Ocala Thieves Selling Items At Yard Sales



yard sale thieves, marion county
Yard Sale Thieves [Mugshots]
Ocala, Florida — Investigators say several vehicle burglaries occurred during February, 2014. The crimes happened within the Forest/Ocklawaha districts.

During the investigations, Christopher Pyatte and Gerald Dowe were identified as burglary suspects.

According to invesitgators, Dowe and Pyatte would drive into specific neighborhoods and Pyatte would check for unlocked vehicles; once a vehicle was found, he would take items from the vehicle. Some of the items removed from the vehicles include G.P.S. units, money, music CD’s, laptop computers, cameras and an IPOD.


During the investigations, it was revealed that the two defendants sold items at a yard sale in Grande Oaks Manor at 5900 South Highway 314-A.

“If you purchased any items from these individuals at their yard sale the Marion County Sheriff’s Office encourages you to come forward, return the items and testify against these individuals who committed these crimes and help us return the property to the rightful owners,” said Lieutenant Bill Sowder of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Forest District Office.

Items could have possibly been sold on the “Ocala Online Yard Sale” Facebook site. If you recognize the photos of these two criminals you are urged to call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-9111.

The Sheriff’s Office will add anyone that comes forward as a secondary victim in the case.

Dowe was arrested on March 11, 2014 and charged with Dealing in Stolen Property (multiple), Violating the Broker Pawn Act (multiple), Grand Theft (multiple) and Burglary (multiple).

Pyatte was also arrested on March 11, 2014 and charged with Burglary (multiple), Grand Theft (multiple), Dealing in Stolen Property (multiple), and Fraud- Attempting/Using Another Persons ID (multiple).

Neither have been released from jail as of March 20, 2014.