Man says woman didn’t clean, cook while he worked

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Darnell Gregory Headings

An Ocala man was arrested Thursday after he struck the mother of his children with a golf club.

According to the Ocala Police Department, Darnell Gregory Headings, 31, said he came home from work to find that the house was a mess and that, no food had been prepared for him.

Headings then began to argue with the woman, at which time he grabbed a golf club and threatened to hit her with it.

The victim then told Headings to hit her, and he did — once in each leg.

The woman then took six of her seven children to Martin Luther King Park and called the police.

When an officer arrived, he reported that he could see the woman limping. The officer said he could see bruising and swelling consistent with being struck with a hard object.

Headings was located at King’s Food Store at 149 Southwest Martin Luther King Avenue.

He confessed to hitting the woman. Headings told police he was frustrated to come home and find a dirty house and an empty table after working all day.

Headings was arrested and charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery with a Deadly Weapon. He was also arrested in October of 2014 for domestic battery.

Headings next court appearance is slated for September 10, 2019.

Police said the children were present during the incident.

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