No God and Country Day fireworks show

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File photo/Ocala Post

Marion County — God and Country Day, a traditional favorite in Marion County, will not happen this Independence Day.

The July 4, 2019, show was the last show to be held by the JCI Ocala Jaycees, which took place at the Golden Ocala Property, located at 7340 US-27, Ocala.

The firework show in 2019 was the 50th and final one.

On Facebook, JCI wrote, “Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted with this year’s 50th Annual God & Country Day, and as always – thanks to our sponsors! We are sad to announce it was our final God and Country Day. The project has outgrown our small chapter – both in manpower hours and through the increased financial burden.”


Additionally, the Marion County government does not have any plans for a firework show.

According to the fire marshall, they did approve a permit for On top of the World, however, it is not open to the public.

If you know of any local firework shows open to the public, drop a line in the comments.