Unique traffic stops bring drivers to tears


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Kansas City, Missouri — The public usually only hears about the negative things when it comes to law enforcement. And while there are corrupt agencies and morally bankrupt law enforcement officers, there are also many that go above and beyond the call of duty. Many who know the true meaning of “Protect and Serve.”

These are the deputies and police officers that would selflessly help an old lady across the street, help a citizen change a tire, or assist a homeless person with obtaining food.


In recent months law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have really taken a beating, but it is what goes on behind the scenes so to speak, that really seems to matter to law abiding citizens.

Steve Hartman, with CBS News, was able to capture some of the good when an agency allowed cameras to follow them around during a “sting” operation.

With cooperation from CBS, Ocala Post has obtained that video.

The video captured, is worth a thousand words.