Marion Oaks man masturbates, church and daycare nearby


Marion Oaks–Shortly after 12 a.m., August 8, 2013, deputies received a call after two bicyclists doing their nightly bike ride heard moaning and squeaking coming from the woods.

According to reports, one of the bicyclists shined a flashlight in the direction of the noise and discovered that a completely nude man — who is not identified — was in the woods behind the convenience store, located on Marion Oaks Dr. and Marion Oaks Blvd.

The man was reportedly pleasuring himself on top of a picnic table that appeared to have been dragged into the wooded area.

By the time deputies arrived on the scene, the nude man had fully clothed himself. The nude man was intoxicated, and after being questioned by deputies denied that he had been nude or having masturbated on the table.

After approximately 15 to 20 minutes, the nude man, who was drenched in sweat, was sent on his way carrying only a white plastic bag and what appeared to be a small cardboard box.

Deputies inspected the area and discovered what could only be described as a “perverts hangout spot.” Articles left behind painted a very disturbing story as to what had been taking place in the wooded area, which is only a block or two from a daycare and right next door to a church.

Items discovered included a self-masturbation toy, rubber gloves, soft foam, two tables (one of which is a child’s table), dozens of empty beer cans, Vaseline (not photographed), and a bottle of anal lube.

The photos demonstrate how worn down the area is, therefore indicating it was a high traffic area.

Even more disturbing, was the fact that a person could actually see the daycare from the area.

A passing motorist told Ocala Post that,In a sane person’s mind this would be unacceptable. The area clearly needs to be cleaned up and closed off.”

Residents of Marion Oaks wonder why thousands of dollars were spent restoring the fountain at the main entrance when there are parts of the neighborhood that need more attention.

With daycare and schools in the area, residents feel they have the right to a safe environment for their children.

It is unclear at this time why deputies released the man, as this is not the first time the “masturbating bandit” has struck.

We want to know what you think. Do you feel someone who commits this type of offense should be arrested?

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