Wall Street Activists Target Silicon Valley


Wall Street Activists Target Silicon Valley
One year ago, Ben Horowitz, one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, told tech company CEOs to beware of activist investors. The man whose venture firm had backed and invested in the hottest new social media companies, like …
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Greenberg Says Thirsty Wall Street Drains Reinsurer Pond
Ace Ltd. (ACE) Chief Executive Officer Evan Greenberg said the influx of Wall Street capital into the reinsurance industry is pressuring rates and that he is prepared to cut sales of backstop coverage. Prices for catastrophe reinsurance have declined …
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Who Will Stand Up to Wall Street?
Not if you're one of those middle class Americans who bailed out the banks and now fears renewed recklessness on Wall Street will require another rescue. Because Wall Street has persuaded Congress that it really, really should not closely regulate banks.
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