Couple Charged With Theft Of Utilities



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Ocala, Florida — On March 13, 2014 Samantha Ashley Hatfield, 29, and Phillip Coy Parker, 34, both of Silver Springs, were arrested and face a criminal charge of Theft of Utilities.

The investigation began when someone contacted Ocala Electric through their website and indicated that someone illegally hooked up the electric to a house by using jumper cables.

An employee of Ocala Electric investigated and found jumper cables clamped to the overhead power lines with the other end of the cables connected to the inside of the electric box, according to reports. The employee also noted that the power meter to the home had been removed.


Hatfield told detectives that they have been without power for a year and Parker created the illegal hook up approximately eight months ago. Parker told detectives that he would occasionally hook up the power so he and Hatfield could take a hot shower.

Ocala City Electric Company representatives said the estimated loss value is $1,274.