Mother was allegedly bludgeoned with baseball bat

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Casie Jones, and her children found deceased

Summerfield, Florida — A mother who was killed with her four young children was allegedly beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Inside sources say that Casie’s husband, Michael Jones, 38, admitted that on July 10, he was arguing with his wife, Casie Jones, 32, and that during the argument, she picked up a baseball bat.

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Michael Jones
Michael Jones

Michael allegedly took the bat from Casie and bludgeoned her to death with it.

The Medical Examiner’s office has confirmed that Casie died from blunt force trauma.

Casie was reported missing by her family on September 14. They said they had not seen her for six weeks.

According to reports, when officials went to Casie’s Summerfield home to perform a well-being check, they could smell decomposition in the house. However, the house was empty.

Investigators quickly named Micheal as the number one suspect.

An arrest warrant was issued for Michael a short time later. He was located after he was involved in a traffic crash in Brantley County, Georgia.

At the scene of the crash, it was determined that Michael had his wife’s body in his vehicle.

Sources say that Michael led investigators to where he had dumped the bodies of the children; Cameron, 10, Preston, 5, Mercallie, 2, and Aiyana, 1.

The family had been killed weeks earlier. It is believed that Michael drove around with the bodies in his vehicle for weeks before dumping the bodies of children.

Michael was charged with Second-Degree Murder.

The State Attorney’s Office is still working on the charges against Michael involving the four children.

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