Man who allegedly placed hoax bombs arrested


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Joseph Papson

Silver Springs Shores – A Silver Spring Shores man was arrested after he was accused of manufacturing multiple hoax bombs.

Detectives allege that Joseph Papson, 37, is the person responsible for placing several fake bombs at 61 Pecan Run Circle, Ocala.

According to reports, detectives found several items in the garage at the location that were used to construct the fake bombs. This led them to believe that it was a family member of the homeowners who had constructed the devices.


It was later learned that Papson, the boyfriend of a family member, was allegedly responsible for manufacturing and staging the fake bombs.

Investigators stated that Papson attempted to place the blame on the homeowner; however, they say Papson had knowledge of the letters “JV” that were written on one of the fake bombs.

According to detectives, Papson could not have seen those letters on the fake devices because they were covered with black electrical tape. Therefore, he must have been the person who constructed them.

Papson was arrested and charged with four counts of Manufacturing a Hoax Bomb.

He was released on a $60,000 bond.

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