Op-ed: Do the rich get a pass?

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Dana Cottrell / Candidate US House District 11

The newest excuse coming from the media concerning elected officials caught red-handed and found guilty of crimes is that “everyone does it!” I was dumbfounded to hear this statement reiterated by the American public along with the double-down, “Well, they just got caught.”

I want to let you know that not everyone commits crimes of perjury, not everyone purposely commits fraud, not everyone tries to cover-up affairs through financial payments and then, lies continually to cover-up the cover-up.

It is not just the criminal activity that is reprehensible, but the moral character as well.

My son is a special needs child, and if ever a person tried to make fun of or bully him, there would be consequences. And, if my child ever called other’s names or bullied on social media, or in any other format, there would be consequences for my son as well.


I have been a teacher for twenty-five years. If I ever behaved in a manner such as Mr. Trump, if I ever lied continually, or if I ever committed crimes to the extent that we are now witnessing, I would have been made to answer for my actions, and fired!

So I ask, why do Americans give a pass to those in power?

I am running for Congress, and I asked my friend, who did vote for Mr. Trump, and who has given him pass after pass forever transgression, would you ever expect that behavior from me? She replied, “You’re not rich.” This statement had a profound impact on me. Do we now give a pass to the rich? Have we totally segmented our society into the haves and the have-nots? No, you should not get a pass for being rich, or for having power.

We are currently walking a very dangerous line when our current representative, who is running a campaign on morals and family values, does not demand the same conduct of character from the president that is demanded of every other American. With great power comes great responsibility. All elected officials should be held to the same standard, and party should not come before country!

Dana Cottrell (D)
US House of Representatives, District 11, Florida