Voting For The Ocala Drive-In Extended Cast Your Vote Now

Save the Ocala, FL Drive-In "Project Drive-In"
Save The Ocala Drive-In

The voting has been extended for Project Drive-In and four more projectors will be donated to the Drive-In with the highest votes.

The Ocala Drive-In opened in 1948 and was renovated in July of 2011.





The Drive-In is truly a piece of Ocala’s history, and residents are most certain to be devastated if it were to close its doors forever.

In an age of technology, families rarely communicate as they did 20 years ago. Families 20 years ago didn’t text one another from the next room, stay glued to Facebook from a smart phone, or play video games all day. Instead, families talked more, they enjoyed the outdoors together, and watched family movies together on a Friday night.

The Ocala Drive-In symbolizes what is right in our community and within a family. The Drive-In allows you to sit outside or in your car, allows your children to meet other children, and most important it allows you to enjoy that family movie how it was meant to be watched, as a family. Providing it’s age appropriate of course.

Sandra St. Denis E-mailed Ocala Post, and she is genuinely concerned about the Drive-In closing its doors. Sandra wrote, “If you can spread the word, we can help the Ocala Drive-In.” She added, Voting has been continued. They are giving 4 more projectors away. PLEASE VOTE , We are being given another chance to SAVE The OCALA DRIVE-In. PLEASE VOTE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!”

Sandra we hear you loud and clear, and Ocala Post will do its part to spread the word as much as possible, but ultimately it is up to the residents of Ocala to make that vote. Visit Project Drive-In or text vote20 to 444999.

As Ocala Post wrote in the first article in regards to the Drive-In:

News is usually about the negative, but for residents that call Ocala home, it’s about saving a piece of Ocala’s history.