Three high school kids remain behind bars following home invasion



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Ocasio [Left] Kelley [Middle] and Cravets
Ocala, Florida — Three Ocala teens remain behind bars following a home invasion.

It all started when multiple Ocala Police Officers responded to Tuscany Place Apartments, in reference to a home invasion in progress.

The victims had locked themselves in the master bedroom after someone started banging on their front door and manipulating the door knob.


As the door jamb began to break, one of the victims put their weight against the door to keep the suspects from gaining entry.

When the suspects could not gain access through the front door they shattered a bedroom window.

After the suspects made entry, one of the victims began to fight with one of the suspects, later identified as Christopher A. Cravets, 18.

Two of the other male victims in the apartment grabbed baseball bats and began beating the other suspects. Cravets then snatched the victims cell phone, and all three suspects ran out the front door.

William Ocasio, 19, and Alison L. Kelley, 18, who are boyfriend and girlfriend, were identified as the other two suspects.

Witnesses told police that when the trio could not gain access through the front door they overheard Kelley state, “Just throw a rock through the window.” Witnesses stated that seconds later they heard a window break and people screaming.

Upon inspection of the apartment, officers found that the bedroom window was broken, along with a fish tank that was also in the bedroom.

Police noted that there was blood in the living room and bedroom. Additionally, there was blood spatter on the bedroom door and blood on the remaining part of the window.

As officers were conducting their investigation, witnesses told police that the suspects were in a car that was still in the complex.

When the officers located the vehicle, the suspects inside were covered in blood. According to reports, they had sustained serious lacerations from the broken window and fish tank glass.

The suspects denied being involved; however, when one of the officers called the cell phone number of the victim, it rang in Cravets’ pocket.

None of the suspects were willing to cooperate with police.

According to police, Ocasio and Kelley resisted arrested, attempted to fight officers, and were extremely “mouthy.”

Ocasio was charged with Robbery- Residential Home Invasion, Battery, Resisting Arrest, and Criminal Mischief. Ocasio has a previous arrest for Possession of Marijuana and Resisting Arrest.

Cravets was charged with Robbery-Residential Home Invasion and Battery. Cravets has a previous arrest for Possession of Marijuana.

Kelley was charged with Robbery-Residential Home Invasion, Battery, and Resisting Arrest.

Police believe the trio targeted the victims.