart, they determined she was faking.

Fire rescue said she was intentionally causing herself to hyperventilate by breathing in and out very rapidly.

Wilkinson was medically cleared and booked into the jail.

She was charged with Burglary to an Occupied Dwelling and Domestic Battery.

Wilkinson has previous arrest for DUI, Possession of Marijuana (x2), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Controlled Substance (x2), Dealing in Stolen Property-Organized (x2), Violation of Probation (x3), and Possession of Synthetic Marijuana.

She was released on Wednesday on $5,500 bail.