Dog saved woman from being hit by train



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Photos from Facebook and Angell Animal Medical Center

Shirley, Massachusetts — It has been two years and four months since a dog named Lilly saved her drunken owner’s life after she passed out on top of railroad tracks just moments before impact.

Christine Spain, 54, of Shirley, Massachusetts, is an alcoholic and says she also suffers from depression. Her son, Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne, said he rescued the pit bull (Lilly) from a shelter in hopes the dog would cheer his mom up and help with her alcoholism. In fact, he claims Lilly did help his mom.

Lanteigne says his mom stopped drinking by 90 percent. However, the remaining ten percent nearly killed her.


One afternoon in May of 2012, Spain, while heavily intoxicated, was walking Lilly on railroad tracks when all of a sudden Spain lost consciousness and fell to the tracks. One problem, there was a train on the tracks headed straight for Spain.

Without hesitation, Lilly grabbed her owner by her clothing and dragged her from the tracks. Spain was unharmed by the train, but Lilly was not so lucky.

The engineer said he saw the dog dragging the woman off the tracks, but could not stop the train in time. The engineer told police that the dog ran around the woman and finished nudging her off the tracks, and took the hit of the train for her owner.

Lilly saved Spain’s life.

Lilly was not so fortunate. The train’s wheels sliced through her right leg, fractured her pelvis in multiple locations, and caused other internal injuries. Critically wounded, Lilly lay down next to her companion, who remained unconscious until help arrived. Because Lilly’s right leg was so badly mangled, doctors were forced to amputate Lilly’s right leg from the shoulder down.

Doctors at the Angell Animal Medical Center told Lanteigne that Lilly would have a very long road of recovery ahead of her.

Miraculously, Lilly did pull though.

Today, Lilly is a happy, ten-year-old pit bull with lots of energy.

Spain was fined $100 for walking on the tracks.

Lilly’s surgeries to repair her injuries cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to multiple donations made by people from all over the U.S., Lanteigne was able to pay for those surgeries.

Lilly walks on three legs and is now famous, with a secretary to manage her schedule — not really, but she is famous.

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