Hurricane make-up days announced for Marion students and staff


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Marion County –Marion County Public Schools canceled two days of classes during Hurricane Dorian preparations.

On Wednesday, the district announced the following calendar changes to make up those two days (Sept. 3-4):

  • October 15 – becomes a FULL DAY of school. Previously, this was a Teacher In-Service Day.
  • December 11 – becomes a FULL DAY of school. Previously, this was an Early Release Day.
  • December 20 – becomes an EARLY RELEASE DAY of school. Previously, all schools and the entire district were closed this day.

Recognizing some families have already made other plans, the revised days can be excused absence days if requested by students/parents/families.

District hourly-wage employees who missed these two days of work will make up the time based on the above-mentioned changes.

Marion County School Board members provided consensus for this make-up plan and are expected to formally approve it during their regularly-scheduled October 8 meeting.

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